Fitness etiquette: what you need to know

Rules and regulations surrounded us from all sides. Even in the gym over time I developed fitness etiquette. In some clubs the generally accepted rules of conduct hanging on the wall in a frame.

If your fitness club is nothing there, the women’s website “” will talk about how to behave at practice. (Although, we’re sure you already knew that ? )

Appearance: natural beauty

Most women want to look attractive while doing presses in the simulator. Of course, it is a natural desire. But this does not necessarily come to training in ultrashort shorts. All kinds of bikini is appropriate only on the beach. We suggest a good sports bra in set with pants or shorts. Clothing should not interfere with what you actually came here — sports. Always verify before training that the clothes never pushes, not pulls and rubs.

It is also important to pick a good deodorant! Fitness etiquette requires that he not only saved you from sweating, but didn’t have very sharp and strong smell. For this reason, perfume is not a viable option to visiting the gym.

No make up training. Take their skin because clogged pores are more never made anyone beautiful. Better re-apply makeup after a workout and shower.

Hair it is desirable to remove in a ponytail or braid. The girl on the treadmill or exercise ball, is constantly swings climbing into the eyes the hair, it looks ridiculous.

Rules of the fitness etiquette: obvious and not very

  • Never throw on the floor, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and other sports equipment. After exercise, always place the equipment in place – show respect to those who will come to do after you.
  • The biggest problem clubs – turn on the simulator. Be mutually polite. During the breaks, let the others work out. Try to think about your workout so that you don’t have to stand waiting for a simulator free.
  • Hence the third rule of fitness-etiquette — never stand over the soul. If the simulator is busy, go do something else.
  • Lying down on the bench, lay a towel or t-shirt. Just for reasons of hygiene ?
  • Keep track of timespent on the simulator. On the same muscle group there are several variants of the load. If you are the most difficult to rationalize of exercise, consult your coach.
  • Put cell phone on vibrate. His unexpected phone call may prevent someone from working. Loud conversations and laughter rules the fitness of the etiquette is also not welcome.
  • If while you are engaged in too many people, do not make more than 4 approaches on a single machine.
  • Don’t flirt during a workout. No one will appreciate. If you notice, you will definitely find a way to meet after.
  • Does not paint in front of the mirror! Also it is inappropriate to look at in the mirror in the hall his face in detail or constantly fix their hair. For this invented the mirror in the locker room ?
  • And finally – a rule of etiquette, relevant everywhere. A real lady even in the gym does not allow himself to examine too closely those who are near.

It would seem, nothing complicated, but hardly anyone really remembers the simplest. Admit it: all these rules of gym etiquette you follow? ?

Good luck with your training!

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