Habit or love

“I have a problem that started recently. We’ve been friends for almost 4 years, in the summer going to get married. But I’m increasingly starting to think he may not be the onethat I “don’t likes” that I “don’t like”.

Start jealous girlfriendsthat their Boyfriends on the Internet a Declaration of love, and do it in the most extraordinary forms — poetry in a blog, Facebook, fireworks — the whole holidays in honour of her one.

We all began differently, as something fresh. He changed… and I’m still the same romantic, and I want more love, warm SMS, kisses, if not already going to the cinema, theaters, cafes — we do not. Tell me, what could be ways out of this situation?” Without the signature.

The situation in which You were, is not new. In the beginning of relationships we all experience the euphoria and elation that in a few years little by little disappearing. And here we begin to ask ourselves the question “What is a habit or love”? Female site sympaty.net looking for the answer with you.

Love at everyone

Without false modesty — womens website sympaty.net versed in many issues. But we never take the responsibility to reveal such a thing as love. Love at everyone.

For someone important every minute to be with loved ones, forgetting ourselves and dissolving in it. Someone wants every day to hear declarations of love, but for someone important material manifestation of kindness and care, not empty words. For some, love is to forgive for the heaviest offence, and for the other romance, “poems in the blog and Facebook”. Maybe love is two bright, passionate month, and perhaps thirty years of understanding and tenderness.

Expressions of love hundreds and thousands, and you have to decide that for you in a relationship is most important. So first of all listen to yourself, not to the advice of friends and relatives, who, as usual, see everything from their point of view.

Habit or love?

In our article “Why women fall in love with?” we wrote about the “chemistry” of love. Many scientists are of the opinion that love is only the mechanism that triggers the instinct to save the race. And this works two or three years, then the development of “hormones of love” slows downand we no longer experience the fireworks of emotions that was in the first days of love. We start closer look for a partner and evaluate it from different sides.

The feeling of habits appears most couples, especially after several years of intensive communication and cohabitation. Here then the question arises: to be on together or break up?

In your case, 4 years is enough time to get to know each other. Try to analyze what were these relations? Remember that men are mostly not peculiar to pretend to be Romeo.

In the article “What do men want?”, we wrote that the love of man is evident in the care and protection of women. Think and evaluate objectively your lover. Helps it be You? Listens to Your opinion? Shows care, patience? Committed to protect You? After all, romance is an important part of a relationship, but not the primary. Romance noticeable during courtship, but few people it lasts a lifetime. And this does not prevent people to live a long and happy life.

Say that partner is our mirror. It is not only important to evaluate the partner, but also look at yourself, because Your letter shows that You are confident not only in him but in myself too. Are You ready to give more than take? Are you ready to forgive and understand him even in the most difficult situations? How much you miss when you break up even for a while? How often do You get angry by looking at him?

If your relationship does not bring You more joy and a lot of the close person annoying, then most likely it is a habit. Especially if behind 4 years of lapping, you know each other, but still can not find the points of intersection.

If You are not willing to part with this man, see his positive qualities and appreciate them, and he treats You gently and with respect, then perhaps your relationship just went to another level. Yes, it is not so frequent confessions of love and bouquets of flowers, but there is stability and confidence in each other.

In short, to understand, your relationship is a habit or love, you need to:

  • to decidewhat should be your love, and in what ways she have to have;
  • to perform relations in a complex, with different parties;
  • listen to your heart and make the right decisionthat you won’t be sorry.

Wish You to find yourself in this relationship (or others) and learn to cherish true love!

The author – Julia Caesar, the site www.sympaty.net – Beautiful and Successful

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Habit or love

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