Georgian eggplants: a recipe for rolls with nuts, garlic, cheese and other Georgian dishes from the little blue

Eggplant is loved in many countries of the world, but in Georgia, for sinenky hold special feelings. In the national cuisine there are many dishes of eggplant. At first glance they are simple: spring rolls, ragout, roasted chili “washers”… But don’t rush to judge if you’ve never tried. They should eat — and seemingly simple dish is revealed as a work of culinary art. Repeat a simple recipe of eggplants Georgian house and see for yourself.

45 minutes 10 servings. Easy to prepare

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  • 1 Choose the “right” fruit
  • 2 How to achieve “the Transcaucasian” taste
  • 3 2 traditional recipe for eggplant Georgian
    • 3.1 Prepare with walnuts and…
    • 3.2 … add cheese
  • 4 Delicious palette of options
    • 4.1 Stuffed satsivi
    • 4.2 Acute
    • 4.3 Juicy tomatoes
    • 4.4 Stew

Georgia is famous for its feasts. Here I love to cook and entertain guests. No meal is complete without appetizers of eggplant. In the “Georgian” version in blue-special delicious. Incredible aroma of spices, spicy, unusual combinations of ingredients, a lot of greens — this vegetable dishes of Georgian cuisine beloved around the world.

In Georgia, the eggplant is cooked in different ways: baked, stewed, fried, boiled. To sinenky served in peanut sauce, pour the eggplant tomato sauce, seasoned with spicy condiments. Dish of eggplant made to put on the table cold. Tapas warm up the appetite, preparing to “meet” with meat.

Called eggplant vegetable longevity. Blue beneficial effects on the heart, strengthen blood vessels, they are “monitored” for sugar level and eliminate cholesterol. Judging by the fact that in Georgia many centenarians, purple “elixir of life” really works.Choosing the “right” fruit

A tasty dish can be obtained only from quality ingredients. Ideally, to create culinary masterpieces need to buy ecological vegetables from farmers or take the eggplants grown with your own hands. But in life everything is much more prosaic: little blue Housewives go to the market or to the supermarket. It is important not to miscalculate and buy a young fruit, as overripe — tasteless and even dangerous. They have a lot of corned beef, which may be poisonous. Remember the four tips that will facilitate your choice.

  • Choose by size. It is better to buy medium-sized vegetables: they taste better and more useful. Too big blue can be overripe or crammed with nitrates.
  • Appreciate appearance. Smooth, thin peel, no scratches — look at the market these eggplant. Rate the color. If you got brown or dark-brown fruit — do not take: too long they’ve been sitting on the counter.
  • We examine the “tail”. The presence of the stalk of the eggplant is necessary. Removing the “tail”, the seller usually masks the “age” of vegetables. If the stalk is dry, brown and eggplant broke long ago.
  • Closing in on it and we press. Do not hesitate when buying over the eggplant and put pressure on them. If a vegetable is ripe and was thwarted recently, it dents it should not be. Fresh Blues from depression will not be over: they are elastic.
  • If you sliced the eggplant and saw the dark seeds, to use it in food is not worth it. The dark color indicates that the vegetable has a lot of threat corned beef.How to achieve “the Transcaucasian” taste

    Georgian dishes have a recognizable taste. Want to prepare not just eggplant, but definitely “Georgian”? Follow the four tips.

