Fitness: exercises for neck, back, legs, press, face, shoulders

They say that destiny will find you wherever you were and whatever you were doing. Hmm, and they’re right! Today hurry to disappoint those girls who have come up with a thousand and one excuses to not exercise and not take care of yourself. You are constantly behind the wheel? You are constantly busy. Fitness can find you anywhere, even in your iron horse!

Your attention is a set of exercises in the car. But for those who followed, is following and will follow him joyful news, to do it now in the car, almost “without interruption” ?

Before you start training, please read all safety precautions. Let her always simple and predictable. The cat in the microwave to dry it is impossible, but I write because for someone!

Safety in fitness in the car

  • All the exercises in the machine are performed, only when the car is stopped (traffic jam, traffic light, waiting for someone, etc.), it is desirable that the machine kept not you, pressing his foot on the brake, and, for example, raised the handbrake. If you are going to pay special attention to the hands, face, press, it can accidentally “squeeze” the brake that has the potential to result in unpleasant confusion… what we wouldn’t because of side effects of fitness in the car shouldn’t be ?
  • As soon as you resume movement (and better for a couple of seconds before), stop ALL exercises in the car and forget about them, directing all attention to the road. Not for me to explain what one second of inattention on the road. In the best case you’ll have to explain to the valiant employee of traffic police, that did not stop before the sign “Movement without stopping is prohibited” because it was engaged in fitness in the car.
  • Remember that exercises for the face to perform better in tinted car ? But still rejoice for the one who will see you in the rearview mirror, it will be fun! ?
  • So, it’s time to do fitness for those who are always busy. Or for those who simply thinks so, thinking that we can’t get to him ?

    A set of exercises in the car
    Exercises for the face, neck and head

    The most simple things to do complex exercises in the car.

    Exercises for the eyes

    • Without moving your head, while breathing in look up, focusing on the area between the eyebrows. On the exhale, from this point down gently look down. Perform 4-6 times fixed in 1-2 seconds.
    • Move our eyes left to right without moving his head. View to the left as far as possible, then the horizon line move look right. Perform 8-10 times fixed in 1-2 seconds.
    • Draw eyes circles without moving your head. Try smoothly, without skipping intermediate points, to visually connect the 4 points: up, right, down, left and up again, and Vice versa – up, left, down, right and up again. To do 6 movements counterclockwise and 6 clockwise.
    • Hold your gaze on the tip of the nose (5 seconds), the defocused eyes and look into the distance, as if through all items (about 5 seconds). Repeat 4-6 times.
    • Close your eyes for 4-5 seconds (note that you do exercises for the face in the car! So before you do the last exercise, make sure that you have the ability to close my eyes even for a second).

    Exercises for the face — hasbinding

    This is what we wrote on our website, we invite you to read, it’s time to do a rejuvenation, and year two goes. Hasbinding is a kind of fitness for the face, exercises, which is not difficult to carry in the car ?

    Exercises for head and neck

    If you stepped out of the car, notice that your back has already acquired the alluring curve of your seat, then this exercise (in the car or not), you need to do.

    • Usually the main stress of driving is accumulated in the neck. To relax, and also to keep the Royal posture sedentary life, push hard with the back of his head on the headrest. Repeat as many times as possible. In the back of the neck should feel the tension. Standing in a traffic jam, you can complement the exercise by turning your head left and right. Try to capture the motion at the point is like trying to look in the mirror on the back.
    • Tilt your head to the left, then, without raising his head, draw a circle. Do the same thing in the other direction. Doing 4-5 times in each direction.

    Exercises for arms and shoulders

    • Take the wheel arms at points 3 and 9 (like a clock). Straining your arms, try to squeeze the wheel (because to focus efforts on meeting the hands of each other). To do the same thing in the opposite direction, because the energies in different directions. To perform 10 reps in the fixation of 2-3 seconds.
    • Take the wheel with your hands at the points 6 and 12 (clock) and perform the same manipulations as in the previous exercise.

    These 2 exercises in the car are having a positive impact but also on the back (if you pull the wheel in opposite directions) and on the chest (if you meet each other).

    • Make a “castle” from hands behind my back. Try to “rip” it from the back as much as possible and pull it back, at this time reach the top of the head up, stretching the spine. Repeat if desired with maximum fixation. One of the best exercises for relieving the tension from the spine and shoulder from driving a car.
    • If you have small weights, you can perform a series of flexion-extension of the arms at the elbow. By the way, if it is good to strain the hand in a fist, then you can do without weights. The real fitness club in the car!:)
    • Bend your arms at the elbows, take it back, touching the side surfaces of the seat back, push elbows back, trying to compress.

    Exercises for the legs

    • Sitting with a straight back, place between the knees of a book, or just a fist and squeeze your knees. Hold the leg in this position for 5-6 seconds. Then relax and repeat the exercise 5-6 times. Exercise for the muscles of the inner thigh.
    • Put your feet up on toes, tighten and hold them in this condition. Repeat until the available fatigue – then you have legs to operate the pedals, do not forget that your exercise have one distinctive feature — they are in the car:)

    Abdominal exercises driving

    • Sitting behind the steering wheel, raise one leg (as space allows), hold as much as you can. Do the same with the other leg. Exercise in addition the press has a positive effect on legs as well.
    • Lift both legs to the extent that space allows, put. Do 10-12 times and fixed in 1 second. You can perform this exercise leaning on the steering wheel.
    • Capture sharp breaths through tightly pursed lips and pay attention to how tense your abs at the same time. Do it as quickly as possible and the maximum number of times.

    All the exercises from the series “fitness machine” can also be run as a regular charge in the workplace, although, of course, in the workplace you can do a lot more exercises than in the car.

    Do not forget about safety, otherwise you’ll have to walk. This, of course, be great exercise, but in this case, the beauty does not demand such victims. See you on the roads, and remember that fitness will find you everywhere! ?

    Author – Love Segalove, website –

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