Floating: reviews and impressions

The inhabitants of cities are well acquainted with such the costs of living in a big city like stress, fatigue, povyshentraveler nervousness, pain. You can’t always get rid of physical tension, worries and obsessive thoughts. Today it is becoming a popular procedure of floating.

Float therapy allows the body to obtain a simultaneous positive effect on several levels: physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional. What is this procedure – present a women’s website sympaty.net. We will also share with you feedback about floating those who have experienced an unusual sensation in float mode.

What is floating?

Floating is a relaxing treatment, during which a person is in the water in a special chamber, does not transmit sound, light, smell and vibration.

Initially, floating was an element of the theory of sensory isolation of the individual. Scholars interested in how the human body needs external impulses and stimuli to sustain. To isolate a chamber of sensory deprivation, which is now used in an improved form for the procedure of floating.

What is a floatation tank?

The sensory deprivation tank (now modern floatation tank) is a reservoir in the form of a sealed capsule or a small room, filled with brine of high concentration. The water temperature as close to body temperature.

The camera works, the system supply fresh air.

Man is in complete darkness and silence and floats freely on the water surface. The face is on the surface, ears, neck and nape in the water.

If the water in your ears uncomfortable, you can use earplugs.

Since the concentration of salt in water is very high, the body is pushed to the surface and drowning is impossible. The tactile sensation thus reduced to zero and there is a peculiar effect of weightlessness. Of course, this state needs to get used to, to relax, to overcome uncertainty.

If you experience fear of closed spaces, it is a great way to overcome his phobia (the door to the chamber in the first session can not be close until you get used to be in a small dark room).

But once you fully adapt to the new condition, start an interesting and unusual experience.

Reviews about floating mostly very positive.

Floating is a dive

You are almost in a state of embryo in the womb. You no longer need to obey gravity, to run, to fight, to make sense of the tons of unnecessary negative information. You feel security, comfort and total relaxation.

Have a rest from daily long-term work your muscles, joints, and spine for the first time does not feel the load.

We experience something similar, hanging on the waves of the sea in the posture of a star ?

But here you do not need to lift even fingers and toes. You just lie back, breathe evenly and completely turn inward, finding emotional and physical balance.

If you are an expectant mother, the procedure of float therapy will give you the key to the understanding within you. You will experience the same sensations as your baby understand the importance of the moment of unity with him.

The positive effects of floating

  • Complete physical and emotional relaxation
  • To relieve pain in the muscles, unloading of the joints, relaxation of the spine
  • Recovery of strength and mental equilibrium
  • The development of the imagination
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Blood flow regulation
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Deep meditation, enhancing the effectiveness of yoga practice
  • Getting rid of insomnia, depression, panic attacks
  • Stress-free pregnancy

Female site sympaty.net draws your attention to the floating classes need to be responsible and to pre-consult with the doctor. Contraindications also exist, no matter how trying to convince you otherwise float centers.

People suffering from heart disease, skin and infectious diseases, ear diseases, mental disorders, disorders of the airway,etc., such physical therapy treatment is contraindicated.

Remember that floating is help for your emotional balance and health, not a way to exacerbate existing problems.

Several reviews of floating

  • I regularly do yoga and swimming. Now to my Hobbies naturally added floating. At the beginning of the first treatment, I could not get a job, I always thought that lying is wrong and relate back to the bottom. Then I realized that lying in the water and not sink at all. Relaxed back and neck, stopped moving, lay some time, promised felt weightlessness and fell asleep! But then I was told that this is normal, a sleep. To drown there, more salt than sea water. The body just shut down from stress. I advise you not to plan any business after the procedure and relax, because relaxation is very strong and then to gather my thoughts difficult. Ian, 35 years
  • I highly recommend this procedure!! I thought that this is a common salt bath, and had so many strange feelings it gives! Know your body again, as if just born! It’s so light and weightless, even when you go out after the session. Unusual feeling, very unusual and interesting! Feel some unreal potential and freedom! Floating is very cool stuff! I would like regularly to relax. True, not cheap, but worth it. Natalia, 41 years
  • Review of floatinga to write – a thing ungrateful. They have to experience it, because it seems to me that the same feelings there can be! Just go to at least one procedure to make sure you need it or not. Someone feels uncomfortable, and someone almost flies into space. As for me, psychedelic special effects, I didn’t, but the experience amusing, really relaxing! You have to be careful with eyes and do not RUB, if exposed to water, otherwise it will be very hard and it is not up to the cosmos. Masha, 29 years old
  • A well relieves pressure from behind after strength training. And relaxes the brain! Lie, rest, and reflect. Nobody climbs, not stopping, no noise! I like to be alone with yourself in silence and listen to his heart beating. Or just think about life and something pleasant. Anna, 32 years

As the day before to prepare for the procedure?

If you decide to try floating, not to experience discomfort during the procedure and not be distracted from the contemplation of the inner world, you must complete the following requirements:

  • Speak to your doctor first.
  • Don’t do the day before waxing and don’t shave to the skin is not irritated brine. Wounds and abrasions lubricate with vaseline.
  • Before the procedure, make all required hygienic procedures.
  • Remove jewelry, glasses, contact lenses.
  • Not too cram the day before, in order not to experience a feeling of heaviness in the stomach and intestines.
  • Do not go to the Solarium before the procedure, so as not to get heat burns that will be painfully felt in the water.
  • Consultants ask all your questions to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • The remaining recommendations will give you the experts directly in the float center. The cost of one procedure on average is about 2000 rubles per hour. Usually on subsequent visits to the discounts.

    If you’ve visited the procedure of floating or going to visit after reading our article, please share your experiences with us!

    The author is Julius Caesar, site ToKnow365.top

    Floating: reviews and impressions

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