Glamorous at a corporate zone

Who is this beauty? Like, is she from another Department???

Oh, not be honest, and admit: these words, spoken by a colleague at the new year corporate party – a balm for the soul of each of us. And the heart begins to beat faster and eyes Shine brighter. How could this be achieved?

Coming a New Year, and we have some simple techniques that we are eager to share with you. Use these tips, you’ll look glamorousbut not tacky, and fashionable, but rational, brilliant, but not funny. One word – gorgeous!

  • Black is a recognized leader among colors for evening dresses. It is elegant and you will always be chic, sophisticated look. A good alternative to black — dark blue color. However, most deep, saturated colors (cherry, purple, dark green…) are great for evenings. Nevertheless, the best color is the one where you will feel comfortable and compelling, even if it’s bright pink!
  • Your outfit was topical for several seasons, purchase things simple shapes, free from unnecessary detail, but is made of the most elegant and spectacular evening materials. For example, such as velvet, Panne velvet, chiffon, lurex, fabric, embroidered with sequins, crepe cloque (embossed seersucker)
  • If you refuse the colours in the preparation of evening clothes, and once in the store, think about how elements of the costume that you had your eye on, will be combined with what is in your closet, your weekend outfits will magically become bigger! After all, don’t have to buy a new dress, you can wisely combine available.
  • In order not to look ridiculous and absurd, you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the figure. Basic rules of formation of style and the selection of clothes should also not be neglected:

    • An evening gown should flatter your figure. Avoid too loose clothes;
    • Evening makeup is much brighter than fluorescent. But do not overdo it. The best makeup is invisible;
    • More than three colors in the evening ensemble is a bust;
    • Remember that white color visually increases the volume!
    • Vertical stripes visually lengthen the figure, and make you slimmer;
    • The straight lines visually enhance any curvature;
    • The cuts on the clothes look much more sexy and sophisticated than fully open body;
    • A side slit will emphasize your buttocks;
    • If your Breasts are very large, try to find a model that is not very tight chest and the waist;
    • Knitting is not for large bust;
    • Not very happy with the shape of your Breasts? Sheath strapless smooth part above the breast will hide all the flaws;
    • If you have large hands, avoid tight sleeves. Throw on your shoulders and hands scarf or glamorous fur boa – you’ll be irresistible!
    • Bell sleeves look very feminine.
    • Puff sleeves make the shoulders bigger;
    • Skirts below the knee perfectly highlight the beautiful calves of the legs;
    • The length of the pants should close half of the heel;
    • Pants, flared from the hip, look ugly, if they are of a coarse fabric;
    • Wrinkles on the face is normal. Wrinkles on the tights – ugly;
    • Ridiculous look of tights with open sandals;
    • Wide straps on the sandals do not look too nice on larger feet;
    • Black shoes – white pants – a bad combination. Your legs will seem much shorter;
    • Better when bag and shoes of the same color;
    • Beautiful underwear is an essential element of evening toilet. Even on a boring reception you will have a wonderful mood!


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