Greedy man: how to recognize and what to do?

The greedy man. Probably no woman who does not shudder in dislikereading these two incompatible words! But they are inconsistent in the ideal, but in life…?

Let’s together with women’s website take a look at what we have in life, and how accordingly to deal. If it is possible, of course…

The nature of men’s greed

Yeah… remember in kindergarten, and maybe even still in school and was teasers “greedy-beef” and other sayings? It was very frustrating, and nobody wanted to be the guy who tease. Gave the last of what was, but would not hear of this…

Sorry, but now everything is much more serious. Now the one who alone under the stairs eating a piece of candy or a mouthful of the pie as a whole, no one to share, intentionally does us gifts. Not invited somewhere to sit and eat something tasty. Saves every little thing will drive us constantly UkrESCO. Even continue not want, I think everyone know what was going on. Search and destroy – that is all that comes to mind. Let it just now.

Did you know that almost none of the women interviewed could not find a clear answer to a simple question: “why the greedy man is actually bad?..” It would seem, what could be easier?. Why love is good, why not kill, why the sky is blue… Questions from the “is default”. Blue and that’s it – what discussion? To say that a greedy man is bad because he did not give us ashamed, do not like do we feel selfish… Not to say, too, as it’s not fair. Yes, what actually is it? Why such a simple question puts us into a dead end?

It’s simple. Long time to understand different religious teachings, philosophy, etc., we will not. Just believe intelligent people. Men’s greed, unwillingness to give/give – unnatural and protivoprirodno phenomenon. Yes, that’s right, this is serious! God created Adam, Adam basically gave life to eve. Key word – gave. And since this all started. The man gives, the woman receives, transforms, and gives back more! A woman gives a man wings – the desire to go and seek a goal! And it is an eternal process! Process in which all relationships are built! If a man is greedy and does nothing to the woman, the process stops right there for me in the long run. And the establishment of harmony even here it does not have to think.

The universe (or whatever you call a higher power if you believe them) pays the man in his life through the woman. From the products she makes real food from the money she makes warmth and comfort, from the seed of a new life – a child. A real woman, of course.

In short, the man should be able to give in the first place, because we, girls, nature has to take and give back. And let’s not argue with that. The sky is in fact blue.

How to recognize a greedy man?

I think that when a man is the word “expensive” utters more often than your name if on the date you pay for themselves, if he intentionally (!)does not give you any gifts, then there is hardly a doubt greedy is a man or not.

But as always there are those little nasty things that are imperceptible at first glance. But botoom, banging his clenched fist on his forehead in indignation, we cannot understand how, well, kaaak?? As we have not paid it not attention?? So, what are these little things:

  • a man never leaves a tip in cafes/restaurants;
  • the man is living beyond its means. In another sense this time. That is and earn like normal, but now much pleasure in life it somehow does not bring, ie he never goes/and goes, wow, not buying, etc.;
  • receiving change, carefully counts it, and asks to recast penny;
  • he always had everything on the shelves: he knows a thousand and one way to do without a new shirt, without a second knife home, no washing machines, no many other things in life;
  • it with visible regret giving money;
  • a greedy man loves to say what and how much it costs, even if you are in principle not affected.

All this, of course, may be good. But rarely. Thrift, care for money – good quality, but over time, doing of the most ordinary men are greedy. Not without our way, help.

Looking at the lovely habit of some men on the first date is very attentive to the money, we accept it for the wonderful quality of “all in the family”, despite the fact that the family has even thought before. And then because of tender love or fear of losing him don’t allow the man to give us a large bouquet of flowers, expensive gifts, led in a good institution. And then the man decides that in principle it need not. So what else matters?

One simple but very effective test on greed

Works, I must say, a hundred percent of cases, the main thing — correctly to interpret what I say man.

It has long been known that the man is the same in a relationship with a woman, as it relates to money. Gives up easily, easily get – wonderful. Working, working, always something saves – also, you know, figure a man can only take.

So the test. Ask your men how it relates to money (then I can add a question on what he would have spent a millionif I earned it or won). Suddenly ask. And don’t give him much time to think. The faster you answer, the rather. Greedy makes a man betray himself with his answer, as a rule, all the questions about money, they respond quickly.

“I want to have a lot of money,” “Money is dust”, “the Big money is dirt, therefore I will never be,” “I love money, they help me get what I want” — these are just some examples of what you can hear in response. And the more you hear in his response the words “to have power, want“, the more likely that the man to give you something totally not intended. And it’s not about the money. A greedy man is a greedy often not only on material things.

Than caused by men’s greed?

  • Poverty/constant shortage of something in the past. Ask him, maybe in his childhood he and his family always needed something, and now he is the head, forced to collect and accumulate, not to repeat what it had in early childhood.
  • Generic programs and karma. Very deep, of course, is not very common, but it happens. Heritage of distant ancestors who died of starvation, or distant, who know firsthand what deficit, easily forms an unconscious behavior of men. Greedy for this reason, a man will take whatever he is given, as a hoarder, and would never part with the thing, even if it crumbles before our eyes…
  • Life future. That is, the man all the time collects and saves “for the future“, “tomorrow”, he was so fascinated by this process that they forget to live today:)
  • He is not sure you. Basically, it refers to the initial period of Dating. In this case the greedy man thinks so: “I don’t know her, we may have nothing, yet I will not therefore spend any money”. The approach may be quite reasonable. But a nasty, right? What man does not understand that with this approach today, sharing tomorrow may never come.
  • The most favorite and most common complexes! And fears, of course. “I want you to love me the way I am” — and that, legally. And if so: “I don’t want you to love me for what I have” — is somehow different. By the way, I don’t want to be loved for what they have, often those who have, in General, did not. Men who had something worthwhile to do with my life, rarely suffer from such complexes. Such an excuse. I don’t want you to love me for pie, so I got it and not buy it. How about. And that woman fall in love with the results of the activities men – it is the General rule of nature, they also unknown. What is written on men’s sites??

