Gelatin for joints: how to take, treatment

Diseases of musculoskeletal system in our time is a widespread phenomenon. According to statistics, they suffer 1/3 of all inhabitants of our planet. Unfortunately, most of the diseases in this group are almost impossible to cure completely, even with the help of modern medicines.

That is why people suffering from diseases of the joints, are turning to the experience of folk medicine.

One of the popular recipes – gelatin for joints. On the expediency of turning to him, the diversity of options and the rules of the use of gelatin for the treatment of joints and ligaments present a readership of women’s website ““.

Than helpful food gelatin for joints, cartilage and ligaments

Food gelatin is familiar to every housewife: this natural thickener is used for cooking a variety of dishes.

Essentially gelatin is a protein collagen, which is obtained by thermal treatment of bones, ligaments, cartilage, tendons and other connective tissues of animals and fish.

It is a valuable source of amino acids necessary for our body to synthesize its own proteins that play an important role in the work of the muscles, ligaments, joints, cartilage and other connective tissues.

Deficiency of amino acids occurs most often in people actively involved in sports.

Also to their disadvantage may suffer those who are poorly fed, is experiencing great physical or mental stress, heavy stress.

And the lack of fibrillar protein is one of the natural manifestations of aging. As a result of insufficient amino acid production of collagen in the body decreases, it results in deterioration of mobility and functionality of joints.

In such situations, doctors recommend to take collagen capsules, cheaper alternatives, which is typical edible gelatin.

Scientists have found that regular consumption of gelatin helps strengthen the cartilages and ligaments, and increase their elasticity. For the prevention of diseases of musculoskeletal system enough to regularly eat foods containing gelatin: jelly, jelly, aspic of fish, marshmallows, etc.

If joint pain appears, gelatin can be used as adjuvant in the treatment of disease.

Treatment of joints gelatin

In diseases such as arthrosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis etc., it is recommended to increase the intake of gelatin, that is not just more likely to feast on jellies, jellied dishes and jelly, and taken orally every day the media is prepared on the basis of this product.

Ways of cooking gelatin a cure, there are many. Most prominent among these are the following:

  • Gelatin infusion. Take 2 teaspoons (packets) of gelatin in the granules, pour 100 ml of cooled boiled water, leave until the morning to swell. In the morning in the semis, need to pour 100 ml of warm water or juice, stir tool, to granules completely dissolved in the liquid, and drink it half an hour before Breakfast. Recipe gelatin for joints described in this paragraph, involves the daily use of the vehicle throughout the month.
  • Milk jelly. The website offers its readers to try to treat the joints with a tasty dairy dessert. Preparing it is easy: dissolve in 150 ml of warm milk 2 teaspoons food gelatin in the mixture add a little honey or sugar to taste, to give the thickener to swell, then to warm the milk on the fire to gelatin has dissolved completely, while avoiding boiling of the liquid. Cool jelly at room temperature, then place in the fridge. This medication is recommended to use three times a week.
  • An aqueous solution of gelatin. The easiest way to take gelatin for joint pain – prepare aqueous solution. To do this, simply dissolve in a glass of warm water incomplete tablespoon of thickener, stir the remedy and drink it. This medicine is recommended to use twice a day for three months.

How to drink gelatin for joints, there is no hard and fast rules. You can simply add the thickener in various dishes such as, soups, soups, yogurt, yogurt, juices, etc.

But some of the recommendations in terms of treatment of joints collagen should adhere to.

Gelatin for joints: how to drink

Reinforced gelatin food may have some negative effects: constipation, increase in body weight, thrombosis, exacerbation of hemorrhoids, kidney stones and gallstones. In this case, the benefits of gelatin for joints will be commensurate with the damage that the treatment will cause the body.

Therefore, people suffering from diseases of blood vessels and the digestive tract, from ingestion of gelatin inside it is better to refuse.

In order to avoid side effects you should also follow the rules of:

  • Treatment should consist of 10 days, and then it is necessary to make a break for the same period.
  • To avoid constipation, at the time of treatment of joints will be useful to enrich your diet with foods that promote loose stools: dried apricots, prunes, cabbage, beets, zucchini, tomatoes, spinach, nuts, yogurt, vegetable oils, etc.
  • That protein is better digested and brought maximum benefit, gelatin should not just thoroughly chew and dissolve in your mouth. Then the effect of using the jelly will be much faster.

Those who are afraid of side effects gelatin treatment, you can try to apply the funds from it externally.

Gelatin for joints: recipe compress

When the crunch in joints at night it is recommended to apply to the problem places a compress.

  • Take a wide cheesecloth, fold it in several layers.
  • In hot water prepared gauze to moisten, then carefully press it.
  • On straightened the napkin to pour a little gelatin, fold it so that the “filling” was securely locked inside.
  • The resulting swab applied to the affected place to insulate with plastic and a wool scarf, to fix vintovoi bandage.
  • Treatment this compress should last at least a week.

    Gelatin for joints reviews

    Doctors say: to the use of gelatin has really helped improve the condition of the joints, the day you need to eat about 80 grams of gelatin. But those who have experienced collagen therapy on themselves, argue that these recipes volume food thickener is enough to relieve pain in the joints.

    Here is what they write about their experiences of dealing with pain in the joints:

    • Drink gelatin during the month once a year. Early due to pain in my knees to squat and stand up was very difficult, and now safely ride my bike. Eugene
    • Gelatin, drinking rates, 5 g per day instead of Breakfast. Helps to reduce pain. Elena
    • My husband hurt his knee. Tried to be treated gelatin infusion on the water for two weeks. Now my knee is in order. Galina

    We can say that the treatment of the joints is gelatin the reviews are mostly positive. Very negatively about this method of treatment only those speak who about the issue says only with the theoretical side, assuming that any effect of gelatin therapies – just placebo or coincidence.

    Our site failed to find online any confirmation that the gelatin ingesting is harmful to health.

    And considering the fact that modern pharmacological market drugs can completely defeat the diseases of the joints, does not exist, and pharmacies offer drugs for the maintenance of healthy joints are expensive, appeal to gelatin for joints is justified.

    More about the benefits of gelatin for skin and hair read other articles on the “Beautiful and Successful”.

    Try to imagine the effectiveness of the gelatin treatment suggest many of those who have already experienced this method. Why not agree to such a delicious experiment?

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