Hair fall: what to do in the home, pharmacy and folk remedies

Nothing is able to disappoint a woman as baldness. If the comb remains constantly tuft of hair and clogged drain sink, this problem is perceived as a loss of beauty. What to do when the hair falls out, at home? How to deal with it?

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The content of the article

  • 1 hair loss: causes and what to do
    • 1.1 the Basic “why”
    • 1.2 How to fill the shortage of vitamins
  • 2 where to start the fight
  • 3 How to provide proper care
  • 4 That will offer the doctor
    • 4.1 pharmaceutical preparations
    • 4.2 Homeopathy
    • 4.3 Beauty treatments
  • 5 Power folk remedies
    • 5.1 Healing oil
    • 5.2 Using castor oil
    • 5.3 Restoration of parsley
    • 5.4 Rinse the nettles
    • 5.5 Onion treatment
    • 5.6 Wash the egg mixture
    • 5.7 pepper protection

Initially you must make sure that the problem really exists. Hair loss is always and in all people. The only difference is in the number of lost hairs. It is necessary to conduct a small test.

Well rascalities. Now remove all hair from the brush. Comb the strands again. Inspect the comb. If you find it to seven of your hair, congratulations are in order. This is normal, the problem of baldness you bypassed. Detection from eight to 15 hairs indicates the average intensity of rainfall. Well, if you have more, consult a trichologist.

Hair fall: causes and what to do

If, after the test, your assumptions are correct and you do have much hair fall out you have to immediately contact the experts. Do not ignore this recommendation. Because the mass loss of the locks can be quite a good reason that no survey can be determined.

The basic “why”

It is important to understand why there is a loss of hair. Causes of baldness — a lot. They can be quite banal, which is easy to handle. But sometimes sources of problems can be quite serious, requiring prolonged treatment. Most often the loss of strands such factors.

  • The weakening of the immune system. Moved cold, stressful pace of life lead to “demolition” of health. The body is weakened. And this is detrimental to the condition of the hair.
  • Hormonal imbalance. Such phenomena are confronted, pregnant, teenagers in puberty or women during menopause. Hormonal disorders lead to various pathologies, including and hair loss. If the imbalance is dictated by natural processes, then do not panic. Eventually all will be restored. But sometimes hormonal disorders can cause endocrine (diabetes, thyroid problem) or gynecologic disease (ovarian disease).
  • Stress. Strong emotional shocks lead to spasserovannye vessels in the head. This significantly affects the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the follicles. That is why stress may begin massive hair loss.
  • Beriberi. Deficiency of vitamins, minerals, causes the body to lose hair.
  • Climatic conditions. Detrimental impact on the state of the locks has sun frost. And very often the problem of hair loss is seen in those people who love to walk in the winter without a hat.
  • Medications. Almost all medications possess side effects. Some of them are able to trigger hair loss. To such consequences can lead drugs gout, hypertension, anticoagulants and antidepressants.
  • Dandruff. If you ignore the dandruff, in the future it leads to clogging of pores, resulting in weakened follicles. Hair loss begins.
  • Vascular disorders. If blood circulation gets worse, the hair follicles do not receive adequate nutrition. This leads to a weakening of the strands. The hair begins to fall out along with bulbs. The basis of insufficient blood circulation can be low back pain, atherosclerosis. To worsen the situation is capable of bad habits, abuse of tea and coffee.
  • Improper care. The problem can result in aggressive skincare that contains alcohol, peroxide, ammonia. Hair loss is often observed after staining. Baldness can be the consequence of overuse of flat irons, hair dryers, Curling irons.
  • Heredity. It is impossible to exclude a genetic predisposition to baldness. Most often a hereditary factor of hair loss observed in men. The reason for such “preference” with sexual hormones — androgens.

How to fill the shortage of vitamins

Very often the problem lies in the wrong diet, which does not ensure intake of all necessary nutrients. What substances are important for hair, can be seen from the table.

Table — What kind of vitamins lack in the body, if hair is falling out and what products to fill the deficit

VitaminsDeficiency symptomsTo restore the lack
And— Strong hair loss;
— slow growth;
dull brittle hair
— Fish oil;
— milk products;
— the liver;
— eggs (yolks);
— greens;
— fruits, vegetables, orange, red
B2— Excessive oiliness near the roots;
— increased dry ends
— Wheat;
— rye;
— nuts (especially almonds, peanuts);
— buckwheat;
— grapes;
— dairy;
— greens;
— Fig;
— dates
B3 or PP— Dry thin hair;
— slow growth;
— strands weak and dull
— Dairy;
— tomatoes, grapes, apples;
— peanuts, walnuts, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts;
— rice, buckwheat, barley;
— peas, lentils;
— garlic, carrots, potatoes;
— raspberry, mulberry, peach, apricot
B5— Excessive hair loss;
— early gray
— Buckwheat, oatmeal;
— cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, onions, apricots;
— peas;
— yeast;
— the yolks of eggs;
— mushrooms, nuts;
— kidney, liver
6— Loss of gloss;
too dry scalp
— Oranges, grapes, bananas, cherries;
— tomatoes, cabbage, green vegetables;
— rice, wheat, buckwheat;
— dairy;
— nuts
With— The destruction of the follicles;
— hair loss with lukavica;
— strands become dull, lifeless and brittle;
— pale skin
— Peppers, carrots, cabbage;
— lemons, currants;
— garlic, onion;
— watermelon
E— Pigmentation disorders;
— graying;
— excessive dryness
— Corn, green beans;
— onion, parsley;
— almonds, peanuts;
— sunflower seeds;
— buckwheat, bean;
— flax, sea buckthorn oil

Do not forget about the minerals. Thus, iron deficiency leads to a rapid alopecia (baldness). And zinc deficiency provokes the appearance of dandruff.