  • Learn the classic combinations of ingredients. If you want to cook eggplant, how to cook it in Georgia, learn how to combine the ingredients. Most often blue in Georgian cuisine meet in tandem with the walnuts. This is the “calling card” of the national cuisine. Eggplant also combined with pomegranate seeds, cheese, garlic.
  • Do not forget about fresh herbs. Georgian Housewives are not stingy to add herbs in food. Especially in the local cuisine is appreciated spicy herbs: coriander, savory, tarragon, mint, Basil, leek. You can add parsley, dill, spinach, celery. The main thing — not to regret “greenfinches”. So the dish sparkle colors, will become characteristic of Georgian cuisine piquancy and get fresh notes.
  • Do acute. Georgian snacks have the characteristic sharpness. Be sure to use chili and garlic. But the sharpness still regulate “under itself” — it’s a matter of personal taste.
  • Added a lot of spices. Georgian cuisine is a firework of flavors. The main seasoning — utsho-suneli. It is made from the seeds of blue fenugreek. If you see a spice in the store — take, without deliberating. Seasoning is revealed in the dish a tart refreshing flavor brings sweet bitter nutty notes. The second most popular spice — Khmeli-suneli. She is familiar to many Housewives. The dizzying aroma of spicy condiments, it is impossible to confuse with anything. The composition of spices, dried dill, Basil, saffron, marjoram, coriander, cilantro. In dishes of eggplant is often added to wine vinegar, which balances the riot of flavors.
  • Georgian cooks do not use ordinary rock salt, and Svan — with spices. It can be done at home, but only under the condition that there are seasonings typical of Georgian cuisine. To get the legendary salt you need to mix pounds of rock salt with a glass of utsho-suneli, add the saffron, red pepper, fennel seeds and coriander (just half a Cup) and cumin (a fourth of the Cup). The blend of ingredients is ground in a mortar. Store in a glass jar.2 traditional recipe for eggplant Georgian

    The easiest way to experience the flavor palette of Georgia, within the house, cooking eggplant rolls in Georgian. The dish is familiar to many Housewives. Rolls of Blues with a variety of fillings, often served on holidays. Snack is prepared quickly, looks beautiful, does not require expensive ingredients. But not just any eggplant rolls can be called a Georgian. In Georgia they certainly add nuts, herbs, garlic and lots of spices, without which the local cuisine is impossible to imagine. A snack Georgian cooks called “Phala, badrijani”. Version of the traditional nut filling — walnut-cheese.

    Rolls at the weekend — great for a picnic. The stuffing can be prepared to take on the nature and basis of eggplant to fry on the grill.Prepare with walnuts and…

    Features. Eggplant with walnuts Georgian — a win-win snack. The dish is prepared fast, but will need an additional half hour for soaking the plates of eggplant — so they will lose the bitterness. Herbs and spices can take on your taste, but if you want to cook a snack in Georgia, Khmeli-suneli, cilantro is mandatory. When serving a snack, you can sprinkle with pomegranate seeds.


    • eggplant — two pieces;
    • walnuts — full glass;
    • cilantro — ½ bunch;
    • garlic — three cloves;
    • vinegar — half tbsp;
    • salt, pepper, coriander, Khmeli-suneli — to taste;
    • vegetable oil (refined) for frying.


  • Cut blue on the longitudinal plates. The perfect thickness of the slice — 0.5 cm.
  • Soak the plates in salted water. We need to wait for 30 minutes, the bitterness will go away.
  • Dry the workpiece. Fry until the “Goldberry”. Oil at least: eggplant absorb it well, and eventually the starter can drain the fat.
  • Put the fried plate on a napkin to remove excess oil.
  • Prepare the filling: kernels and garlic grind in a blender, add the ingredients finely chopped cilantro, seasonings, vinegar.
  • Put the filling on the cooled plate. Roll rolls. You can secure each with a skewer.
  • If nut filling seems dry, mistress recommend to add a bit of pomegranate juice. It is a traditional ingredient in Georgian cuisine: you can not be afraid to break the harmony of taste. The thrill can add toppings chili pepper or a teaspoon adzhika.

    … add cheese

    Features. Blue cheese in Georgian — quick, tasty, affordable snack. In toppings, besides cheese, put nuts. They evoke associations with Georgia. You can make a simple cheese filling, then it would be a “fantasy”.


    • blue three small vegetable;
    • Suluguni cheese — 200 g;
    • garlic — three cloves;
    • walnuts peeled — 100 g;
    • light mayonnaise three tablespoons;
    • seasonings;
    • cilantro, parsley — half of the beam;
    • vegetable oil — for frying.


