First date: choosing clothes perfumes how to behave

As you know, the first impression is decisive for the development of future relations. How to make the first date did not last, and ended with a lengthy novel?

Let’s start with the most important thing with clothes. Because, as you know, meet on clothes.

Try to dress modestly, but elegantly, if you do not want to make a false impression. Beautiful Breasts accentuate a plunging neckline, the slender waist don’t hide under a large jumper. Choose not a business suit, a dress that will emphasize your femininity.

But try to get the clothes were comfortable and not distract you. The clothes should attract attention to you and not to distract him.

Try to be sexy but not too sexy. Bold or expensive clothes can repel a man. Sexuality is psychology, even jeans with a t-shirt can be sexy.

And about clothes: you also need to wear comfortable clothes, preferably white, as a symbol of innocence. After all, sometimes the wind can pick up and skirt.

Men do not like sloppy women. So try to get your hands looked for him attractive, he wanted to take your hands in his. So do not be lazy to make a fresh manicure or visit the salon.

In any case it is not necessary to pour yourself a big bottle of perfume! Man is also a person and wants to breathe easy scent of flowers and clean body. Just too strong smell will repel.

Don’t be afraid to look stupid in glasses. First, they did not spoil, and secondly, it’s the only thing that can be removed with women without impropriety. You also, in the first place, and will be pleased.

Not worth it on the eve of a first date can change your appearance, even if it is for the better. Because he likes you for who you are.

Relax – when somebody is really like, the first hours and days of communication with him turn into torture: the mouth is dry, hands and legs are shaking, the brain begins to frantically think of what to say to him, to be interesting.

Just need to quickly pull myself together and relax.

Smile is one of the most simple and important ways to show another person that you like. Smile serves as an invitation to communication.

When one tries to seem not who he is, it looks unnatural. The ease and naturalness is the best policy.

There is nothing wrong with what you will look him straight in the eye. So you have greater understanding.

Touch to the conversation. The touch should be light and definitely outside of sexual areas, otherwise the man will perceive your behavior as aggressive or cheeky. His response will show how he likes you.

Good posture indicates confidence. Stay the course, don’t slouch, don’t take “closed” pose (crossed arms and legs). Nod your head in agreement. If you do not show its consent, the interviewee may think you have a different opinion or that you are not interested in what he says.

Do not say a lot about their problems, if only he will ask you; laugh to his jokes, but not laughing – laughing not at all good at it.

If he wants to kiss you goodbye, you should not immediately pucker up. For the first time enough brotherly kiss on the cheek.

SOURCE: Horoscopo

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