How to start a fight

Causes of baldness are very diverse and in most cases to the loss of strands results from several factors. So you should not experiment on yourself by trying different fashion trends or folk remedies. Start with determine the cause. And for this we turn to the experts. What to do with hair loss on the head in the first place.

  • Visit the trichologist. This doctor, who treats many of the diseases of the hair and scalp. He will hold Trichogramma (this is a test of the structure of the hair).
  • Visit a therapist. The specialist will prescribe the lab tests (blood, urine). The therapist will assess the situation and provide advice to specialists.
  • Consult an endocrinologist. The doctor will recommend to be tested for hormones. This is to avoid the risk of developing endocrine disorders.
  • Visit the gynecologist. Swabs and blood tests, which will send a gynecologist will help to exclude infection, also have the potential to cause massive loss of hair.

After all the recommended examinations and making sure there is no hidden disease, you can use traditional recipes or beauty care products.How to provide proper care

If health fails, it stop hair loss can be just by organizing proper care for curls. But do not expect instant transformation into a beautiful Princess. It will take time to get the hair fully recovered. The main recommendations of professionals for care.

  • Don’t wash your hair daily. Each hair is covered with a lipid layer protecting the strands from aggressive external influences. This film is easily destroyed during the washing shampoos. Curls lost their protection, are damaged. Lifeless strands fall out. Experts recommend to wash your hair as pollution. Optimally twice a week. Too dry strands once in seven days, and fat — three times.
  • Timely trim the ends. Even the best quality cosmetics is unable to protect against the bundle of hair. Split the strands look lifeless and are constantly confused. And therefore they must be constantly trimmed.
  • Use masks and peels. In order to gradually recover or strands to protect them from falling out recommended twice a week to apply balms or nourishing mask. They will provide the necessary nutrition and hydration. And exfoliation, which improves blood circulation, is recommended once a week.
  • Use organic shampoos. These tools eliminate that dust and grease from the hair and do not cause locks harm. For daily care recommended shampoo made from sea buckthorn or olive oil. In the case of pronounced loss preferred means of extracts of chamomile, burdock, nettle, calendula.
  • Do not misuse leave-in creams. Use cosmetics to a minimum and preferably only in the summer when the leaves need protection from ultraviolet radiation.
  • Discard devices for hair styling. Try only in extreme cases to resort to using irons and hair dryers.

To strengthen hair follicles, increase blood circulation in the tissues, trichologists recommend a massage. This procedure can easily be accomplished using wooden combs with rounded a few teeth. When combing this comb, the skin is massaged, and it completely excludes trauma of the skin.

It will offer the doctor

The problem of hair loss is not new. And because trichologists designed the whole healing course that allows you to restore the strand. On the basis of the passed tests, the specialist will determine what vitamins you need to drink you while loss of hair on the head and select the required set of drugs.

Pharmaceutical preparations

Correctly selected vitamins provide a comprehensive effect on the strands. They Supplement the deficiency of nutrients that activate metabolism. The hair is getting proper food and hydration quality. Pharmaceutical preparations eliminate dandruff, itchy skin and prevent early graying.

Such pharmacy usually recommend remedies for hair loss.

  • “Perfectil”. The complex is based on a combination of vitamins and minerals with addition of Echinacea and bardani. This remedy is one of the most effective fighters for the beauty and hair restoration. Positive results become visible after a couple of weeks. But “Perfectil” has side effects which are manifested in the form of abdominal pain and vomiting.
  • “Innéov “hair Density”. The main action of the French drug aimed at stopping the loss of locks. The complex provides a powerful enrichment of the follicles with nutrients and oxygen. The result aktiviziruyutsya production of creatine. Due to this effect the hair stop falling out and become shiny, smooth, increasing their volume. But the course of treatment with this drug should last for a year.
  • “Alerana”. The dual formulation provides continuous protection to the hair. The day formula includes substances that nourish the follicles and protects the structure from damage. In the night — the components for quick regeneration, stopping the loss of locks and energize the growth of hair. The treatment lasts about three months.
  • “Merz Special Dragees Beauty”. The German facility will help women often resort to chemical perms or hair coloring. It activates the growth of hair, increases their resistance to adverse factors, reduces hair loss.
  • “Pantovigar”. A powerful tool to stop loss of hair. Complex helps to restore curls after dyeing, thermal effects.