  • Cut into thin longitudinal strips of Blues (thickness — 0.5 cm).
  • Place slices of vegetables on a plate, prisypaya each layer with coarse salt. Leave the vegetable plate for 15 minutes, then rinse. So go away the bitterness.
  • Fry dried blanks — with each side literally by the minute. Leave to cool on a napkin: it’s “take away” excess fat.
  • Grind kernels in a blender, grate the cheese, press, squeeze garlic, parsley finely chop. Connect the components of the filling, add the spices, season with mayonnaise.
  • Spread walnut-cheese filling onto a strip of eggplant. Wrap roll.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with ingredients. Try to make stuffing with cheese or cottage cheese. Is no odor take home, replace the sauce with sour cream or low-fat yogurt. Every time the taste of the filling will be different!A delicious palette of options

    Cook eggplant in Georgian. Not a single rolls is famous for national cuisine. In Georgia serves stuffed eggplant, make of Blues a spicy stew, cooked tapas of roasted or baked vegetables. All dishes are necessarily laced with the traditional set of spices (hops-suneli, coriander, garlic, black pepper) and herbs (cilantro, parsley). Try to cook Georgian dish made from a little blue on a proven recipe — guests will be pleasantly surprised by the culinary talent!

    Stuffed satsivi

    Features. Stuffed blue — option for those who want to impress guests. As a stuffing used traditional walnut sauce satsivi. The food is hearty. Appetizer served cold.


    • eggplant or six small;
    • onion — two medium vegetable;
    • garlic — cloves;
    • celery six stalks;
    • walnuts — 120 g;
    • wine vinegar (white) — 120 ml;
    • corn oil — two tablespoons;
    • sugar — teaspoon with a slide;
    • Khmeli-suneli, coriander — teaspoon without slides;
    • cinnamon on the tip of a knife;
    • clove or two of Bud;
    • salt, pepper — to your taste.


  • Cut with the little blue stem. Make each vegetable a deep cut along the length.
  • Fold the fruit into a saucepan, cover with boiling water. The water should cover the vegetables by a third. Cook on low heat for about 30 minutes.
  • Two minutes before the end of cooking add to the pan celery.
  • A blue drain in a colander, let cool. Celery do not throw away.
  • Cut up an onion. Fry until Golden in corn oil.
  • Nuts, garlic, coriander, Khmeli-suneli fold in the bowl of a blender. Kill the mixture add salt, pepper to your taste. In a mortar grind the cinnamon and cloves, add the powder to the stuffing.
  • Mix vinegar, sugar, cold water (200 ml). The resulting liquid, pour in the walnut-garlic paste. Stir to combine.
  • Pour the sauce into the pan with the onions. Bring to a boil, boil the sauce for seven minutes.
  • Complete the “pockets” of boiled eggplant sauce. Tie each stuffed vegetable is celery.
  • Fold the eggplant stuffed into the container, from top to pour the remnants of the sauce.
  • Send the snack in the fridge before the guests arrive.
  • Try to stuff peanut sauce baked blue. In the fruit make longitudinal incisions, remove with a spoon some pulp, sprinkle the vegetables with olive oil, bake at 180°C until soft. Another option is to roast assorted vegetables (blue, carrot, sweet pepper), then mix with peanut sauce.Sharp

    Features. Fried eggplant with garlic in Georgian — a simple snack, but this does not mean that it is not suited for the festive menu. Spicy taste and aroma of the meals will remember. Recipe spicy eggplant in Georgian it is easy to repeat. Snack is not served on the table at once: it must soak up the dressing. After cooking, send the dish in the fridge for two hours, but don’t forget something to cover the plate with little blue, otherwise the other products will absorb the flavor of the snacks.


    • eggplant — two pieces;
    • chili peppers — the fourth part of the pod;
    • garlic — three cloves;
    • vinegar 9% — tablespoon;
    • parsley, cilantro — a few sprigs;
    • salt — a pinch;
    • sunflower oil (refined) — three tablespoons.


