General house cleaning: declutter all the rules

General cleaning of the house a serious matter and should be treated with special attention. Although each family has its own tricks, women’s website this article will tell you how to clean the house according to the rules.

The frequency of General cleaning of the house is up to you to decide, but at least globally to restore order in the apartment must be at the beginning of each season.

It is recommended to start harvesting with living rooms, then move to cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and at last to restore order in the hallway.

General cleaning of bedrooms and other habitable rooms in the house

General cleaning of the bedroom, nursery, living room and other living rooms should begin with the ceiling and walls. Go over them with a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment or a damp or dry cloth depending on the material of the ceiling and walls. Not afraid of wet cleaning ceiling tiles, washable (vinyl) Wallpaper. Liquid Wallpaper is allowed to vacuum.

For ceilings, some manufacturers recommend using a special Polish to remove stains.

In General, to avoid mistakes, follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the Wallpaper or ceiling tiles that can be found on her website.

Also don’t forget to wipe the chandelier and lamps.

For convenience, during a General house cleaning is best to remove from the walls all the furniture and remove pictures and mirrors.

The next stage is the window. Curtains need to wash Windows – wash (how to do it quickly and without streaks, we have been told), cornices and window sills, as well as battery — wipe.

Now you need to clean up the cupboards with clothing. As a rule, this is the longest stage of the General cleaning of the house. That it does not take too much time, use our tips for clearing the wardrobe.

Now proceed to wiping the dust. Don’t forget to wipe the dust on the cabinets and also inside them.

Clean dirt and dust carpets will help you a vacuum cleaner. If such assistant is not in your Arsenal, I suggest to use a proven folk remedy is to sprinkle on the carpet fine salt, RUB the carpet with a brush, then sweep with a broom dipped in warm water. At the end vacuum the conventional vacuum cleaner.

In the winter you can take the carpet outside and clean the freshly fallen snow.

And the last important step is washing the floors. Recall that if your floor is parquet or laminate, it is undesirable they are very wet – just wipe with a slightly damp cloth during a General house cleaning.

By the way, we still have to vacuum all upholstered furniture: sofas, chairs and other items.

Don’t forget to wipe with a damp cloth watch, frames paintings and photographs, vases, figurines and other decorative elements throughout the house.

General kitchen cleaning

The kitchen should start with restoring order in the cabinets and drawers, which are condiments, dishes, various kitchenware (towels and other little things). In the lockers you need to clean the dust and also go through all the contents (what to throw away and what to leave). Don’t forget to wipe the top of the cabinets and their doors.

General cleaning of the kitchen is also washing plates, sink, table and all work surfaces in the kitchen. Yet it is desirable to clean the fridge, not only outside but also inside.

The final stage of cleaning kitchen – washing floors.

General cleaning of bathroom, toilet

Start cleaning up here to be with cleaning mirrors. It is desirable to wash not just water, and the windshield wiper.

Then you need to thoroughly clean the sink, tub and toilet. This is best done with special tools.

Don’t forget to clean the stand for toothpaste and brushes and soap and all the other elements of the bathroom interior.

Do not forget during the General house cleaning to restore order on shelves and in cupboards where there are shampoos, gels and other hygiene products. It is useful to check the expiration dates and throw away what you do not use.

How to clean limescale in the bathroom – see the feature article “Beautiful and Successful”.

If the bathroom has floor mats, send them to the Laundry.

And the final touch – mopping floors and wiping of tiles and lamp.

General cleaning of hallway and corridor

General cleaning of the hall is held by the same rules as in other parts of the house.

Here, perhaps, special attention should be given to lockers or drawers for gloves, scarves, and other little things. Remove off-season clothes in bags and hang it in the closet. Off-season shoes, before you remove in a box and in the closet should be thoroughly cleaned and dried.

During a General house cleaning must not forget to wipe the stand for shoes and wash (or clean wet vacuum) the carpet in the hallway.

The final stage is washing the floor.

In this article, we have tried to collect together all the rules and tips for holding a General house cleaning. We will be glad if you learned something from it useful. We wish you a clean and comfortable family home!

Author Victoria Kulik, site

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