Gymnastics “star is born”: to find a way to itself

Today on the website will talk about the one practice available exclusively to women. But first tell me: have you seen how small children sleep? Their muscles are completely relaxed, natural posture and full of peace and tranquility.

Over time, the person gradually loses the ability to relax: there are the usual clips in the body that cause physical and mental ailments.

A man stops to feel his body, to perceive its signals. The reason for the alarm becomes only pain, and this is not a signal, but a desperate “cry” of the body that there is an urgent problem that must be urgently addressed.

Practices that help to regain the ability to feel your body and get rid of the accumulated physical and psychological blocks, there are quite a few.

A special place among them takes gymnastics “Star is born”.

The origin of gymnastics

The author of the gymnastics of the “Birth of stars” by Maria Guseva does not hide that the basis of it is practice Gennady Adamovich, “Stagnant water”, also known as Gymnastics Slavic Charmer.

Adamovic claimed to have recreated the ancient exercises, assisted in pre-Christian times Slavic women to stay for many years healthy and strong, save the maiden flexibility and feminine appeal. Is this true – is difficult to judge, because reliable evidence of the presence of such gymnastics of the ancient Slav was not preserved.

But, for example, some postures of ancient female deities such as the selected position of the body specific to this practice.

Maria Guseva, being the instructor of Slavic gymnastics, I realized that the exercises themselves without the mystical overtones are a wonderful effective amazing impact on the female body. She called the new version of gymnastics “women’s gymnastics “a star is born”, thereby emphasizing its effectiveness for all women, regardless of their ethnicity, age, etc.

Features of the influence of gymnastics “Birth star” on the female body

In fact, exercises “a star is born” is a complex of 27 exercises, evenly divided into 3 “world”: upper, middle and lower.

In this gradation, there is nothing mystical: exercises of the upper world are standing upright, medium – on your knees, the base position to the lower world is the position with support on knees and hands.

At first glance, the exercises seem pretty simple. Especially since they don’t need to perform “hard”: just 1 – 3 in a replay, but for everyday set of universal gymnastics “star is born” is enough to choose 7 exercises in a random way.

However, the ease of the exercise this practice is deceptive. Many women with many years of experience in fitness training or yoga practice from “a star is born”, I was surprised to notice that their body is not enough plastic, and the joints are not flexible enough to easily do all the exercises the first time.

The fact is that gymnastics is fundamentally different from all kinds of fitness, which a lot has been said on the website Its purpose is not to “pump” the muscles or sprain. Under the influence of exercise gradually formed a muscular “corset” that supports the whole body.

As a result of internal organs is physiologically correct position, and then there is a chain of positive changes:

  • improves the functioning of endocrine system of the body;
  • digestive system is running smoothly;
  • strengthens the immune system, leaving colds;
  • improves the functioning of the female reproductive system;
  • the body is tightened, it becomes more feminine, often occurs gradual weight loss.

Reviews about the “magical” changes that occur with women as a result of lessons, very much, and the above is only a small part of the positive change that is watching the woman. Each gymnastics helps to solve their own individual problems.

Of course, gymnastics “birth of a star” is not a magic panacea for all ills and does not involve refusal of medical care when it is really necessary. Moreover, Maria Guseva and instructors gymnastics urge to solve complex problems, not relying only on the healing power of exercise.

Psychological changes

But, in addition to the changes at the physical level with a woman during class exercises “, the Birth of a star” there are internal changes.

Especially a lot of rave reviews, sometimes contradictory, is found among the neophytes: someone suddenly getting rid of his pants in her closet and feels the need to walk exclusively in skirts, someone becomes more reserved and quiet, someone, on the contrary, gives vent to his emotions, watching the manifestations of intolerance and aggression.

But the instructors and the author of the gymnastics “a star is born” warn: to judge the results required at least a year of regular classes. Rapid changes in behavior and habits – the only ripples on the surface of the water.

Internal changes happen at a deep level: the woman in the process of this practice is learning to listen to yourself, recognize your needs and desires, gradually attains his place in life and finds direction for his development. Someone finds the family fortune, and someone, on the contrary, finds the strength to break off a painful relationship; someone changes the field.

Importantly, these changes do not occur under the influence of external factors. The impulse comes from the inner needs of women, and the gym gives strength and energy for change.

Limitations in the classroom

Calling their gym “a star is born” universal, the author wanted to emphasize that everybody can practice almost all women without exception. But still there are certain limitations that should be considered.

It is believed that the practice of “birth of a star” can women of any age. Indeed, the “lower” age limit does not exist. Know about women very respectable years, performing exercises and practicing basic stand of the complex.

At the same time, gymnastics is not recommended for girls before puberty. Too powerful the female flow of energy they do not need.

Warn instructors and from too hard of classes. It is not necessary to run all 27 exercises of the complex at one time or to do more than 3 sets of each exercise. Remember that “too much good – too bad.” Known cases when is too large “portions” of gymnastics led to a mental breakdown or deterioration of diseases.

And, of course, it is not necessary to practice gymnastics to those who did not want to change neither in themselves nor in their lives, because change is inevitably going to happen.

Sooner or later in the process of training the woman to meet face to face with unsolved problems (and they have with each) and can’t move on, just ignore them.

The author – Elena Matusak (Lanberri), site –

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