Folk remedy for morning sickness: what can save you from morning sickness

Accompanying almost every pregnancy morning sickness already so firmly established in the consciousness of the expectant mother that she refers to this phenomenon as a minor discomfort, which must simply be endured. Despite the short duration of this condition, every pregnant woman experiencing morning sickness, I want to get rid of such unpleasant symptoms. Women’s website “” recommends the use of folk remedy for morning sickness, because the use of any medication during pregnancy is highly undesirable. But about what it means, traditional medicine offers to fight morning sickness, read on.

How to prevent morning sickness?

Not every pregnant woman can boast that she had no morning sickness, but each can try to prevent and to alleviate its manifestations.

Morning sickness and weakness – tip to my mom, so the child gives her to understand that he needs (fresh air, relaxation, organic food) and what should be discarded (junk food, alcohol).

Treatment of toxicosis folk remedies primarily involves adherence to certain rules, and that allow the expectant mother to ease her condition in the first months of pregnancy.

  • Regular walks on air

Fresh air is necessary for the future mother. Clean air – the key to good sleep, a good night’s sleep guarantees her good health in the morning.

  • Awakening

Better to Wake up slowly. To get out of bed a few minutes after waking up. Suddenly overcome morning nausea can be “calm” made the evening a handful of nuts or dry biscuits. If possible, preferably in bed and Breakfast.

  • Food

Folk remedy for morning sickness include proper nutrition. Toxicity eat better with products that do not cause nausea. Usually it is porridge, cooked “healthy” way of vegetable and protein foods, and dairy products. Eating junk food triggers morning sickness, so from fast food, fatty, fried, smoked, spicy and salty should be abandoned. You need to eat often, but small portions.

  • Drink

Herbal teas and infusions is one of the most effective folk remedies for the morning sickness during pregnancy. Chamomile flowers and yarrow, mint and lemon balm inhibit the feeling of nausea, soothe and improve the health of the expectant mother. Especially useful freshly squeezed Apple juice, cranberry juice and rose hips extract. Also, when toxemia is good to drink non-carbonated mineral water and plain water with lemon juice.

Proven folk remedy toxicity

Unfortunately, even a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and adherence to medical recommendations are not a guarantee of good health of the pregnant woman in the early stages. In order to cope with nausea, recommends to resort to old recipes.

When morning sickness starts in pregnancy (and in there is a separate article dedicated to this topic) a pregnant woman should have 3 products: mint, rosehip and honey. This is the most effective folk remedy to morning sickness during pregnancy.

  • Mint

Anything that contains mint: mint tea, mint candy or chewing gum with mint flavor – a real lifesaver for pregnant women in morning sickness. Peppermint relieves nausea, preventing vomiting no chance.

  • Briar

Rose hips – another great folk remedy to help with morning sickness. Infusion of rose hips is especially useful because it inhibits the toxicity from within, without bringing the matter ad nauseam. It is known that the toxicity is caused by products amplified in the first months of pregnancy metabolism, and broth hips perfectly cleanses the body from all the harmful products of metabolism and eliminates the cause of the toxemia.

  • Honey

Honey – the most delicious treatment of toxemia folk remedies possible. In the honey contains vitamins and minerals that help to cope with bouts of nausea and suppress the retching. Honey as a cure for morning sickness are recommended to take on an empty stomach for 10 grams per day. By the way, rose hips extract also better to drink with honey, but after eating.

Ways to cope with morning sickness, a lot. Choosing one or the other, remember that now you have two, and even the most secure, it would seem, the product can become a threat to the health of the unborn child.

The herbs, which traditional medicine offers as a cure for morning sickness, can be a side effect, and honey is a strong allergen, and idiosyncrasy has not been canceled. encourages you to be very careful while choosing a folk remedy toxicity.

How would you not hate, remember that morning sickness is temporary, but the little miracle that will soon appear on the light – happiness for life!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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