First sex: loss of virginity

All sometime happens for the first time. First love, first kiss, first sex. Everyone it’s different, but in a woman’s life the loss of virginity is remembered forever.

What are memories – pleasant or not — depends largely on you.
Sometimes sex for the first time hampered by the fear of the girl before the expected pain. Many questions arise: in what position is better, whether to protect themselves, how to avoid pain?

Female site will help you out in such a sensitive issue!

Preparing for first sex

If you have decided that now is the big day for sex the first time, then remember this: do not drink a lot of alcohol, high – a glass of champagne or wine to relax.

In advance prepare a comfortable place. Required attribute for the first sex – the bed and bath. And make sure that at the crucial moment you no one prevented.

And stock up on condoms, as a protection in sex has not been canceled ? Safe sex means not only prevent unwanted pregnancies but also sexually transmitted diseases!

Very important and useful when you are losing your virginity to use special grease, as is often observed unpleasant dryness in the vagina.

Sex for the first time: foreplay

When having sex for the first time, be sure to pay attention partner on foreplay, such as kissing, touching, fondling Breasts, and various sexual games as well as irritation of the clitoris, make you feel the fullness of sexual arousal.

Foreplay with the loss of virginity will help moisten the vagina’s natural lubricationthat will facilitate introduction of the male penis.

Pain during first sex

You certainly care about the question, is it possible to painlessly lose their virginity? Answer: it is possible. The first introduction of the penis into the vagina, you may feel pain or discomfort. But not all girls experience this, so do not dwell on the fact that you’re going to hurt.

Usually pain occurs when the rupture of the hymen and the stretching of the vaginal walls – it is usually transient and mild, like an injection needle. But the pain during first sex may arise from the unusual sensations, possible fear, if the girl felt in the first moment something unpleasant, start squeezing. Thus, the vaginal muscles are reduced, while preventing the male sex organ and thus making yourself worse. In General, relax! ?

But if the loss of virginity yet you still felt the hurt, it makes sense few options: partner may try to penetrate you hard, so you don’t have time to slow down his muscles or scared of pain. Or you can move slowly, little by little, so to speak, winning every inch. Both outputs are good, and you decide together.

Losing your virginity is usually accompanied by slight bleeding, although approximately 10% of cases it is not observed. Don’t be scared, the blood is usually quite a bit!

Next time sex is recommended to do 3-5 days, after healing of the hymen tears.

Sex positions in first time

Sex for the first time – quite exciting for the girl moment, and therefore, a more preferred posture, where she can control the movements of the partner:

  • classic missionary positionwhen a woman is down on her back with legs divorced, the man on top;
  • pose “doggie-style”. But if you get hurt with deep penetration, try not to bend your elbows and lift the waist higher.
  • the position of “Rider” (when the woman sits on top). Here you’ll be able to gradually fall on a member favorite.
  • pose “Spoon” — the girl on the side, the man on her side from behind. Here you need to bend a little and lift the top leg when entering.

With the appearance of a little pain it is best to consciously make the movement of the pelvis forward, thereby reducing to fractions of a second the duration of the pain when you tear the hymen. Following this advice, you can cross the threshold of sexual life almost painless.

Visit to the gynecologist

Before the beginning of sexual life, and certainly after deprivation of virginity needs to go to the gynecologist!

After the first sex changes sometimes menstrual cycle. Usually it becomes more clear and short, reduced painful periods. Keep in mind that in the first month after deprivation of virginity you may happen to delay somewhere for a week.

Don’t expect sex from her first shattering orgasm. Of course, orgasm and for the first time, but rarely. You need to get settled first, get to know yourself, understand what you like.

In General, nothing complicated at first sex no.
With all the recommendations of all you will be painless!

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