Gummy smile correction

Smile – the main ornament of women, but, unfortunately, gummy smile that people call “horse” is an exception to this rule.

Therefore, despite the fact that such a defect is only an aesthetic problem, his owners try to get rid of it in many different ways. Why the smile becomes a “horse” and how it is better to adjust, in this article my readers will report female site ““.

Causes of gummy smile

Called gingival smile in which the gums are opened more than 2-3 mm. the Defect is a congenital anatomical feature and occurs in approximately 15% of people in the world. This deficiency occurs for three main reasons:

  • Hyperactivity of the muscles of the upper lip, resulting in a smile she rises too high.
  • Excessive gums covering the teeth too hard, which they seem shorter than it really is.
  • Deformed bones of the facial skeleton. With this defect usually upper or lower jaw is pushed forward.
  • Depending on the causes of gummy smile correction can be performed in several ways.

    Correction of gummy smile caused by hyperplasia of the gums

    If the gums when smiling becomes too open because that is too large, you can fix the problem in two steps:

  • Correction laser. This method is used in mild cases. Its essence lies in the removal of excess gum tissue from teeth with a laser. The procedure is performed very quickly, and the result is superb: the gingival contour is getting much neater, and the smile becomes more correct form. Unfortunately, laser surgery helps not for everyone.
  • Correction of the malocclusion. Complete elimination of gummy smile with braces is impossible, but a neat, even row of teeth will make her charming and turn from the lack of a person in its main highlight. Of course, this method makes sense to apply only to an abnormal occlusion.
  • Photo before and after surgical correction

    Gummy smile: how to fix when the hyperactive muscle of the lips

    For modern plastic surgery eliminating such a defect as a “horse” smile, is not a very difficult task. The website found out that you need to follow a fairly simple operation – correction of the circular muscles of the mouth. During the operation, the upper lip is first cut along the top row of teeth, then the incision is sewn with a slight shift, causing the muscle tissue relaxes and gums when you smile exposed not so much.

    Another surgical method to eliminate “horse” smiles is to correct the frenum. It helps to make the upper lip longer and reduce mobility.

    Those who are afraid of a scalpel, you can consult a beautician.

    Experts in the field of beauty with a “horse” smile are able to fight using Botox. Method works is simple: muscles of the upper lip is paralyzed, so when you smile she no longer can rise as high as before. Correction of gummy smile with Botox is very popular. This method has a great advantage: it helps to achieve results quickly and almost painlessly.

    And cons but the method a lot. The main one is the fragility of the effect.

    For the correction of smile beautician may also suggest an increase in the volume of the lips with fillers. After this procedure your lips will not only be less Stripping of the gums, but will have a nice outline. Perhaps not suitable for this method only the ladies, whose lips from nature and so very plump.

    Oral and maxillofacial surgery

    In the most difficult cases to correct ugly, too open smile is possible only with the help of surgical operations on the bones and muscles of the face. In such cases, surgeons don’t just cut the frenulum and sutured the muscles of the lips, and changing the position of the upper or lower jaw. After this operation the face of the person acquires absolutely new features. Eliminated not only too high lift of the upper lip when smiling, but malocclusion.

    Whoever decided on such a procedure, forget about the ugly smile once and for all.

    Holders of a gummy smile often suffer from complexes and dreams as soon as possible to get rid of these “highlights”. At the same time, many are not in a hurry to do something, fear of physical suffering that can deliver procedure for the correction of the defect. Anyone who falls under this category, our website advises to put aside fears and consult a specialist for advice.

    He will decide what is the best way to deal with the problem and will offer several options, among which will probably be at least one suitable. And considering how advanced dentistry and orthodontology, we can safely assume that this option will be effective and well tolerated in terms of pain.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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