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Hard low calorie diet — this is a fundamentally wrong approach to weight loss. Even eating like Thumbelina, you do not solve the problem of excess weight if you have a broken metabolism. Besides, slow metabolic processes are one of the main causes of a weak immune system, depression, headaches and skin problems. Therefore, in order to look good and to always be in a good mood, you need to eat foods that accelerate metabolism.

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Metabolism is not just a process of burning calories, as understood by the vast majority of people. This concept is much wider and includes the totality of the biochemical processes in the body. How quickly and efficiently it flows, the metabolism depends on the functioning of all body systems. Therefore, every person who is responsible for their own health should know what foods speed up metabolism.

Foods that accelerate the metabolism

For weight loss not so important the number of meals and size of portions, such as their composition. Forming diet is necessary, based on the list of foods that accelerate the metabolism in the body. The menu is guaranteed to turn out delicious and nutritious.

Plant foods

Foods that accelerate the metabolism for weight loss, mainly of plant origin. Their value lies in the high content of fiber. It is not absorbed by the body, but its processing of the body spends a lot of energy. Besides, dietary fiber is a natural “broom” for the body. Be sure to include in the diet of the following ten products.

  • Broccoli. A valuable source of calcium and ascorbic acid and also vitamin B9 and antioxidants for normal metabolism. Daily eating servings of broccoli, you can cleanse the body of toxins.
  • Spinach. Product feature — high content of manganese, which improves blood composition, enhances bone strength, stimulates brain activity and stimulates the production of endorphins. Acceleration of digestion and metabolism is due to the content of dietary fiber and protein.
  • Celery. One of the products, who is credited with “negative calorie”. This is because celery is excellent accelerates metabolic processes. Therefore, it is useful to include in each meal.
  • Apples. Men and women facing the challenge to lose weight, have to eat three apples a day.
  • Citrus. The high content of fiber and ascorbic acid does oranges and grapefruits natural stimulant of metabolism. Daily eat one orange fruit. Also in the morning drink a glass of water in which dissolved a tablespoon of lemon juice.
  • Watermelon. Do not focus on high levels of sugar in the berries. Better pay attention to the presence in the composition of the arginine, which boosts energy and promotes fat loss.
  • Cabbage. Rich In b vitamins, which were essential to normal metabolism. Also to improve digestion helps fiber.
  • Almonds. An indispensable source of fatty acids and trace elements. Nuts is the best snack, because they quickly cause a feeling of satiety. In addition, the product supports the heart muscle, and stimulates brain activity. The main thing — not to keen on the almonds, because it is very caloric.
  • Raspberry. Valued for its high content of fruit enzymes that actively break down fats. If you have a meal, eat half a Cup of berries and delicacies will not affect your figure.
  • Pineapple. Contains a valuable enzyme, bromelain, which is known as a powerful fat burner. In addition, the fruit is well the sensation of hunger and replaces harmful sweets.
  • Fruits and vegetables recommended to be consumed raw. If you need a thermal or mechanical treatment, it should be minimal. The only way to retain valuable fiber, which are responsible for normalization of digestion.Food of animal origin

    Meat and fish not only possible but also need to eat to speed up metabolism. It is in these products in the greatest quantity contains protein. The substance acts as a building material for muscle tissue and contributes to the transformation of fat into energy. It is especially important to include in the diet following four categories.

  • Turkey and chicken. Easy and tender meat is a great source of protein and b vitamins that speed up vital processes and promote the growth of muscle tissue. It is important to eat meat without the skin, as it contains too much fat.
  • Beef bones. Rich in protein, minerals, and collagen. The latter improves the functional condition of the walls of the stomach and intestines — the main participants in the process of digestion. It is therefore recommended to cook the first dishes based on rich bone broth.
  • Salmon. Fish contains fatty acids and protein, contributing to the intensification of metabolic processes, suppression of inflammation in the body and reduce the production of stress hormones. Also fatty acids neutralize the hormone leptin, which slows down metabolic processes. Enough eat seafood three times a week.
  • Dairy products. The main source of calcium. This mineral contributes to accelerated processing and breakdown of fats. Cheese, milk, kefir and yogurt should be present in menu daily.
  • During cooking of fish and meat dishes use coconut oil instead of sunflower or olive. This vegetable fat is easily absorbed by the body without overloading the liver.Spices

    In the domestic space of the spices are perceived mainly as flavorings. But in the East know very well about the healing properties of spices. In particular, they have a stimulating effect on metabolism. No wonder the Asians consume a lot of spice, most fit and healthy people in the world. Especially good in this regard have proven the following six aromatic substances.