Do not resort to self-treatment with these drugs, without a prescription. During pregnancy or breastfeeding such, it is recommended to abstain.Homeopathy

For the treatment of hair loss your doctor may recommend to resort to homeopathy. These tools have an important advantage. They provide a complex effect on the entire body. As a result you can not only restore hair, but also significantly improves health.

The homeopath will study the cause of the problem and recommend one of the following drugs.

  • “Likopodium”. Effectively fights against alopecia.
  • “In terms of potassium carbonicum”. Help with excessive dryness of the head.
  • “In terms of potassium sulfuricum”. Biologically active complex. Prescribed drug, if you have dandruff, itchy head and hair is falling out massively.
  • “Acidum phosphoricum”. Help stop the loss of hair, if the latter is triggered by psychological factors, excessive stress.

Despite the high safety of herbal preparations to make their own homeopathic medicine is unwise. Only a homeopath can advise on effective in each case, the drug.Beauty treatments

A good help to the designated vitamin complexes will be beauty treatments. Such modern methods of treatment help to strengthen the follicles, activate the metabolism and protect strands from falling out. The doctor can offer the following sessions.

  • Peeling. The procedure lies in the cleansing of small dead skin particles that clog the pores and not allow the follicles to get the necessary nutrition.
  • The head massage. The event strengthens hair follicles and stimulates blood circulation.
  • Darsonval. With current affect the skin. Is the awakening follicles, increasing their power. The procedure has many contraindications, so start it only by appointment specialist.

The power of people’s funds

We should not lose sight of the folk remedy against hair loss. Recipes tested for thousands of years, will return strands the thickness, softness and prevent hair loss.

Healing oil

Natural oils provide beneficial effects on hair strands. The easiest way to use these components is the addition of a few drops of balm or shampoo. The following oils are preferred:

  • linen — prevents hair loss, accelerates the growth of the strands;
  • olive — strengthens follicles, stimulates growth, olive oil improves the appearance of hair, gives them smoothness;
  • sea buckthorn stimulates metabolism, improves nutrition;
  • jojoba oil eliminates dryness, restores the structure of damaged hair;
  • coconut — strengthens hair, qualitatively moisturizes, strengthens opposition to thermal stress and adverse external environment, protects against section.

Help castor oil

Features. Hair loss castor oil recommended for use in pure form. The product is a source of fatty acids which provide nutrition to follicles. The oil helps with seborrhea, removes dandruff. Oil packs must be done to the hair once a week.


  • A little oil is heated in a water bath.
  • The warm mixture is applied to roots and massage gently with a brush or soft toothbrush.
  • Head wrap with cellophane and warm towel.
  • After 40 minutes the mixture washed off.
  • The restoration of parsley

    Features. Hair it is recommended to not use greens, and parsley. Compresses decoction of parsley is recommended daily for the first week. Then the procedure is repeated every two or three days.


  • From the root of parsley boiled a decoction using two or three roots in two cups of water.
  • Warm broth soaked gauze.
  • The compress is put on the head.
  • Put on a plastic cap and wrap a towel.
  • An hour later, the hair is washed with water. Shampoo is not used.
  • Rinse nettles

    Features. Can be used as fresh nettles and dried plant. Of herbs cooking medicinal infusion. It nourishes strands with nutrients and prevents hair loss. Use the infusion as a rinse after regular shampooing.


  • Nettle (two tablespoons) pour boiling water (0.5 liters).
  • Capacity closed.
  • The solution is infused for one hour.
  • The liquid is then filtered.
  • Onion treatment

    Features. Onion is very useful for hair. Hot juice increases blood circulation, activates the flow of nutrients. It allows you to eliminate dandruff, protect from the loss and make the strands stronger and healthy.


  • Onion (half of head) is ground in a blender.
  • Burning gruel mixed with two teaspoons of honey.
  • The mixture is applied to the scalp and gently massaged.
  • Leave this remedy for 30-45 minutes.
  • Wash off with water with a few tablespoons of vinegar.
  • Wash the egg mixture

    Features. Cosmetologists recommend washing the hair with egg. However, most often it is shared. Protein, effective means to restore the structure and ensure the luster, used for oily hair. Yolk, recognized as “construction material”, increases the strength of hair, prevents hair loss and increases their strength. It is recommended for dry curls.


  • One egg yolk (in the case of fat — protein) whipped.
  • To it add warm water, a teaspoon.
  • Pour in essential oil jojoba oil (two drops) and pour half a teaspoon of mustard.
  • This tool is recommended to replace shampoo. If desired, instead of mustard, you can take honey or cognac.Pepper protection

    Features. In case of strong falling strands come to the aid of pepper tincture. But we should remember that overly hot. Therefore, it must be applied carefully.


  • Squeeze the juice of garlic and onions. On a teaspoon. Components are mixed.
  • In a fragrant liquid add pepper tincture (a tablespoon).
  • In the mask enter the yolk.
  • Applied this mask on foci of baldness for no more than ten minutes.
  • In the case of burning washed from the hair immediately.
  • There is another very effective recommendation of doctors, trichologists, how to treat hair loss. To prevent the loss of the strands keep the right way of life. Full eat, exercise. In cold weather wear a hat and in summer hide the curls under her elegant hat.

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