Full child: what to do?

Fullness in our time is a frequent problem. It is the result of a sedentary lifestyle, improper food, excess of high-calorie foods in the diet. There are a lot of fat adults and fat children. But the full child is often sick and has all chances to become an adult with a whole bunch of diseases, from diabetes to infertility.

Female site sympaty.net tell us how to actif your child is overweight.

First — to the doctor!

Start with definition of the reasons of the fulness of the child. The pediatrician will tell you what weight and what age is the norm. You might also need the advice of an endocrinologistto exclude possible failures in metabolism.

If the experts rule out disease as the cause of completeness, it’s because of habits and lifestyle.

Strive to live a healthy lifestyle

Full a child is an occasion for the entire family to reconsider their way of life. Think about what sport you could do together. In the winter it is skiing, skating, sledding, or a walk in the snowy Park. Summer – bikes, badminton, rollerblading, walking long distances.

If the whole family is lying in front of the TV and sitting at the computer this weekend, go to the Park, it will be a great example for the child. It is not enough to tell him that physical training is useful, it is helpful to show an example (and for parents this is a wonderful prevention of excess weight ? ). For girls, the ideal — dance classes.

Any physical activity for the overweight child is the ability to adjust weight and also improve stamina and to get rid of the clumsiness that is often characteristic of such children.

Proper nutrition for the overweight child

Your main task – to instill in the child the habit to eat right, because what we have laid down in childhood, by then we tend life. Do not overfeed, learn to chew thoroughly and eat slowly!

For the overweight child is important to have a correct diet, with a predominance of vegetables and fruits. Summon your cooking skills and new recipes, abundantly represented on the Internet ? for Example, vegetables can be cooked a lot of delicious things, from salads to side dishes and desserts may not be to your kid do not like it!

Cook for a couple, refill the salad is not mayonnaise, and vegetable oil, discard the sausage, instead, it is better to cook the chicken or fish. Full child (like his parents) is better to refuse from flour and fat. Unwholesome sweets, like cakes, chocolates, muffin, try to replace the fruits, honey, dried fruit, marshmallows and candy. Generally try not to keep in the areas of “access” baby candies, lollipops, chips, cookies, to not be tempted.

No “fast food”! In fact, “fast budowie” restaurants in civilized countries — this is not the place where people come for family weekend to eat, and the only opportunity for busy people a quick snack during the week.

Support – family

The family must maintain complete child in his struggle with excess weight. Adjust your family’s diet in such a way as to best suit the diet of your child. After all, you don’t have to eat cakes and ice cream in his presence, if his desserts are limited to only fruit. Teach your family to eat properly, slowly but surely, ?

Sometimes the reason of completeness … in anxiety. The child is constantly worried and anxious, for example, because of the tense atmosphere in the family, failure in school, ridicule classmates… and jammed his stress. He is constantly chewing something, hides in pockets of sweetness. Carefully watch him, call on Frank conversation. Maybe just enough to remove the cause of concern, and to assure that mom and dad love him and appreciate.

Praise your child for any achievements on the way of weight loss. Remember that you should not cultivate systems that have the full child has without you. Never speak disparagingly or with conviction about how much he weighs and what size clothing wears. Instead, be a counselor, helper and friend in the struggle with the completeness set a good example — it’s much harder. Success and health to you and your child! ?

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Full child: what to do?

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