Graviola jelly: recipes and secrets

Quite unfairly many of us ignore graviola jelly, the recipe for this dessert is incredibly simple. And the result is amazingly delicious. Moreover, with this dish you can endlessly experiment, for example, add fruit, cocoa, or cottage cheese. How to prepare graviola jelly at home, we will tell you all the details.

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Jelly and cream can definitely be called a festive dish. Dessert is attractive in appearance, delicate and very tasty. It is safely served to the table along with the delicious dishes. Calorie dessert is small, which is also its advantage. Contrary to popular belief that you need to use it for making homemade fat sour cream, we recommend you: use store-bought low fat. To get a delicious dish, fit the product with a share of fats to 15%.

Especially cooking sour jelly

To cook a good dessert, just a little to complete the recipe of jelly and cream. You should know some of the intricacies of the dishes about which we shall tell you now.

  • Less fat than sour cream, the better it get whipped. This means that store-bought sour cream is suitable for dishes where better than home.
  • The products are well mixed and the sugar is completely dissolved, it is necessary to use the components at room temperature. So if you plan to cook a dessert of jelly and cream, remove from the refrigerator in advance.
  • Whisk the sour cream with a whisk, then you get the fluffy mass, resembling a soufflé. Ideally use a mixer or blender. Unfortunately, work with a fork or mixing spoon will not provide a good result.
  • Definitely ready for jello gelatin sour cream. The recipe eliminates the ability to simply pour the powder into a mass, otherwise it hardens. The correct technique of working with gelatin — soak the powder in cold water before swelling (the required fluid volume is always indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging). When the clumps will increase in size about 3-4 times, it is necessary to heat gelatin in a water bath until dissolved. You can do this in the microwave, only setting the minimum time, for example, starting with 15 seconds each time, stirring well gelatin. You can not let it boil and leave undissolved, as in each case it will not zagustit mass.
  • If you are preparing graviola fruits in jelly, clear of the last of the crusts and bones. For this purpose are suitable for almost all fruits and berries, but exotic kiwi and pineapple. They actively give juice, and weight will turn out watery. By the way, for a fruit dessert can be used not only fresh, but frozen components.

The secrets of making jelly layers

How to cook jelly and cream layers? There are 2 techniques.

  • Laying the liquid mixture. In the form of a spread a couple of tablespoons of the first layer, focusing on the center. Then the top also sure to put a layer of another color. The next layer is colored jellies with sour cream, makes the previous spread on the form. This forms a characteristic pattern without clear lines — layers of smooth and seemed to flow into each other. In this way it is possible to prepare jelly from sour cream and cocoa.
  • Laying on the solidified layer. In this case, each layer kept in the refrigerator until firm, and then fit the next. The preferred way to puff creamy strawberry jelly with any fruit dessert, as it allows to save the location of pieces of fruit or berries.
  • Recipes sour jelly

    Suggest that you try to prepare graviola jelly with cocoa, berries or cottage cheese. With our recipes that will be easy!

    Jelly sour cream and cottage cheese

    You will need:

    • cottage cheese and sour cream — 250 g;
    • sugar — 100 g;
    • vanilla sugar — 30 g;
    • milk (can substitute water) — 200 ml;
    • gelatin — 15 g


  • Soak gelatine in milk (water) for 1 hour, to dissolve.
  • In the hot gelatin mass to enter the usual and vanilla sugar, stir until smooth.
  • Sour cream mixed with a gelatin mass.
  • Curd grind (RUB through a sieve or chop in a blender), mix with sour cream and gelatin mass.
  • To shift to a form or ice cream dish, leave in the refrigerator until firm.
  • The recipe for the jelly and cream and cocoa

    You will need:

    • sour cream — 400 ml;
    • cocoa powder — 2 tbsp. spoon;
    • sugar — 150 g (incomplete glass);
    • gelatin — 40 g;
    • water — 200 ml.


  • Soak in water the gelatine, leave to swell, then dissolve.
  • In sour cream stir in the sugar, whisk until it dissolves.
  • Mix the sour cream with the gelatin and stir.
  • Divide the mixture into 2 parts, one of them mix with cocoa powder.
  • In portion kremanki put layers with a spoon, allowing them to flow in a circle. So you get the effect of “Zebra”. You can also put the first layer of the same color such as white, let it harden in the fridge and then put brown. Then get a double layer of jelly.
  • Graviola jelly with strawberries

    The beauty of this recipe jello and cream layers with strawberries is that the berry can replace absolutely any fruit. And each time get a new taste!

    You will need:

    • sour cream — 400 ml;
    • sugar — 120 grams (or 4 tablespoons);
    • gelatin 45 g;
    • strawberry — 200 g


  • Gelatin cover with water, allow to swell and dissolve.
  • Blend sour cream with sugar, to put gelatin.
  • Strawberries wash, clean, dry, cut into large pieces.
  • Lay in layers in a bowl: strawberries, sour cream, strawberries, sour cream.
  • Leave to harden in the refrigerator, decorate with the berries.
  • As you can see, each recipe is very simple, and the taste of the desserts will be a real discovery for you!

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