Friend suggest to lose weight

“Hello, female site My problem is that friends think I’m full all the time say that I need to lose weight. Magazines different slips, recipes for low calorie meals, diet… And I love being who I am. Yes, I suppose I am, but I think that’s my charm! But lately I often think: maybe really need to lose weight? Irina”

Irina, what You like what You got is great! But let’s look at why friend can strongly advise you to lose weight. There could be several reasons…

Do you feel Beautiful and Successful?

To begin to answer the question – do You good in weight? Do You feel beautiful and successful? Whether You are drawn to men?

If not – do You well as You write?!

Have You tried to lose weight (successfully) and what were the sensations of his own harmony? The fact that there are women who, dropping weight, feeling worse. There are examples among the stars – Actresses and models. For example, the famous model, Crystal Renn, losing weight, losing hair, and her health deteriorated.

So, perhaps, the current weight is your optimum weight!

Jealousy and competition among friends? already wrote about female friendship. Indeed, it is not as smooth as in the male, and friends can experience to You is not only friendship!

Perhaps they are tips to lose weight is dictated by elementary envy! Perhaps they are annoyed by Your kind, wholesome, cheerfulness, confidence and success? It’s not fair – such a complete, and happier than they, the thin people!

That is why they may try to return the balance and make You a little unhappy , for example because they can eat this piece of cake, and You – no. Moreover, a report of his jealousy of a friend you can not give.

Maybe friends just care about you?

Maybe they are not jealous, they simply have not enough tact to tell You differently.

The extra weight is not only seductive forms. You’re not writing, how much You have of it, this excess weight, and what Your age. Perhaps in 26 years weight and gives charm, but 36, and especially in 46 excess weight is able to deliver a lot of health problems. Moreover, with age, the weight accumulates, and the body is not as elastic and ugly hanging fat folds.

The women’s website “” tells You: love yourself for who You are, but remember that the extra weight from the ceiling is not taken. Try to adjust Your diet, making it healthier. For example, as we wrote in the article “How to make a diet?”

But if You don’t like to be a little more slender, You can always gain weight again! ?

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