  • Spicy peppers. Due to the intense circulation and increased sweating there is an acceleration of metabolic processes by 25%. This effect is capsaicin, which is found in almost all types of spicy peppers. Scientists are also credited with capsaicin antitumor activity.
  • Turmeric. Like pepper, this spice makes all the systems of the body work faster. Adding a bit of turmeric in any food (cereal, salad, meat) and drinks, you are at 10% speed up metabolism.
  • Cinnamon. Like most other spices, it warms the body from the inside, causing it to burn more calories. In addition, the spice reduces cravings for sweets that do not fit into the concept of healthy eating. A day should be consumed a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon.
  • Mustard. It’s not just flavoring. Oriental medicine describes the mustard as a remedy to improve digestion.
  • Ginger. Rich in enzymes that facilitate the breakdown of fats. Also, the product helps saturate muscle tissue with oxygen, which is especially important for athletes.
  • The cardamom. Wonderful fat burner and antioxidant. In addition, the spice boosts immunity and helps to get out of depression.
  • Since ancient times known nutritional properties of anise. A few grains of spice ancient Greek athletes definitely chewed before competition. It is possible to satisfy hunger, not stuffing the stomach.


    Considering the most effective products for boosting metabolism, not to mention the importance of fluid intake. The doctors noted that even slight dehydration affects health, appearance and the rate of metabolic processes. It is therefore important in sufficient quantity to consume healthy drinks. Will help to accelerate metabolic processes next four.

  • Green tea.The wine is characterized by a high content of antioxidants, which promote the excretion of cholesterol and toxins. Thanks to the pectin content, tea reduces your appetite and eliminates the feeling of heaviness in the stomach. It is recommended to drink three cups of tea without sugar daily.
  • Coffee. This is another valuable source of antioxidants and caffeine. Latest increases blood circulation, which helps speed up metabolism by 3-5%. Physically healthy person can drink up to five cups of coffee a day. People with heart problems should stick to one or two servings.
  • Water. As the basis of the human body, it is a starting point of metabolism. To start the digestion, drink a half glass of cold water before each meal. Try to gradually increase the amount of clean water in the diet.
  • Red wine. Thanks to resveratrol, is synthesized the protein, blocking the formation of fat. Not only harmless, but also useful to drink half a Cup of high-quality grape drink daily.
  • As a rule, experts recommend drinking 1.5-2 liters of water per day. But it’s not quite right. The amount of fluid individually for each person. For every kilogram of weight shall have 30 ml of water per day.Herbs for metabolism

    Menu to speed up metabolism for women and men can be supplemented with herbal infusions. Medicinal plants will not only accelerate metabolism, but also solve a number of related health problems. What herbs to drink for metabolism, shown in the table.

    Table — Medicinal plants, promote metabolism

    GrassCookingDosageNumber of doses per dayContraindications
    St. John’s wort— Tablespoon of herbs pour a glass of boiling water;
    — cover the container with a lid and wrap with a towel;
    — after 40 minutes, strain
    1/3 Cup3— Pregnancy and breast-feeding;
    — concomitant use of oral contraceptives;
    — mental illness and depression;
    — hypertension;
    — children’s age
    KnotweedTablespoon3— Pregnancy;
    — diseases of the kidneys;
    — diseases of the genitourinary system;
    — hypotension;
    — thrombosis;
    — varicose veins
    Plantain2 tablespoons3— Increased acidity;
    — ulcer of the stomach;
    — increased blood clotting
    LindenGlass3-5— Allergy
    Blueberry leavesThe third Cup3Stones in the bladder;
    — tendency to constipation;
    — Allergy
    The blueberry leavesTablespoon3— Pregnancy and breast-feeding;
    stones in the gallbladder;
    — increased blood clotting
    NettleHalf Cup3— Increased blood clotting;
    — varicose veins;
    — hypertension;
    — diseases of the kidneys;
    — tumors
    ParsleyThe third Cup4— Pregnancy;
    — diseases of the kidneys;
    — gout

    Don’t take herbs without first consulting with your doctor. Even though it is popular, but a drug that uncontrolled use could harm the body.

    Strict diet based on limiting the amount of food that slow down metabolism. The body simply wean to work, if you give him that you can’t eat a lot and satisfying. As you return to a normal diet, the lost weight coming back twice. Indulge in delicious and healthy food. Just include in your menu foods that accelerate metabolism.

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