Gelatin mask for hair: step-by-step recipe for homemade lamination, results and reviews

Every time you wash, we comb our hair. Going on a date or meeting with friends, experimenting with ploek and Ironing. All of this takes up moisture breaks the hair structure. To revive curls, to save from excessive fluffiness, to create smooth and shiny strands of unruly curls helps a gelatin hair mask.

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The original purpose of gelatin culinary thickener. Used in cookery for making jellies, marmalade, various aspic dishes. But now, after a detailed study of the composition of the product, it was used for cosmetic purposes. Even major manufacturers are producing products for hair with gelatin, promising the effect of silk and gloss.

A method of producing gelatin from bones, cartilage and skin of animals was invented by Jean DARS in the XVIII century. Who would have thought that a product for the poor (so is sometimes called himself the gelatin and jelly) will be able to conquer, and to penetrate into the Holy of holies, the woman’s purse.

Collagen and not only

Gelatin is called natural collagen. Thus, who is responsible for the youthfulness of the skin, the strength of the strands and nails. In fact, it is, after all, it is a pure protein product. It would be possible to stop and not to enumerate further cosmetic advantages of thickener. After all, in the stimulation of collagen directed the women’s efforts during the sessions beauty. But still I wonder what else is special about the composition?

  • Vitamin PP. It is Niacin, which helps hair to grow faster. It revives the frozen follicles, activating blood circulation and dilating blood vessels. Besides helps the production of melanin, which prevents the appearance of gray hair.
  • Phosphorus. 100 g of gelatin contains 37.5% of the daily requirement of this substance. It is necessary for the elasticity of the skin, saturate the hair with color.
  • Iron. Has a firming effect and helps maintain the natural color of the hair, eliminating the appearance of gray hair.
  • Calcium. Is a leader in the percentage of daily dose in 100 g of gelatin. It there as much as 70%. Involved in the structure and strengthen hair, restore bulbs.
  • Magnesium. He is involved in the metabolism and relieves stress, which directly affects the state of curls.
  • Copper. Helps to saturate the skin with oxygen, prolonging thus his youth and vitality.

Effect on hair: “good COP / bad COP”

This product is ambiguous in its manifestations. There are good properties, and negative to consider before you choose a recipe gelatin hair mask.

All about the benefits

When and who first tested the properties of gelatin in the hair, not known for certain. There is a version that once an ordinary housewife accidentally soiled during cooking. And I might add, very successfully. The effect is so incredible that the gelatin method of hair care popularized. How to “work” the product on the hair?

  • Laminates. The hair restored, enveloped with a protective film, which creates the effect of lamination. The resulting coating protects from the harmful effects of the urban environment, dirt and dust. And it mitigates negative reaction of the hair after application of the hair dryer, Curling irons or other hot styling instruments.
  • “Tames” the curls. If you have curly locks, gelatin, safely smoothing and straight, will help them to gain new, well-groomed appearance.
  • Creates volume. Owner modest, “liquid” hair will gain more volume which will not disappear in an hour, and in any event your hairstyle will stay perfect.

All about the dangers

People suffering from varicose veins that have kidney stones or gall bladder, fall under the ban of the use of gelatin. Also at risk include anyone who has oxaloacetic diathesis. This product has other limitations. It is important to consider that you are not only ruined the hair after gelatin masks, but also their health.

  • The weakened tresses. If your hair is not a good time, and they have been negatively affected, damaged, chemically or mechanically, then you should refrain from gelatin mask at home. Besides, you cannot use this product as the basis of cosmetics, if you take some other remedial course for the hair.
  • Intolerance. Always check the reaction of your body to the ingredients. If the skin after application, you receive change in the form of a rash or redness, itch, burning sensation is felt, it means you have individual intolerance, and with her need to be reconciled by abandoning the gelatin treatments.
  • The type of hair. If you have dry and damaged hair, pure gelatin should be avoided. This product has a drying effect, so many recipes of masks include moisturizing ingredients for balance. If your curls hard or suffer an increased greasiness, the additional weighting due to this protein products, too does not add beauty.

Using a hair mask based on gelatin, always follow the rule: never apply it to the roots and the epidermis. It clogs pores, stops them from breathing and skin due to dirt getting frustrated.

“Collagen” sessions: 5 rules

When this product is used in the kitchen for cooking, it is often part of the package is left unattended. Gelatin and gelatin… But when used in homemade cosmetics need to ensure that the composition was not of impurities. Various additional components can provide a disservice. What else you need to consider, “kneading” gelatin makeup for strands. Note the five nuances.

