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“Hello, I love makeup, I love apply makeup. Jars, tubes and cosmetic bags piled all around. But my boyfriend doesn’t understand me and wants me not to wear makeup at all. Igor, can you please explain do he really wants me to become less beautiful??” Oxana Is The Best.

Oksana, but I tell You: Your guy, whatever he did, just not committed to You become less beautiful.

It would be like implausible melodrama! Or if Your beauty would hurt his eyes ? But in this case you can buy krasotaaaaa ? points, and not to take away from your girlfriend cosmetics ? And what else I see a possible explanation? Each person is an individual, but risking to be wrong, still try something to assume.

Explanation first, it is unlikely

Let’s start by process of elimination ? I suppose, which I hope is not true.

Perhaps, jars, tubes and cosmetic bags in your apartment, Oksana, so much that the guy is worried: if You are not too tight in that business, which can also be redundant, as any other? Whether You have power to it tomorrow and the day after?

But seriously, there are times when a girl without makeup like the man even more than with makeup. You and him definitely not the case? Suddenly one day he sees You without makeup, and even he did not realize that any other means of “improvement” – another ?

For example, I once noticed that me and my wife with a minimum of makeup on my face like morethan when some “events” she does make-up “tighter”, and the face is somehow elusive to others.

The second explanation, more believable

Now is the time explanation, which has the highest probability to be true. This explanation is not the most pleasant, but that it first comes to mind when you hear about a situation like yours, Oksana.

Your guy is not confident. Not sure about You. Perhaps he does not agree with this before itself, but in the subconscious it will be so. He’s just afraid of losing You, and everything that is somehow “threatens” his happiness will be perceived negatively.

This is akin to when men forbid their wives to wear short skirts. After all, as cosmetics, it makes them even more attractive and, therefore, increases competition from other men, even this competition is purely hypothetical.

A man can be attractive, intelligent, decent in other respects, but it is something for some old reason sits in it. And if you take into account what value You attach to the cosmetics, this exacerbates the problem.

What to do?

Of course, I urge to stop using cosmetics! Just now You have to think about your boyfriend. No, not to force him to use makeup ? , there are other ways.

Try periodically to show him only to meet him You truly use the cosmetics. You can even mention it, but casually, unobtrusively.

Go to the trick. Will appear before his eyes without makeup (or with minimal) “accidentally” zagnuvshis that he had not thought today to see, because I apologize for the lack of full makeup.

And the last one. Tell him about your feelings. Say often. And add: all that You do for the sake of their appearance, all that You do JUST for the sake of it! Before you know it, You will gradually “heal” him from unnecessary anxiety, which provokes even so, in fact, a beautiful thing, as cosmetics ?

Goodbye from me to You talisman:

When in the dark the wind rushing through Your hair, they strike me as branches of the strange tree growing in the secret area of the garden of Eden!

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