From cabbage growing Breasts: if this is true, how useful cabbage?

That is a sign of femininity? Breasts! What men look at first? On his chest (while trying to assure us that eye)! The first place among the female complexes? Yes, it is the most – Breasts. Rather, its size. Probably there is no girl who would not have heard that cabbage growing Breasts. Today we’ll talk about the benefits of cabbage for our chest.

A bit of history

Sprouts do grow Breasts, I’m not sure a hundred percent none of us, but worth a try, since there are such rumors. And where did this fact? Maybe someone sitting on a cabbage diet, suddenly became the owner of large Breasts?

Here, for example, one assumption:

“So before people have treatment by natural means, the cabbage was also part of their kit for the treatment of, for example, tumors in the chest area. The tumor took place, and the people said “from the cabbage grew Boobs” — kind of like a new born. And then this phrase was reborn with a different meaning.”

It is believed that cabbage first cultivated by the Egyptians, and was served it only as a festive dish. And women do cabbage decoctions and considered it a means to prolong youth and vitality of the body. But Egyptians knew a lot about beauty.

So let’s first try to understand the properties of cabbage, that is, picking the leaves and find out how it may affect our women’s value.

Properties of cabbage

So, cabbage contains:

  • Vitamins C and E. in Addition, vitamin C strengthens the immune system, while vitamin E supports the hormonal background of women, according to doctors, cabbage is a remedy for breast tumors and is used for prevention of mastitis.
  • Vitamins B and PP, which are so much in the cabbage are a natural regulator of metabolism and have an excellent tonic effect on the skin, slow the aging process. And what do we need for a perfect cleavage? Breasts, of course! In addition, the vitamins of this group also have a beneficial effect on the nails, skin and hair.
  • In addition to vitamins cabbage contains many mineralsthat are useful for the chest. For example, potassium, affect the quality of the skin, removes from the body excess liquid, thereby improving the structure of the breast. And calcium, along with positive effects on bones, it also improves the skin’s appearance. Also Kale is high in iron and iodine.
  • Another important element, according to oncologists, to prevent the development of breast cancer, is fiber. The results of the research revealed a real dependence on reducing cancer risk and consumption of foods rich in fiber, including cabbage – good source of fiber.
  • Perhaps many have heard about the hormones. This magical term implies a natural plant substance. It is known that phytohormones are recognized as excellent antioxidants. Also plant hormones that have a positive impact on the reproductive system of women, in particular, they are very useful for new moms. And, to everyone’s delight, considered to be one of the means for breast augmentation! And completely harmless! Many creams for the chest are composed of the hormones of plants. Perhaps due to the fact that cabbage is full of phytohormones (especially colored), it is believed that cabbage growing Breasts.

Thus, the results of our mini – investigation, direct effect of cabbage on breast size is not revealed. But what a salutary effect on her health!

It turns out, cabbage is truly a product of magic, though her chest is not growing!

Who said that cabbage growing Breasts?

But let’s get back to our topic! It is no wonder the myth has developed about the impact of cabbage on breast size. Myth or not, can be ascertained only by experience.

I think every girl is dissatisfied with her size, was fond of eating cabbage.

So let’s see what happened.

  • “My chest is already 12 years began to grow. And now we have a fourth dimension. Not sure what it was from the cabbage Breasts have grown. But I really love the cabbage since childhood. Always ate it in different types of stews, salads, sauerkraut, cabbage rolls, etc, was eating for both cheeks. It is possible that it played a role. Olga, 30 years.”
  • “I’ve always had problems with breast size. Well, not gave me nature is neither large, nor even medium. I am particularly experienced in his youth, when all my friends were already in shape, and I had nalewajka. Of course, not once heard that from the cabbage supposedly growing Breasts! So eating it at the time, almost basins. To help do not help, but cabbage can’t see. Probably overdone in my youth. Elena, 27 years”
  • “My grandmother always talked about the benefits of cabbage for breast. But not any, namely pickled. Don’t know how true this is. But our family is very fond of sauerkraut. We do it literally by the bucket. I eat constantly. I have a third dimension. Her Breasts are very happy. Natalia, 25 years”
  • “Well, who came up with that cabbage growing Breasts? It seems to me, is affected by heredity. And though eat cabbage, at least not if the Breasts are small, then nothing will. I have a breast size depends on weight loss I or fat. Daria, 29 years”
  • “And I read that the useful not the cabbage. It is not necessary. And useful cabbage juice. Many say that we should drink the brine from sauerkraut, growing Breasts because of him. That is, it is in liquid form. So I think to try. Maybe one size will be added. Marina, 23″

But myths are myths, and without the opinion of physicians in this matter in any way. And if the doctors agree with the fact that the cabbage growing Breasts?

The benefits of cabbage for breast

And doctors include cabbage among the first in the list of the most useful products for breast. In connection with the presence of vitamins and minerals, as mentioned above, cabbage is an antioxidant that increases the body’s defenses.

So, do findings:

  •  Cabbage is very useful for breast! But not in terms of its increase, but in terms of recovery. And this is not a myth but a fact. Cabbage protects us from breast cancer, improves the structure of the mammary glands due to tissue, prevent cysts and breast disease.
  • Cabbage improves the appearance of the breast. And this is not a myth but a fact! Cabbage supports lipid metabolism, removes toxins and improves skin elasticity. All this affects the youth and elasticity of the breast.
  • For the chest , any useful cabbage. Eat it in any types and fresh, and pickled, drink pickle juice and simmer it. Still it will remain useful and give you all your nutrients.

Now about the breast growth, or the influence of cabbage growth on our chest…

I was looking for reviews, opinions, and arguments of doctors confirming that the cabbage growing Breasts, nothing could not be found.

According to doctors, the breast growth is due to two reasons – hormonal and fat cells. You’ve probably noticed that when we sit on a diet, the first as luck would have it, losing weight Breasts. And when you get fat, the stomach (but that’s another topic).

But cabbage is food for Breasts, which makes her beautiful! I, for example, all winter I eat it pickled. I don’t know if sauerkraut growing Breasts, but you also suggest!

After all, no matter what size nor were our Breasts, the main thing — that it was healthy! And, by the way, not all men like big Breasts. But supple and beautiful like all!

So let’s take care of our Breasts , regardless of size.

Author – Christine Resnick, site

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