French style – how to become a benchmark of style and taste

French… Stylish. Confident. Incredibly feminine. Ironic and a little sly. Flirty. Charming. Exquisite. Beautiful! How to look like a French woman 100%, even if you haven’t visited France? The website “” will talk about what is truly French style in clothing and how to create an image worthy of the native women of Paris!

What is meant by “French style”?

When talking about any style of clothing, we first characterize the inherent only in this direction styles, models, colors, features, combinations of things etc. But I think talking about the French style in women’s clothing should not start with a description of the specific things!

Because the French style of dress is primarily the ability to dress tastefully, and almost no matter what is hanging in your closet!

French style was developed as the standard of classical good taste of the famous fashion designer half a century ago (our site wrote, for example, the style of Coco Chanel) – and since then not much has changed!

The main principlesthat can be applied to this style:

  • Quality and good cut. Things have to look perfect, to be perfect and stitched to fit its owner. No crooked seams, pilling on sweaters, etc. are Also discouraged deliberate imatest, stretch, polinelli, duravest etc.
  • Modesty. French style, of course, can be called sexy as sexy like a little black dress, but about vulgarity in the form of a Frank cut or transparent blouses speech can not be! Besides, the French do not like to flaunt wealth or imitation – so no rhinestones (or diamonds, too – if it’s not evening reception).
  • Classical appearance. Not worth chasing unusual cut – it’s better to learn how to harmoniously combine the “basic” stuff!
  • The principle of “highlights”. To dilute the strong silhouette and not flashy combination of colors, the French certainly add some interesting accessory, piece of jewelry, etc. – it can be a color accent in the image!
  • The principle of the three colors. No more than three different colors in the same way, if you use print – only one. A true Frenchwoman in these three colors will surely include black and/or white!

Things that can feel like a Parisian!

You might be surprised, but things that are the basis of the French style in women’s clothing are almost all – even those who neither of which this style specifically and does not think! It is, in fact, the most traditional option basic wardrobe (after all, the French have always been able to impart to the world the timeless fashion on your way to dress up!).

So, what need to be, making the image of the Parisian woman?

  • Little black dress.
  • Raincoat-trench coat
  • Red-line.
  • Pencil skirt.
  • Takes.
  • Hat (or hat with wide brim – who is coming!)
  • Dress new look is a fitted coat with a flared skirt.
  • Sheath dress.
  • Jacket with ¾ sleeve.
  • Pumps
  • Ballet flats

But this is such a basis, which in real life for drawing up full images is not enough!

Just add some silk neck scarves or scarves of those colors, you can go get a good string of natural pearls, at last, learn to wear stockings instead of pantyhose!

But you can easily delay out jeans, a sports jacket, sneakers, baseball cap – all of that elegant French woman wearing only a camping trip or to the gym!

French style clothing always emphasizes femininity – clothes highlights the waist, and baggy silhouettes, as well as models-unisex here!

And no clothes will not save you, if you forget about the details – manicure, and clean skin and natural make-up, styling and, of course, a drop of French perfume!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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