Fitness or gym: what to choose

Sports – it is fashionable! Strange and nice that fashion has touched a healthy lifestyle, but women’s website “” adheres to the principle that, choosing a sport that you want to do, should be based not on trends but on their needs. Many girls are looking for training fitness or gym.

But what is more effective, better and more effective? Let’s get together.

Fitness or gym: what to choose?

To answer this question, we first need to decide what effect you want to achieve.

Usually sports are beginning to engage, when there is an obvious problem with the figure, but for someone 5 extra pounds is a tragedy, and someone, and plus 10 is not a hindrance. Sometimes you don’t need to remove weight, you just need to “formalize”.

Suppose you weigh 45 kg, clothes hanging on you as on the hanger, and suddenly rolls and chocolate deposited on the sides and the Pope, and the fifth point of beginning to gain the coveted roundness. Then you need to properly react and not work on reducing weight and on transforming the body proper attractive shape.

That is the basis for the choice should be the goal.

Which is better for weight loss — fitness or gym?

If your goal is losing weight, the choice should fall on fitness. Its exercises are aimed at burning the extra kilos. Muscles inflate almost impossible, because the very essence of exercises not in it, but to tighten and make it more elastic is quite real.

Also you will be able to:

  • adjust the shape, making the waist thinner, sleeker hands, feet relief;
  • to develop coordination and gain so-called cat’s grace;
  • to get rid of stress.

Now let’s talk about specific exercises:

  • For the thighs: squats, lunges, leg swings, jumping rope.
  • For chest: bench press, push-UPS, breeding dumbbells lying.
  • For hands: the press standing, lifting dumbbells and barbells for biceps, French press.
  • For back: pullups, deadlift.
  • For waist: twisting, bending to the side with dumbbells.

What is more effective — fitness or gym?

When you need to build muscle, the choice becomes obvious – trainers. This does not mean that the weight won’t go away: with the right training it is possible to achieve a comprehensive result. So, visiting the gym, you will achieve the following:

  • address impacts on specific muscle groups;
  • will gain a slim figure;
  • will be the owner of a strong and flexible body;
  • strengthen the cardiovascular system;
  • will be tougher.

Returning to the question of what to choose fitness or gym tell what exercise is what is intended.

  • Bike. The development of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, damage to the muscles of the legs and buttocks.
  • Treadmill. Acceleration of metabolic processes, cardio.
  • Ellipticals. The strengthening of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, muscles, ligaments.
  • Rowing machine. Training cardiologic, endurance and muscle strength.

Remember — any activity should be fun!

Fitness or gym: recommendation for employment

Catching up on fitness and exercise equipment, should follow these recommendations:

  • Don’t strive for independence. At least spend the first lesson with the coach. You think you know a lot about sports, and even video of the house looked, and tried to repeat it, but only a professional can tell you how much video you back, whether you bend the knee, those muscles are trained, the trainer chose.
  • More isn’t better. If you think that the constant attrition fitness and training will lead to the fastest results, then you are deeply mistaken, because after a killer start of the week you will not be able to get out of bed. Hurry, you’re already on the right track, just all the time.
  • An important condition is the consistency of workouts. And it is important even their sequence. Exercises and simulators can be different, but they must be on the same muscle group. It is advisable to start them at the same time.
  • Remember that group activities are primarily the incentive and support, not able to talk heart to heart. If we had to deal with, think about whether you are breathing as you perform the exercises, not about how Marina got divorced with her second husband.
  • Regardless of what you decide to choose, remember that without proper nutrition anywhere. Maybe a cleanse is not necessary, but harmful refuse must, and chocolate bars and buns is put away.
  • What is more effective — fitness or exercise equipment, you decide for yourself. You can try classes and those and others, so you will know what you have is your soul, after all, classes should be fun!

    Author — Lydia Karant, site

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