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The problem of hyperpigmentation of concern to many women. This topic is especially relevant at a time of enhanced UV exposure on the skin – in the spring and summer, when there is aggravation of the pigmentation of the skin, so take care of her health to advance. Today women’s site “” we will continue the topic about how to deal with pigment pathology of skin and consider what are the available assets from age spots in modern cosmetology and folk remedy for age spots.

The main principle of whitening agents

First of all, if your skin is prone to hyperpigmentation, you need to take care of its protection from sunlightand also ensure that in your diet in sufficient quantity were products containing the desired amino acids. Because of their lack of the process of formation of melanin – pigment, which stains stains brown – broken: it is produced in excess. Therefore, the use of blockers of enzymes of melanin — and this is folic, ascorbic acid and other acidic compounds — reduce the appearance of age spots.

Sun protection and sufficient drinking acids – one of the main measures of prevention of hyperpigmentation of the skin.

There are also effective chemicals to remove age spots, which are aimed at blocking melanin synthesis in cells.

The procedure is the bleaching of age spots involves two important steps:

  • Exfoliation of the skin layer. For this purpose, use peels and masks, which typically includes salicylic alcohol (20%), phenol, mercury ointment, pain, ANA – a-hydroxy acids.
  • Blocking the production of melanin. For whitening use substances, which reduce the production of melanin – often, it is hydroquinone, arbutin, hydrogen peroxide. Reduce melanin production and acid: kojic, ascorbic and azelaic.

Overview of the most popular cosmetic products

Cosmetics for removing pigmentation marks on the face (freckles, chloasma, senile spots, acne marks, etc.) contains different chemical substances, so some of them should be used with extreme caution.

For example, excessive use of hydroquinone can cause serious damage to the skin, until its destruction at the DNA level.

If the chosen remedy for age spots is present in this component, the period of use of such cosmetics should be to limit 2, maximum 3 months.

In the ready means of age spots, be sure to study the composition of the proposed products.

And, of course, it is better to “trust my face” to trusted brands manufacturers: Danne, Lacrima, Decleor, as well as domestic — Tekhkon (series “Your grace”), Floresan (a series of “White linen”) , etc. As a rule, the products of these brands include a whole series of whitening agents: peels, masks, creams, toners and serums.

Funds from age spots leading companies expensive, the market is widely presented budget products have positive reviews about the dark spots:

Vitex. Whitening mask

  • The main active substance exfoliating fruit AHA and salicylic acid.
  • The bleaching effect of the lemon oil or extract of cranberries.

“I’m from the mask in a mad delight! This is the best remedy for age spots that I have encountered. The effect of the mask on the skin similar to a professional peel. Face and stings (about it there is a warning on the tube). Was applied to the skin and kept for 20 minutes. Then washed off. Face pink pink! And I felt that it breathes and is very clean. Even in the morning I noticed that the spots look pale, although the manufacturer says a notable result in a month. Skin tone smooth, burns no. Anya”

Whitening cream “BIOCON”

“I’ve been breeding spots in different ways. I did not help. Having read reviews about the cream “Achromin“, followed him to the pharmacy. One confused: I write that from it comes a rapid effect. Thought, what is the chemistry there that the spots on the 4th day? What was my surprise when I was told that it is discontinued. Advised “BIOCON“. He brought all the stains, even no trace. I used it only in the evening. After 14 days the spots began to disappear. Alena”

Good reviews have whitening cream whitening mask “Recipes grandmother Agafia” Eveline cream Before and After (t/m “twins Tek”), a cream-whitening mask Badyaga Forte with Indian watercress etc.

Funds from age spots: traditional medicine

Milk and dairy products help eliminate spots on the skin. Interesting is the fact that Eastern beauties in order to maintain the whiteness of their skin, washed early only cold milk.

We already told you how to get rid of age spots using popular folk recipes using cucumber, lemon and parsley, and today will offer a few very effective and affordable recipes that will help get rid of pigmentation at home.

Mask with grapefruit

To lighten and refresh the skin will help mask of dry yeast and grapefruit juice.


  • Dry yeast – 20 g
  • Grapefruit juice — 2 tbsp

Preparing the mask is very simple: the dry yeast squeezed grapefruit juice, all was well stirred, gauze dipped in the resulting mixture is applied to problem areas on the face. After 20 minutes rinse the mask.

After that, be sure a thick layer on the face any nourishing mask, so that the composition consisted of dairy products.

For example, cottage cheese and strawberry mask. To do this, grind a few strawberries and stir into mush with the cheese. If it turns out watery, you can thicken by adding crushed corn flakes. Next, you wipe the skin with ice cubes.

Creams using plant extracts

In nature there are many plants with whitening effect. Their extracts are widely used to prepare a folk remedy for age spots. For whitening age spots, you can use the creams, prepared at home.

The most popular uses for bleaching bearberry which contains arbutin, organic acids and a small dose of hydroquinone, the most popular components of expensive cosmetics.

Good whitens the skin tysyacelistnik, thanks to the flavonoids that block the cells that produce melanin.

Helps the skin to regain an even tone without age spots and licorice. You can add extracts of these plants in any cream to give it a whitening effect.

There are also very interesting means of age spots, but their use is little known.

For example, some recommend to remove age spots with fat cream, to add the ashes from one cigarette. You can also find tips to wipe the face or apply to it a gauze soaked in saline, bought at the pharmacy. Spots begin to lighten and then disappear altogether.

You can experiment with making masks using all products with a bleaching effect: lemon, parsley, cucumber, almonds, — cooking from their masks, peels (exfoliating agent), compresses, and other tools that remove age spots. Folk remedies, the treatment of which can take a long time, is less efficient compared with modern hardware methods of treatment, chemical peelings, phototherapy, but more secure and accessible.

Whatever you choose funds from age spots, remember that, first and foremost, you need to think about their safety. So learn everything you can about your chosen method of removing pigmentation and do not forget that only a systematic skin care will help avoid serious problems.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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