Fungus and black mold in bathroom: how to get rid of?

The walls of your bathroom is decorated with “blooming patterns” and you are in search of the very best way how to remove black mold and fungus in the bathroom? Women’s website “” let’s talk about why appear fungus and mold in the bathroom and how to get rid of this problem.

Darkness, warmth and humidity are the causes of fungus and mold

In the bathroom fungus and mold find all the conditions for their habitat and breeding. Our efforts in solving this problem was effective, let’s discuss the main reasons because of which the fungus appears on the walls.

  • The bathroom is warm, dark and damp! These are the ideal conditions for which mold appears most often.
  • Bathrooms are always equipped with ventilation channels, which attract all the air out of the apartment. A constant flow of air and its stagnation in the bathroom also contribute to the emergence of the conditions for propagation of fungus and mold on the walls. This is especially dangerous in cases when air ducts are clogged, and air circulation is disturbed.
  • The use of modern materials in repairing, installing a sealed plastic Windows and doors with tight porch – we “clogged” from the outside world, disrupting the natural ventilation of the air in the room.

Female site will give a little advice to your readers: keep the Windows in the room provided for the winter ventilation mode (part of the frame is opened by a few millimeters, forming a small gap).

Drafts will not be, but the air circulation will be provided.

If you don’t take care of ventilation, considered ways of airing, sooner or later you will not only have to seek funds from mold and mildew in the bathroom, but to look for the causes of aggravation of the disease. Because mold not only spoils the bathroom, but also affect health.

How dangerous is black mold in the bathroom?

The main danger lies in the fact that those black spots that we see on the ceiling and walls in the bathroom, at the junction, on tile, on Hermetica is only the visible tip of the iceberg.

Microscopic spores, just like dandelion parachutes, flying in the air, settle in the water, we breathe and it affects our health.

Therefore, the fight against fungus in the bathroom should not be limited to masking any visible traces. Those who are looking for how to remove black mold in the bathroom, you need to look for the most effective ways that will help to get rid of this problem.

Handy tools

To begin to deal with the fungus should be noticing the first traces of its appearance. Otherwise get rid of black mold every day will be harder. To fight you can use either ready chemical means, or to prepare the composition at home.

In order to remove the fungus and mold in the bathroom, not enough, according to some, scrape off the top layer and the top cover all the paint. This is only temporary, soon your walls will turn black again, so to combat this problem it is necessary more radical ways.


Very often to fight mold and mildew in the bathroom suggest to use white or other chlorine-based products. Chlorine prevents the growth of fungus, but also serves as an excellent means of disinfection.

It should be noted that the chlorine fumes are harmful to our bodies. So before how to remove mold and fungus in the bathroom with chlorine, take care of the ventilation of the room.

How to remove fungus and mold in the bathroom using white? You need to work in gloves!

  • Place in the bathroom where there was black mold and fungus, dried (dryer) and cleaned with a spatula or a brush with synthetic (hard) bristles.
  • Additionally, the cleaned surface is wiped with a paste of warm water and baking soda.
  • 1 liter of water is poured into 6 caps of white. If the fungus and black mold very damaged walls in the bathroom, then the concentration of the drug increases.
  • With a brush RUB the surface with mold resulting solution.
  • Rinse the surface after drying, the whiteness is not necessary.
  • The acrid smell in the room will hold 2 hours, so it is best that the house in the period of treatment had no children.

    Copper sulphate

    In the fight against fungi of different origin have long used copper sulphate. This is a very effective and inexpensive drug.

    How to get rid of mold and mildew in the bathroom with copper sulfate?

  • To prepare the solution in 1 l of water dissolve 2 tbsp sulphate (you can buy it in shops for gardeners).
  • All pre-places where there was mold, scrape with a stiff brush and washed with warm water and soap.
  • Give time to the treated areas dry.
  • Then with a brush (sponge) or spray solution is applied to the places where grew the black mold and fungus.
  • This remedy for mold will eliminate the problem for a long time.

    Vinegar, boric acid and peroxide

    None of the popular means of household chemicals to combat black mold can not be compared with ordinary vinegar. Acidic environment kills up to 80% of the species of fungi.

    Female site will acquaint its readers with the very affordable and effective way to remove mold and mildew in the bathroom. For cooking this means we will need vinegar, boric acid, hydrogen peroxide and water.

  • Take 100 ml of water, add in a container of 50 ml vinegar 25 ml boric acid and peroxide.
  • All heated on the fire to a temperature of 50-70 degrees.
  • Apply the mixture to places damaged by fungus, using a stiff brush.
  • You can see how lost mold and mildew in the bathroom.

    Please note! If the fungus has got under the silicone cover, it is required to change pre-solving the problem with mold.

    To achieve maximum effect within 14 days treat places where there is damage vinegar every night. After 2 weeks re-treat the problem areas in the bathroom with vinegar, boric acid and peroxide. You will be surprised how such a simple remedy for black mold and mildew in the bathroom to cope with the problem.

    Essential oils

    Effective for the control and prevention of mold essential oils of tea tree, grapefruit tree and monarda. You can prepare a spray from the mold.

    • You have to mix 2 teaspoons of essential oils with 2 teaspoons of ethanol and 100 ml of water. Using the bottle of spray to apply with the mold.

    This way of dealing with mold is expensive, but the smell in the bathroom after this treatment, very nice.

    Finished products

    Many modern firms are household chemicals produce a ready means of mildew and mold. Often in their structure contains chlorine and other substances that not only remove the fungus, but also serve as a means of prevention. List those modern drugs, which we have met good reviews.

    • Savo
    • Sano
    • San Wedge
    • Quelyd “System Antiplesen”
    • Primacol “Anti-fungus 2”
    • Spray foam Haiter mold removal, etc.


    Users note that all medications have coped with the problem of the fungus in the bathroom. Here are some comments about spray-foam Haiter mold removal:

    • Which only means I didn’t use it to remove black mold in the bathroom between the tiles at the seams: and soda, and citric acid, and even common bleach – nothing helped. Shop Japanese cosmetics, I came across spray foam Haiter (380 p.) Very convenient to use. After 10 minutes, the mold started to go away. One disadvantage of spray-foams don’t actually meet in the sale. Marina
    • I always bought the biggest and then moved on to Astonish. The price is lower, but the effect is the same. Those who chose the drug Savo, be sure to buy the Polish. Only he helps. Katya.

    Please note that most of the drugs from mold and mildew contain chlorine, so do not forget about safety precautions when using these funds.


    Do not forget that dryness is the biggest enemy of mildew.

    • Do not close completely the bathroom door to the room is constantly ventilated.
    • Check as often as possible ventilation ducts in the bathroom, to ensure the flow of air.
    • Mounted heated towel rail will perfectly cope with the high humidity in the bathroom.
    • For the prevention process periodically seams in the bathroom with vinegar or wipe with white.
    • If possible, make sure in advance that the mold appeared in the bathroom. This necessarily during the repair pre-treat the walls with special agents from the mold. At least, get an anti-fungal primer.

    If you don’t find one way to remove mold and mildew in the bathroom, call the exterminator. Experts will establish the kind of mold and take necessary measures.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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