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There are plenty of exercises good and different. Want — with dumbbells, elastic ribbon, ball, Hoop: Yes what you want! About the dumbbells we have already written, but such a great shell for home workouts like the fitball, we bypassed. It’s time to fill the gap!

So, today on the women’s website “” you will read about how to make the legs and hips more toned and sexy using the fitball!

Exercises for the legs on the fitball

All the following exercises are aimed at elaboration of muscles of hips, buttocks and legs. Although parallel will involve some other muscle groups: abs, arms and back, which increases the effectiveness of the training.

To do the exercises in any sequence.

Exercise ball for legs: exercise 1

Uprites hands on the floor, the exercise ball is directly under the buttocks. Legs bent, heels together. On inhale raise your legs so that they become parallel to the floor. Lower and repeat 10 times.

Exercise ball for legs: exercise 2

This exercise should at a good pace without breaks.

Sit on a fitball, legs spread slightly wider than shoulders and take a few steps forward. Lie on fitball back, arms spread them apart and bend at the elbows, palms face up. On the inhale straighten your legs and arms on the exhale, return to starting position.

Do this exercise 20 times.

Exercise ball for legs: exercise 3

Lie on the floor, feet put on the fitball to stretch in his calves. Straighten your socks, brush down, expand, raise your hips so that the body formed a straight line from shoulders to toes.

On the inhale lift your right leg up at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the body, and the left leg bend at the knee, pulling the exercise ball to the buttocks. Then slowly return to starting position and change leg. It will be time. Do 20 repetitions.

Exercise ball for legs: exercise 4

Put the fitball on his left, lie down on it sideways so that you can keep balance. Legs straighten. On the inhale, raise and lower the top leg.

Do 20 times on each side. The main thing — not to sway your body and not fall forward.

Exercise ball for legs: exercise 5

Take the emphasis lying, the socks put on the fitball. The body should be stretched, the abdominal muscles and legs – dressed. Don’t forget to breathe correctly.

On the inhale lift your right leg up to the highest level possible, while not forgetting to strain the buttocks. Lower and repeat 10 times. Then change the leg.

Exercise ball for legs: exercise 6

Grasp the fitball with feet, specifically feet. Gently squeeze it. Raise your legs perpendicular to the floor. Ensure that the lower back was pressed to the floor. Hands placed to the side. On the inhale, tilt your legs to the right as possible, then return to the starting position. Then repeat to the left. It will be time. Do 1-2 sets of 20.

Leg workout on a fitball is good because, without exerting much impact on the joints you are working on the necessary muscle groups and develop balance.

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