  • Training. Pre-wash the head. As usual with a shampoo. Blot well with a towel, leaving it damp.
  • The application of the mask. Not touching the roots, the mixture is spread on the hair with a brush. For substances absorbed into the structure of hair and is not frozen, you need to create heat, so wear a cap or wrap your head with cling film. Top wrap a towel or shawl. I advise you to warm additionally the dryer for 15 minutes.
  • Time. Gelatin is enough to 30 minutes on the manifestation of the properties. In some recipes the duration changes due to other components.
  • Removal of the mask. Hot water is contraindicated, so do only warm and pleasant for the skin to the formed film is not left together with the remnants of the mixture. By the way, low temperature washing will lead to a sharp freezing the product directly on your head.
  • The order of operations. Mask of gelatin for lamination of hair is different because you wash the head in front of her, and after just rinse and enjoy the result. If you feel remnants of the mixture, try the following advice: make a basin of warm water immerse the hair and soak a bit to gelatin is fully dissolved.
  • Such masks should not be abused, rather than once a week. But if you plan to add this component in the shampoo (on the forums and girls suggest this method), then it is permissible to do it every three days. In this case, gelatin diluted in a glass of decoction of nettles and add to single serving of shampoo.Preparation of gelatin

    This is the most important moment in all procedure. Take a powder or plate, release form gelatin is not important here. When you cook it, remember that laminating one tablespoon for short hair. What’s next?

    • Proportion. Dissolve gelatin with water in a ratio of 1:5 respectively.
    • The temperature of the water. The product is good and quickly disappeared, you need to select the right water temperature must be not higher than 45°C. to understand whether you did run a test by lowering the fingers into the water. If this will be a pleasant sensation without feeling of cold and burning sensation, then everything is right.
    • Water bath. After the granules swell, it is necessary to heat the substance to reach a liquid state. To do this, use a water bath, it is safer, since an open fire can boil the gelatine and lose all his wealth.

    When the Foundation is ready, wait until it has cooled down a bit. Too hot mask will not help you achieve beauty, but can leave burns.

    Hair lamination at home: steps

    Gelatin lamination of hair is a cheap and affordable way to give your hair smoothness, Shine and newness in the home. In addition, the recipe is simple and minimal time spent. The procedure is performed in six steps.

  • Prepare the base. You must first dissolve the gelatin with water as described above. The number depends on the haircut: short enough for one tablespoon, the average two, long three.
  • My head. Now have 15 minutes to wait for the swelling of the granules. You can during this time to have time to wash your hair as usual, but without the use of air conditioners and balms. Water make maximum hot to the scales throughout the length of the curl was opened for further action. Blot with a towel.
  • Mix gelatin and conditioner. Swollen gelatin heated on all the rules, add in a bowl purchase a mask or balm in your amount of half a large spoon for short haircuts full of spoons for medium, and half — extended.
  • Apply. The mask should be a comfortable temperature. It is applied only to the hair without affecting the root. The head then wrap with foil or put on the package. Then insulate all cap or a large towel.
  • Wait. Duration — one hour, in the process can periodically warm up my hair that gelatin is not frozen.
  • Flushable. Thanks to the balm in the mask, she washed off with lukewarm water.
  • Step-by-step the steps in the recipe will take you an average of an hour and a half, and the result will please a few days. Alas, after the next cleaning from home lamination will not be over.The myth about the healing properties of lamination

    If you think that this procedure will heal your hair from split ends, excessive fluffiness, you are wrong. Laminating only fixes the symptoms, gives temporary protection to hair from the harmful effects of the environment, smooths the scales, giving the structure of the gloss.

    If you want to improve the condition of hair, a need for more global action. So, in your response to the feedback of patients trichologist Anna Goncharova points to the importance of nutrition. It must be complete and rational, using a wide variety of products.

    Recommendation services: eat more berries, fruits, red meat and eggs. A great helpers for healthy hair are carrot juice, curd, honey. In addition, oddly enough, but the active physical activity also affects the state of your curls and bring them.

    Gelatin hair mask: 4 option

    Choosing a particular recipe, look for additional ingredients in it. Some products suitable for dry hair, others fat.

    Tandem with henna

    Description. This is a recommended option to increase the density and growth of hair in dry curls.

