Gifts for Easter with their hands: postcards, candles, embroidery

In the year, many special days, but Easter is the most solemn Christian holiday. Mark it made the whole family thoroughly prepare for a whole week. The holiday was established in honor of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and bears kindness, faith, hope and love. Many wonder how to prepare gifts for Easter with your own hands? You’ll find out in our article!

Crafts for Easter with your own hands

To create a festive atmosphere in the home and to family and friends a piece of his soul, let’s dream up and make original gifts for Easter with his hands. Do not hesitate to bring to the creative work of all the households that only bring together and strengthen your family and children will remember this day forever and will repeat the Easter tradition with your children. So what can you do with your hands?

Cards for Easter

Card I need a loose cardboard or landscape sheet folded in half, preferably in color. The decoration of the cards depends on your creative abilities. In addition to the traditional abbreviation “HW” will offer a few ideas.

  • From colored paper to make applique: cut out egg template and lay on the grass, straw, a plate or in a basket, using the appropriate tone of colored paper or foil.
  • Decorate eggs on the postcard originally a ribbon, tied in a bow or rhinestones, beads, beads.
  • Broken eggshells can be used as mosaic, paint it before or after gluing on PVA glue.
  • Very gently on the card looks Verba, made of white wool. Also from wool you can make Easter Bunny and glue it on the glue.
  • Another option drawings for Easter, depicting angels, Church, flowers, baskets with colored eggs and Easter rabbits. On the back of a postcard write a warm congratulation with Easter.

DIY eggshell

In the chicken egg, bore holes on two sides and blows the contents. From the resulting preset, you can make Easter bunnies, cleave the glue paper ears and tails made of cotton. Eyes and a nose is easy to make from beads or paint marker. Also, the actual gift for Easter will be the chick from the eggshell. The egg paper glue beak and comb. These crafts will not only be good gifts for Easter, but also a great decoration of the apartment on this holiday. Hang the finished ornaments on a chandelier, window or put on the table.

Candles in the form of eggs

They are easy to do if you have a form into which you can pour molten paraffin. Perfect candy molds or plastic children “kinder surprise” egg shape. If there are none, but really want, make the shape of a chicken egg, having a hole in it and pouring the contents.

To start, melt a regular candle in the pot, pre-porubim her and pulled out the wick. The molten contents for decoration, you can add sequins, beads, finely chopped a candle of a different color. The wick lay in the prepared pan in the middle and pour in melted paraffin. After a few minutes the candle will cool and harden. To the wick, tie a bow for decoration.

Soap eggs

Use the same forms as in the previous recipe. To make soap at home, we offer you a very simple recipe. We will need:

  • 100 g of baby soap,
  • 150-200 ml of hot water,
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 2 tbsp rolled oats,
  • 0.5 tsp. of essential oil (e.g. lavender).

In a bowl grate the soap on a grater, pour hot water, add honey and put in a water bath for 15-20 minutes for full rastoplenny, stirring occasionally. Then add the oatmeal and essential oil. Remove from heat and tightly lay forms. To easily pop out frozen soap pre-cover the form with foil.

Such a gift for Easter with your own hands will look creative, if you wrap it in linen cloth and tie with twine or dry straw.

Chickens from threads


  • foam,
  • pins — 5 PCs.,
  • thin yellow thread
  • PVA glue,
  • colored paper or weave.

Such a lovely gift for Easter with your hands get even the kids. For making Chicks will need a disc that will wind thread. Disc made of Styrofoam and tightly wrapped in cling film. Then stick a few pins in different sides, to avoid slipping of the thread. Chaotic wind of the workpiece thread soaked in glue. Leave to dry for an hour and a half. Then gently make a cut and remove the base foam. The opening in the resulting frame can sew up the thread or write, then to put a surprise such as candy. Then from the material cut out feet, beak and comb and put them on the glue. Charming chick is ready!

On the same basis of foam can be wound and woolen thread of different colors, but not chaotic, but in a spiral, thread to thread. In this case, the disc is not removed from DIY. Thread also sit on the PVA glue.

Easter bunnies from fabric

This kind gift will decorate your phone or keys your friends, and make it simple. Cut the pattern two identical blanks of dense material. Manually sew the seam, which will give originality your toy. To fill such a toy can be wool, synthetic winterizer. We offer neck tie satin ribbon and sew the button on.

The flowers in the shell…

In the shell from the chicken eggs you can plant a little flower or a cactus. Spring is the time of year when it’s time to share seedlings.

Egg made of papier-mache

Papier-mache can make a big egg, large, chicken or Bunny. It all depends on the size of a balloon. Him in several layers of newspaper scraps glued with PVA glue. When the workpiece is dry — there is a final layer of colored paper. Any of the white, which can be painted in any color.

Embroidery for Easter

Now in stores for needlework sold a lot of sets for embroidery. If you are a beginner, start with this set. It already selected the desired number of threads of different colors. Any Easter paraphernalia on the embroidery will look gorgeous, but if Easter pictures you are found, you can embroider the icon. You are sure to find the Department of needlework.

Do not worry if the first time gifts for Easter with his own hands was a bit unsightly. Remember, any gift made with the soul, will always remind about you as a creative person and just a caring person. Just imagine how nice to receive a gift of a unique thing! Well, if you do not have time, add this article to your bookmarks and next Easter will be already prepared!

Flight of fancy is not limited, it would be the desire and free time. And remember that the shift of intellectual labor to the hard work fingers will allow your body faster to have a rest and gain strength. Get ready for Easter, take a holiday for yourself and loved ones with your own hands! Christ Is Risen!

Gifts for Easter with your hands: video

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