Or is the behavior of greedy men due to the fear of being embarrassed, humiliated. I have it on the tram ride, a pie treated, and she dumped me. If he did nothing, so at least you can say that, in General, and not much like…

Self-doubt, weakness, cowardice – these are the main features of greedy men. And frankly, a man something he himself is not realizing. Therefore, to give not can. Like all of these, for example, material things, patch any holes and voids in its nature. Therefore, the “buy” you say, a beautiful bouquet of flowers — it means to tear away from the heart of the N-th sum of money, which covered, say, his weakness. It’s simple.

What to do with a greedy man?

All, of course, depends on the cause. The total of all the decisions one must and should speak, not always it will help…

  • Where is the place to be negative past experiences of the eternal lack of something – the situation is not so complicated. If you plan to associate with such a man life, with the right approach his greed (if, of course, not exaggerated) can only be a plus for your family. Plan all expenses, pledge a certain amount for situation “wanted” to he did not think that these unexpected expenses can lead to something terrible. Surround yourself with prosperity and being confident in your love and devotion, such a man, “greed” maybe a little to pogasnut.
  • For the reason of “future life” is also such a variant can be useful. Discuss with a man, when exactly in your life come tomorrow, and save up money not on “vacation” and holiday in the Maldives in the summer of 2000 a year.
  • With fears and complexes a little harder. Not exactly a bit.

If you think that the man just don’t believe in you, and the cause of his greed for the day, then you certainly can influence the situation. Tell him how good he is, show him attention, trying to provethat you like it and are loyal to him. You can still take a white horse and going to get the attention of the capricious Queen, or rather king. You decide.

But I think nevertheless that if a man is not quite sure what you like, so does not give gifts and not invested in the relationship, that HE needs to do something to rectify the situation. A vicious circle of some sort. But unfortunately, the greedy man will not understand and is unlikely to be capable of it.

To combat the psychology of “I don’t want you to love me for pie”, there are also several ways. For example, you can just make it the most notorious psychology and nothing from him to demand, let everything goes as goes. Maybe he’ll relax and see that he has much to you by itself. But, as a rule, this is not enough.

Can, in addition to invest in relationships of their own, for example, to invite him to pay the bill in cafes individually, to give him gifts. The main thing is not to overdo it, and that there is a strong likelihood that he will be just a shame, and he would either fix it, or run away.

It is a pity that such men do not realize that often for us, more important is not a cake at all, and the willingness of the men us it to buy. Might be worth to say about it? Although the option “to deal with him as you wish he treated you” — always works in any relationship. Just in a relationship with a man is sometimes left with an unpleasant aftertaste, having the kind of relationship you and the Princess he really is.

All of these methods, of course, can work only if the man is really greedy. Sometimes that man just does not know how to care, or the family relationship between mother and father was different, and he just doesn’t know how to behave with you. In this case, it is not about greed, and a simple conversation and joint work in this direction can easily solve it.

Another thing, if it still is not a greedy man, and greedy woman. A trip for 2 weeks in Turkey 5 stars? And why not the Maldives? Greedy or what? Such cases are also frequently encountered, and men love to talk about them. We, too, sometimes too far. We say that if we want flowers, not colors, and attention, and then iterate – the color of roses, and 5 pieces is somehow not enough, etc. etc.

In General, you know, effective ways to fight men’s greed, just no. Too much depends on men, it is often still that to deal with the extra weight of another person – and a gym membership he buys and inspire you to lose weight, but still – if there is no desire, then this is unlikely something you can do about it.

Greedy man – no exaggeration – diagnosis. It is, however, a serious psychological problem, a man violated the most natural of all inherent in him by nature reflex to give a woman.

With such men, of course, possible to communicate. But, unfortunately, greed is not even a fly in the ointment in the ointment – still untouched honey you can find and eat:) It is rather a drop of poison in the water – drop, and spoils all the water, all of it. It will manifest itself in how he solves problems, how he will lead the household to raise children.

Maybe our love can change it – this approach Slavic women, not always, incidentally, triggered:) Maybe so. In any case, each makes an independent decision to tolerate or not to tolerate this strange and unpleasant male feature. One checked for sure – if in the beginning of the relationship, there is something small and not giving the rest of what you really trying to forget-to accept-to forgive, sooner or later, it still POPs up, an increase in size that much.

Greedy man – a man still capable of love, however, is to understand whether he will be able to do it in your language, language, attention, care and gifts.

So think – is it worth buying a delicious but poisonous cake. Perhaps you have a strong immune system. Or maybe you have the antidote? Then share – the question is still open!

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