    What to do

  • The ratio of gelatin and the colorless henna recipe 1:1.
  • Dissolve the main product of all the rules, add the resulting liquid to the henna.
  • A pinch of mustard, add to mixture.
  • If the hair is characterized by high dry and brittle, you can make a mask of egg yolk.
  • Spread the strands and wait 40 minutes. Do not forget a warm cap, which will not allow gelatin to harden.
  • One of the participants in the popular beauty forum beauty wrote that often uses the mask. In addition to the main ingredients it adds another useful vegetable oil such as Shea or burdock. Besides, has made a lasting effect lamination, leaving the mixture in the hair overnight.Egg jelly

    Description. This mask will help dry hair to soak up nutrients, to grow and become more alive. On a large spoonful of gelatin in the recipe has one egg, more specifically the yolk.

    What to do

  • Make the base.
  • Put the dishes on a water bath and wait for the dissolving granules. Make sure that the liquid is not boiled and not heated much.
  • Separate the yolk and fold into the mixture.
  • Then cool to room temperature and apply on hair.
  • The time needed to wait 30 minutes.
  • Honey

    Description. Suitable for all types of strands. Honey as an additional ingredient to give food to the curls, but healthy Shine, protecting from unhealthy hair loss.

    What to do

  • The proportions in the recipe: one big spoon gelatin take a small spoon of fresh honey.
  • Warm mixture apply on hair, avoiding the roots.
  • Muffle them.
  • Rinse off after 30 minutes.
  • Bread

    Description. The best option for oily strands. On the one hand, the ingredients will remove excess greasiness, hair will gain a cheerful look.

    What to do

  • Arm based, but use milk instead of water in the same proportions, as specified in the rules.
  • Soak the dried crust of rye bread milk also.
  • Bread sodden pulp attach to the solution to obtain a paste.
  • You will also need a teaspoon of lemon juice.
  • Evenly spread the mixture on the strands and leave on for 40 minutes.
  • If you are a vegetarian

    Women who do not consume animal products not only in food, but in cosmetics, clothing, can replace the gelatin on a different basis. Most vegetarianism know about agar-agar within the kitchen. But its value as part of masks for hair are much higher.

    Properties of vegetable gelatin

    The algae from which make this product contain 20 times more chemical elements than land plants. So he is able to give your hair life and nourishes effective components. Agar-agar revives tired hair, correcting damage to the scales of the cuticle.

    The use of agar-agar

    In order to use it in masks for straightening, you must know the proportions: one teaspoon has three large spoons of hot water. The granules are immediately filled with boiling water and melt. They do not need additional heat.

    But if you decide to take a mineral water to create a gel base, then cook according to the same rules as described for gelatin.

    Mask for hair gelatin or agar-agar act the same, protecting the hair from external aggressive environment, eliminating dullness and lethargy. It will give gloss to the hair salon equivalent care, only less than 40 rubles. This is the price tridtsatimetrovoy package gelatin (according to June 2017).

    Reviews: “need to be Applied continuously, otherwise the smoothness melts like jelly”

    And I very much like. Hair curly(not small lamb,and curls). I did a gelatin mask with egg and honey. Before mask soap shampoo,apply the mask, held her for an hour,and then the balm was applied. Once the hair is hard, but on the hair in the evening) they become more silky after brushing! Glisten great. About loss nothing to say now-the day falls not more than 2 hairs!:) well,something must be positive physiologically in pregnancy!;)) (but I’m afraid after the birth what will happen…?!) summary: I’m happy!


    After the first time noticed a difference. Hair is shiny and more manageable, like after a salty.Comb easily.Kept the mask for almost two hours,the hair is wrapped package and the top of the towel. The effect is gorgeous.Personally, I will continue to use.


    Girls, to say that I love it means nothing to say. The mask is just super. Did the truth not with water but with milk. The milk is warmed and gelatin is thrown (were thrown on the eye), after the gelatin has swelled, even heated the milk and finally dissolve in it gelatin, then added olive oil. Applied to freshly shampooed hair. The mask was held somewhere for 20 minutes, then washed and applied the balm.
    My hair is very thick and heavy, lay at home very difficult (you need to spend 3 hours). After the masks are soft and obedient, “antenat” on the head was much smaller.

    Little Liu,

    Recently decided to check out the way gelatin lamination. Made the mix according to the recipe, added a bit of glycerin for softness and went around the house two and a half hours. Surprisingly, gelatin is washed off very easily, the hair is not glued. And indeed, when all the locks is dried up, it became noticeable the effect of lamination. Shortcoming of this method is that this procedure should be performed once or even twice a week. Otherwise, all smoothness will vanish like jelly.


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