  • Slice blue “washers”. Thickness from one to about a centimeter.
  • Salt of the blank, after 30 minutes rinse with water to remove the characteristic bitterness.
  • Fry the slices on both sides in small amount of oil.
  • Cut the garlic into strips, Chile — small cubes. Add sunflower oil and vinegar (each ingredient is a tablespoon), salt. Stirring, RUB the pieces of vegetables with a spoon to give a spicy and aromatic filling.
  • Put the roasted blue on the plate layers. Each layer sprinkle chopped herbs and pour spicy dressing with bits of garlic and pepper.
  • To reduce the calorie content of meals, do not fry the slices of eggplant and bake in the oven. Sprinkle pucks with vegetable oil, place on parchment and send in an oven preheated to 180°C. the Process takes about 15 minutes.

    Spicy with tomatoes

    Features. Eggplant with tomatoes in Georgian will win gourmets a rich taste and amazing aroma. Spicy blue ones in tomato sauce are well combined with meat dishes.


    • blue — two medium-sized vegetable;
    • tomatoes or two large tomatoes;
    • tomato paste — a tablespoon;
    • onion — one onion;
    • Cayenne pepper — half of the pod;
    • garlic — four cloves;
    • Khmeli-suneli — half teaspoon;
    • cilantro, Basil, parsley, three sprigs;
    • salt — to taste;
    • water — half a glass;
    • vegetable oil (refined) for frying.


  • Cut a blue “washer” (thickness — about an inch). Salt, after 15 minutes, rinse. Dried pucks fry to a nice brown colour.
  • Chop the onion cubes. Fry.
  • Rinse the tomatoes with boiling water, remove the skin, chop the flesh with a knife. Pour the pulp to the onions and simmer until tomatoes become mush.
  • Add the tomato pulp finely chopped herbs, hot pepper, pressed garlic, seasonings, tomato paste and half a Cup of water.
  • Stew all together ten minutes. Put in sauce fried slices of the blue ones. Cover the pan with a lid, let it cook gently for on a slow fire three minutes to let the eggplant soak in the sauce.
  • If you do not know the tastes of the guests, do not make meals too spicy. To please everyone, to give the dish reasonable “slight kick”, and when serving, put next to the snack chopped chili pepper — for fans of “fire”.Stew

    Features. A colorful dish of vegetables with a wonderful flavor that provides herbs and seasoning. “The first violin” in the stew needs to stay blue, so follow the proportions of the vegetables. Simmer the stew need a large cauldron. You can’t add water: the vegetables should simmer in its own juice — then the taste will be intense. The dish the next day was even better than immediately after cooking, so cook a lot.


    • blue — 1 kg;
    • large tomatoes — 0,5 kg;
    • peppers six pieces;
    • chili pepper — one pod;
    • onions — onions five;
    • carrots — six pieces;
    • garlic — large head;
    • cilantro, Basil, parsley — beam;
    • saffron — half teaspoon;
    • Khmeli-suneli — two teaspoons;
    • salt, pepper — to taste;
    • vegetable oil — for frying.


  • Cut into little blue cubes. Sprinkle with salt, 30 minutes rinse. The dried cubes and saute until light brown colour.
  • Slice the onion into cubes, fry to “Goldberry”, add the grated carrots, washer pepper. Fry vegetables together for about seven minutes.
  • Dip the tomatoes in boiling water to make it easier starred peel. Remove the skin, pulp grind.
  • Mix the previously prepared vegetables, the flesh of the tomatoes and pressed garlic. Simmer for about 15 minutes on low heat.
  • Add in the shredded greens, hot peppers, spices. Continue to simmer for another ten minutes. Turn off the stove. Leave the dish to cool under the lid — it “reach”.
  • Think “stew” sounds undignified? Imagine a new dish in the Georgian style. In Georgia, snack, prepared according to this recipe, called “ajapsandali”.

    Georgian eggplants can be cooked hundreds of ways. If you do not know, than to surprise the household, feed the blue caviar, but not a classic, and Georgian music. To cook a dish, you need a blue bake in the oven until cooked, and then grind the pulp in a blender. For aubergine puree add the crushed into crumbs, the walnuts, garlic, cilantro, spices — the eggs are ready. A traditional blend of eggplant and nuts sounds the new chords, thanks to the consistency of appetizers. To mentally move in hospitable Georgia, slather caviar on a hot khachapuri.

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