Geranium essential oil – beauty and health in one bottle!

Today women’s site “” with pleasure invites you to the sweet world of alluring scents! More precisely, we offer a gorgeous perfume, an effective cure and a great tool for care – geranium essential oil. Let’s look at its effects on the body and, of course, recommendations for use at home.

Geranium oil: description

Aromatic geranium oil is a light fluid, the shade of which varies from yellow to olive. Aroma essential oil geranium at first it seems warm and rich, and with a deep inhalation gives freshness and pleasant herbaceous and floral notes.

Modern range of geranium oil is one of the leading positions and in high demand.

Moreover, it is presented as expensive and more affordable counterparts. What oil to use? The choice is yours!

As practice shows, in any case, the geranium oil has a wonderful effect on our body.

Geranium essential oil: useful properties

The numerous beneficial properties of the oil due to rich and complex chemical composition. The main element is the alcohol, tannins, vitamins and hydrocarbons. It is not surprising that the essential oil of geranium is used in various fields of medicine.

For women’s health

As you know, the geranium – true friend of women’s health. And oil of geranium is even more so. Because it:

  • quickly restores hormonal balance;
  • facilitates the condition during premenstrual syndrome and menstruation, effectively relieving tension;
  • eliminates discomfort during menopause;
  • increase the level of sensuality during erotic intercourse.

For the heart

Quite often geranium oil is prescribed to hypertensive patients and people suffering from heart disease. Because this oil:

  • normalizes blood pressure;
  • stabilizes heart rate and heart rhythm;
  • eliminates signs of tachycardia, angina, ischemia and other heart ailments;
  • helps strengthen the heart muscle;
  • makes tissues and blood vessels more elastic.

For ear, nose and throat

People geranium oil is often called the home doctor “ENT“. Because it is:

  • eliminates the pain and feeling of stuffiness in the nose and the ears;
  • anti-inflammatory effect on mucous membranes;
  • helps in the treatment of respiratory diseases;
  • eliminate tooth pain;
  • creates a feeling of comfort in the oral cavity.

For the psyche

The website recommends that you always keep with you a treasured vial and periodically inhale the alluring aroma. This advice is especially relevant if you are unable to concentrate at work, you have a bad mood, you often feel nervous and give different negative States.

Believe me, the effect from the simple inhalation of the aroma is simply amazing!

Especially if you set yourself only in a positive way.

For bioenergy

Especially important is the use of essential oil of geranium people born under the sign of Taurus and Libra. In this case, this alluring fragrance is the symbol of eternal youth, great love, great luck and an unforgettable passion.

It is believed that all people (regardless of the signs of the zodiac) geranium oil helps to get rid of various complexes, to make informed and logical decisions, not to succumb to negative influence.

Geranium essential oil: used in cosmetics

Geranium oil is used as for the treatment, and for skin care. In both case, a great effect is guaranteed!

With oil you can quickly get rid of acne, herpes, dry eczema.

Also geranium oil has a fast healing effect for cuts, burns and inflammation. Just enough to regularly add oil to medical facilities or make application.

The easiest way to care for your skin is to add a few drops of day cream for the face. In this case, the oil will help to preserve the freshness of your skin throughout the day.

It is also recommended to periodically make a nourishing and protective mask. For example, for dry and normal skin a mask of sour cream (2 tbsp), olive oil (1 tbsp) and geranium oil (2 or 3 drops). Keep the mask for 15-20 minutes. As a result, the skin becomes healthy vitaminiziruet and rested appearance.

Problem and oily skin you can occasionally wash with baking soda geranium oil. In the result, the pores are cleaned, normalizes the sebaceous glands, and many skin problems disappear.

For aging skin you can make a tonic of cucumber juice, mint broth (in equal proportions) and geranium oil (5 drops per 150 ml).

Geranium essential oil: the correct application

The main thing – do not forget about the dosage!

The proper amount of oil:

  • to scent a room – 4-5 drops;
  • as a perfume – 3 drops;
  • for massage, compresses and ear swabs – 5 drops on 10 ml bases;
  • to enrich means to care – 5 drops;
  • for aromamedalony – 2 drops.

You can also use geranium oil to combat insects. For example, an empty bottle in the clear to leave in the wardrobe to scare away moths, midges and other insects.

Don’t forget! The oil of geranium, only a few contraindications – individual intolerance to the components, the first months of pregnancy and the age of 6 years.

So, you can see that geranium essential oil – a great tool for your beauty and health. Moreover, this oil is automatically renewed and our youth.

And it is very nice. Isn’t it?

The author of the Light Beam, site

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