Gelatin face mask of blackheads: how to make at home

You were so happy, buying a new camera, and so upset with the first portrait shots… Good camera clearly “caught” not only your mood, but also skin problems: ones cards visible blackheads on my chin and nose. It is unpleasant, but fixable. Shots saves “Photoshop”, and the skin — gelatin mask for the face from black points.

Considered from this variety of pimples as comedones affects mostly teenagers, and also people with oily skin and wide pores. Indeed, this is the first group of risk. But in a more mild form of the problem of blockage of microscopic holes in the dermis occurs periodically in many people. With both men and women. Not accidentally, cleaning is one of the most popular cosmetic services.

When we talk about black spots in the zone “T”, then we are talking about the comedones are open. This kind of plugs made of sebum, dead skin cells and dirt, resulting in the pores. Moreover, there are tube deep enough, so the usual scrubs and daily cleaning procedures are powerless.

Why clogged pores

Starting the fight against traffic jams in the pores, you need to understand the cause of the disease. And expensive cosmetic procedures, and also affordable tools like face mask of gelatin from black dots — just eliminate the consequences. What can be the root of the problem?

  • Too much makeup. Concealer, powder, blush… All these funds accumulate and penetrate into the pores. If you use too high-quality cleaning methods or lightly to the make-up removal — problems are virtually inevitable.
  • Questionable diet. Fast food, alcohol, fatty and high-calorie food, coffee, sweets — these foods cause clogging of the pores.
  • Health problems. Poor condition of the skin may indicate disorders in the intestine, metabolism. It is also a symptom of hormonal surges, stress.
  • Environment and predisposition. Comedones can be sent to you “inherited”. Also affect the sebaceous glands can dirty air, heat, emissions of industrial enterprises.

Leave black dots unattended. And not only for aesthetic reasons. Clogged pores can’t breathe, have problems with nutrition and skin renewal. As a result, lose to healthy parts of the dermis, the likelihood of developing acne and other diseases.

To push it is impossible — you need to clean

For reviews of beauticians, the most common mistake in the struggle with black dots — try to squeeze them at home. It is very risky, lightly. Especially when there is a more gentle solution for every budget.

The procedure can be enjoyed at the beauty salon. Also in cosmetic departments sell cheap plasters for the removal of comedones. And cleansing of blackheads gelatin does not require special expenses. Moreover, this procedure is simple, has virtually no contraindications, and the effect is visible already after 15-20 minutes. The only time this mask is not suitable for girls with expansion vessels — rosacea.

As the gelatin will help

According to reviews, the gelatin mask for the face from black spots acts like Velcro. It is the principle of adhesion in close contact with the dermis, and when removing pull up all “debris” from the pores. To the extent that these “rods” can be seen after treatment on the formed film.

Why gelatin is suitable for such manipulations and will not harm the skin? These are the main characteristics of the substance.

  • Acts as a glue. In homemade cosmetics applied food gelatin. The same one that women use as a thickener, for example, jelly or aspic. For its consistency in finished form resembles gelatin glue and works the same way: literally sticks to the skin and “takes away” sticks to itself all the muck from the pores.
  • In fact — split collagen. Gelatin is obtained by processing of bones, skin, tendons, fish and animals. It is a mixture of protein tissue, formed as a result of decomposition of collagen. That is — split collagen. This protein plays a leading role in the process of renewal of tissues. The deficiency of collagen leads to skin aging. Many women even use powdered gelatin to foods to artificially fill the body with collagen and get rid of wrinkles.
  • Full of useful components. The gelatin composition includes phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium and potassium. As well as useful for the connective tissues of the amino acids Proline and hydroxyproline. Gelatin normalizes metabolism, strengthens the nervous system and improves the functioning of the brain. A gelatin mask can not only get rid of blackheads and improve overall skin condition.

Gelatin does not provoke allergic reactions and is often used in home cosmetology. For example, with the help of girls is carried out lamination of hair, strengthen nails and even… lose weight. However, when excessive use of a substance in food side effects are still possible: probable constipation. People with diseases of the cardiovascular system is also not recommended to consume gelatin.

Good recipe and rules of the gelatin mask

There are many options for preparation of gelatinous cosmetic mixtures to solve a variety of skin problems. But here’s the recipe against the comedone is actually static. In it, except gelatin, includes milk.

Sometimes the recipe is supplemented with the substances, removing the filling. For example, a good gelatin face mask for blackheads with activated carbon or with honey. Before this procedure be sure to breathe in the herbal vapors, then the skin “open up” and cleaning will be easy.


A classic set of ingredients is:

  • powdered gelatin — teaspoon;
  • milk — tablespoon;
  • activated charcoal — the half of a tablet;


You will need the following equipment: a scarf, a bowl, a spoon, a potato masher, a microwave and a cosmetic brush.

  • Activated charcoal should be crushed in a bowl.
  • To black, add the gelatin powder and milk. Stir. Leave to react for 10 minutes.
  • To mix become necessary for procedure consistency, it must be heated. For this you can put the bowl in the microwave for 10-15 seconds, or prepare a water bath.
  • Before applying the mask must be cooled down so that she remained warm, but not burned skin.
  • Hide hair under a scarf to mask doesn’t hit the hair. Otherwise, to remove the Velcro will have with them.
  • You need to lie down during the procedure, try not to move my head.
  • Using a cosmetic brush to apply the mask on the skin. You can use just the T-zone or smear the entire face except the delicate areas around the eyes and eyebrows.
  • Mask time — a quarter of an hour.
  • To remove the cured film of the mixture, moving from chin to forehead.
  • To apply the remedy for pores and make use of the usual cream for daily care of skin.
  • The final stage, which is the need of pore closing, is very important. If you ignore that in the clean channels can get infected. How to tighten pores? It will help the fresh tomato juice with pulp. It is also an effective mixture of baking soda and water or lemon juice and egg whites.

    Gelatin mask for the face of blackheads at home can be carried out not more often than once in seven to ten days. If you like the result, you can experiment. For example, some girls instead of milk in the recipe, use fruit juice.

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