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Cellulite is a problem that requires a comprehensive approach. You need to review your diet, lifestyle, regular massage of problem areas, exercise, resulting in muscle tone of the thighs, buttocks and belly, not forgetting the cardio and strength training.

Yes, the struggle will be difficult. Female site offers another option exercise against cellulite. Our program consists of 5 exercises that will make your muscles toned, and cellulite — invisible.

General guidelines for fitness against cellulite

Some exercises will be difficult to achieve a good result. Therefore, you should regularly include in your exercise plan cardio. It could be swimming or Jogging (this is the load we already wrote on the website the article Jogging: advantages and disadvantages).

The cardio will allow you to strengthen muscles, speed up metabolismand, therefore, increase the rate of fat burning. Moreover, cardio improves blood circulation. And as you know, the basis of cellulite lies in insufficient blood flow to problem areas.

Another important element in the fight against cellulite is strength training. At home – weight training or dumbbells. Even while performing regular exercises with these shells, you can greatly increase the effectiveness of training.

Exercises against cellulite already talked about how to tighten the muscles using yoga and Pilates. Today it came to quite familiar to all exercises. As most women have cellulite located in the thighs and buttocks, I propose to focus on these muscle groups.

Exercise 1. Attacks

There are several variants of this exercise. A lot of forward lunges, back lunges, lunges on the diagonal, complex attacks, etc. We won’t talk about the already known techniques of execution, which can complicate wearing on your feet loads. We will offer something new!

  • Version of attack 1. Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart, hands lowered along the body. On the inhale raise the right leg bent at the knee so that your thigh is parallel to the floor. Simultaneously raise your straight arms up and palms together. Hold for 5 seconds and take a lunge forward, pushed off the supporting leg stand. Make another 10 – 12 reps for each leg. During exercise, keep your foot on the floor.

  • Variant of attack 2. Rise directly, feet on width of shoulders, hands put on the waist. Make a wide step to the side left leg. Then bend your left knee and squat until your knee will not bend at an angle of 90 degrees. Then straighten your knee and push off left leg to return to starting position. This time. Do 10 – 12 repetitions, then change leg.

  • A variant of the attack 3. Take your dumbbells, hands expand so that his fingers looked in the direction of the feet. Make a lunge forward with your right foot, tilt your body slightly forward, and place left knee on the floor. After that, begin to straighten the right leg and rise up, left leg must stay bent.

Generally on the subject of attacks, and squats, you can write the whole article. And for you here a whole field for experimentation with weights, directions and other things.

Exercise 2. Squats

Again, there are many variations of this exercise: the classic squat, squats on one leg squats with jumping squats with lunges, etc. Here are a few options to choose from.

  • Option squats 1. Take dumbbells in hands, arms bend at the elbows so that the dumbbells were at the level of the shoulders. Feet shoulder width apart. On inhale, begin to squat up until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Do it slowly, try not to tilt your body forward strongly. Exhale – stand up and straighten your arms up, then bend at the elbows and again do squat. So 10 – 12 times.

  • Option 2 sit-UPS. Take a dumbbell in your left hand, feet hip-width apart. Raise your hand up, eyes on the dumbbell. On inhale, begin to squat so that the feet were pinned to the floor. To squat until thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold this position for 15 to 30 seconds and stand up. Repeat 5 times. And change the hand.

  • Option 3 sit-UPS. Take your dumbbells, feet slightly wider than shoulder width, feet tilted at a 45 degree angle. Arms bent in elbows, elbows look in the different directions, the dumbbells at chest level. Start to bend your knees until thighs are parallel to the floor. Ensure that your knees stay in the fingers. Simultaneously, drop your arms down. When you start to straighten the legs, pull the dumbbell to your chest. To do 12 times.

These exercises can be done without dumbbells, right then their efficiency will be slightly lower, but the effect will still.

Exercise 3. Bending forward

A good result gives the forward bends. Stand straight with feet hip distance apart and grab a dumbbell. Arms down in front of him. Slightly bend your knees and lean forward. The body should be parallel to the floor. Then slowly return to starting position. This time. Need to do 10 repetitions.

As for exercises on the Mat, I can recommend the following exercises:

Exercise 4. Lift legs back

Get on your knees, uprites hands on the floor. On the inhale lift the leg up while straightening it. On the exhale return back. And so 20 times.
The leg can be raised and bent.

Exercise 5

Sit on the floor, feet together. Stretch your arms forward, they should be parallel to the floor. Slightly tilt the case back and lift the straight leg a few inches off the floor. Then on the inhale bend your knees. On the exhale, again right. Ensure that the back was straight. Do 10 – 15 times. At run time, put your feet on the floor.

There are many other exercises which also help to tighten the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, which in turn leads to a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. However, this statement is true, if cellulite is in an advanced stage. If the stage of Your cellulite — 3 or 4 have serious work, about which we wrote here.

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