Folk remedies around the eyes: what do you have in the kitchen!

The skin around the eyes needs special care, because it has no sebaceous glands, making it more sensitive and dry. If you already have 25 years, you know it’s time to take care of your face. Besides, frequent blinking promotes the appearance of facial wrinkles. Female site tell what folk remedies around the eyes you can use at home.

In this article we will tell you about the agents who at home will help to relieve irritation and inflammation, remove circles under the eyes and swelling of the eyelids, reduce wrinkles or prevent them.

Folk remedies around the eyes irritation and inflammation

Such troubles is the result of fatigue, sleep deprivation, crying. Perhaps all the fault of incorrectly chosen cosmetics.

Among the most simple folk remedies – plain ice cube.

If you wipe the skin around the eyes with ice, you will feel that this procedure moisturizes, increases blood flow. Increases firmness and elasticity of the skin around the eyes.

How to do it? Pour drinking water in special molds for ice. Ice cubes can be a variety of useful herbs, for example chamomile, parsley or mint.

When the cosmetics are removed from the face, helps to remove inflammation from the eyelids a tea or a compress of cucumber. This is also a very common folk remedy for the skin around the eyes.

Also suitable chamomile, cornflower or parsley. To prepare the broth you will need a tablespoon of raw, one Cup of boiling water. Dip cotton pads in warm liquid and place on eyelids.

How to remove circles under the eyes?

The same problem may appear in those who sleeps little and works too much. Although it has to be a genetic predisposition.

The appearance of circles under the eyes causes poor supply the skin with oxygen and impaired lymphatic and blood circulation around the eyes.

Try to eliminate the causes of such cosmetic defect.

Ice cubes with parsley enhance the blood circulation in this area and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Take cold compresses:

  • wrap one teaspoon of curd in each of the two pieces of thin cotton cloth, put them on 10 minutes for eye area;
  • pour over two bags of black tea with boiling water and chill them in the fridge, then put a compress for 10 minutes on the eyes.

How to cope with eyelid swelling?

Excessive amount of fluid in the body, kidney problems and just a lack of sleep can be a cause of swollen eyelids. Usually swelling appear when the eyelids are stationary, that is, at night. Because at this time reduces the elasticity and there is a stretching of the skin tissues in the eye area.

Water or grease build up in the tissues, is attenuated circular muscle around the eyes.

Female site tell what folk remedies will help from swelling around the eyes:

  • compress with infusion of parsley (cool to room temperature and apply it to the eyes for 10 minutes);
  • a compress of marigold flowers (tablespoon of flowers pour boiling water, strain after half an hour, dip in warm broth on a cotton pad and place on the eyelids for 15 minutes);
  • the pulp of carrots, grated (15 minutes);
  • warm potatoes (1 piece) in their skins, cut in half (half an hour to closed eyes).

Folk remedies around the eyes from wrinkles

Wrinkles around the eyes occur with age. Before this happens with women who have dry skin. Contribute to the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes different habits: often squint, to wink, laugh or back arms cheeks.

You can use slightly warmed vegetable oil. Apply it with your finger tip on the skin around the eye It should soak into the skin for 15 minutes. With a cloth wipe off excess.

As a night cream used another folk remedy from wrinkles around the eyes — butter. Pat it into the skin with fingertips, gently tapping. Oil leave the skin around the eyes to soak in over night.

Folk remedies around the eyes in the mask:

  • the mask of mashed pulp of a ripe banana (1tbsp. spoon) and a tablespoon of melted butter (20-25 minutes);
  • the mask of oatmeal (half a tablespoon), filled with hot milk. Allow the oatmeal to swell. Then apply it for 20 minutes to eyelids in the form of heat;
  • the mask of flax seeds;
  • castor oil, by the way, is also suitable for the care of eyelashes.

These simple recommendations will help you maintain an attractive appearance, provided they regularly perform. Folk remedies for the skin around the eyes will make it well-groomed and beautiful.

Author – Helen Sobchuk, site

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