Hair mask of eggs for the growth and strengthening: recipes, tips, reviews

A chicken egg is a usual product on our table. But it was not always so. Until the XVIII century in Russia, the eggs were considered a festive dish only. But when the bird began to breed in every yard, whites and yolks went into the course not only for culinary purposes. The product was a cosmetic and stuck in this status. So much so that modern women, with all the diversity of professional care hair mask made of eggs is still held in high esteem.

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The content of the article

  • 1 how useful eggs for hair
    • 1.1 the Yolk
    • 1.2 Protein
  • 2 Prepare and apply it: 8 tips
  • 3 hair Mask from the eggs: a prescription variety
    • 3.1 For dry hair
    • 3.2 For oily hair
    • 3.3 dandruff
    • 3.4 For growth
    • 3.5 From falling out
    • 3.6 For damaged strands
  • 4 Another way
    • 4.1. Universal egg-honey mixture
    • 4.2 Egg shampoo
  • 5 Reviews: “the Effect is almost immediate”

Why we again and again turn to the old recipes? And all because no one remedy with the store counter can’t even approach the number of useful components to conventional chicken egg.

Useful than eggs for hair

It is a natural product, which a priori does not contain preservatives, dyes, thickeners and other “chemistry”. And we should also talk about the value of yolk and albumen.

The yolk

Benefits of egg yolk for hair is difficult to overestimate. It contains all the trace elements necessary for the development of the chick. They are indispensable for our hair and skin.

  • Vitamins a and E. Easily reach the follicle, soften, nourish and moisturize, giving hair softness and Shine.
  • The vitamin b is Able to expand the fine capillaries. And it is growth and strength of hair.
  • Vitamin d is Responsible for calcium absorption, and consequently strengthens hair on all length, making it resistant to aggressive, prevents cross-section and brittle. This item is produced by our body only under ultraviolet light, i.e. sunlight. That is why egg face mask is so popular in winter and in summer, when the sun and cold damage the hair.
  • Lecithin. An essential amino acid. To obtain it, we can only from food. Meanwhile, lecithin AIDS in the absorption of protein, vitamins A, E, D, fluoride, iron, phosphorus and calcium.
  • Fatty acids. Transporterowych “usefulness” deep into the skin and hair follicles. And they create a thin film, thus protecting the hair and giving the hair softness.
  • Minerals. The rich mineral content restores damaged.
  • Cholesterol. Relieve the dryness.


Benefits of egg white for hair also should not be underestimated. By itself it repairs damage, gives elasticity and volume to the hair. Also identified are the two important component.

  • Leucine. Essential amino acid that is not produced by the body. Involved in all metabolic processes and helps the absorption of other useful components of eggs.
  • Vitamin H. Activates blood circulation in the hair follicles, improves hair growth, is able to “Wake up” dormant follicles.
  • Use any homemade hair mask of eggs must be systematic. Benefit from a rare care is of short duration, while regular feeding allows the hair to accumulate needed substances and curls look healthy and well groomed.

    Prepare and apply: 8 tips

    In the composition of cosmetic compounds, it is desirable to use a product from pet chickens, because these birds is not exactly feed additives for growth, antibiotics, and other unwanted “chemistry”. This is not possible? Then try to buy at the store more fresh raw materials — the so-called eggs dietary. And one more thing: do not try to take the largest egg — usually young chickens lay small eggs. Have substantially more nutrients.

    Consider the eight tips before you start making and application of egg white mask.

  • Hair should be dry. The mixture of rare exceptions have a liquid consistency. With wet curls, the whole “usefulness” will drain and will get your shoulders and back, not the hair.
  • Mix ingredients with a mixer. Can be a beater, but then the process will be quite long, because we need to achieve a completely homogeneous, soft consistency.
  • Apply the mask from roots down. This is important. If you start to apply the mixture from the roots, to the most important places of the scalp, the funds may not be enough. Rubbing in a circular motion. Take your time, it is important to heat the entire surface of the head, to provide blood flow to the follicles, then the nutrients to penetrate deeper.
  • Wear a plastic cap. No? Any suitable plastic film or a simple package. The main thing — do not allow the mask to leak and stain everything around it.
  • Insulated. On the cellophane wrap hair towel. This “coat” will allow to maintain the desired temperature within the structure the necessary time.
  • Wash off with cool water. What happens to the egg when heated? That’s right — it collapses. And protein, and yolk. And wash hair then it will be problematic.
  • Fatty compounds are removed with diluted shampoo. It is clear that simple water oil components are washed away and the head will be greasy matted oakum. Therefore, such mixture must be washed off with shampoo. But not pure, as we used to, and to dilute it in the palm of one-to-one with water and lather the head. Do not forget that from the hot water the egg will curdle!
  • Opolaskivaniem decoctions or acidic water. The best option — acidified water. To do this, pour a liter of warm water with 5 ml of vinegar or squeeze a little lemon juice. Suitable herbal teas: chamomile, series, sage, birch buds.
  • If you are unpleasant egg smell and you’re afraid that others will approach you to sniff and wrinkle your nose drip into the mixture or into the water to rinse essential oils: orange, ylang-ylang, lavender.

    Hair mask with eggs: prescription variety

    Hair mask made of eggs is easily and quickly done at home, because all the ingredients are in the kitchen. Yes, and the price of such cosmetics are not comparable with purchased assets, and especially with professional care. But the effect is not inferior.

    Given below are described step-by-step recipes using chicken eggs. You can equally add and quail, but then the number of egg raw materials will need to double.

    For dry hair

    Formulations for dry hair, it is advisable to cook out the egg yolk because it contains fat, acids and vitamins. Hair mask from egg yolk moisturizes the hair, they are easy. But also the allowable combinations of whole eggs. The main thing — not only from a single protein that possesses the ability to dry the skin and strands. Further — table egg recipes for dry strands.

    Table — Options for egg masks for dry hair

    MaskIngredientsThe exposure time
    (in minutes)
    The frequency (times per week)
    Acetic burdock– 1 yolk;
    – 10 g of glycerol;
    – 15 drops of table vinegar;
    – 10 ml of oil of burdock
    Kefir– 1 yolk;
    – 0.5 Cup of yogurt (not cold);
    5 ml of oil of burdock
    Chocolate– 1 yolk;
    – 5 ml of oil (any vegetable);
    – 0,5 of a chocolate bar (to melt)
    Honey– Whole egg (beat);
    – 10 g of honey;
    – 15 ml olive oil
    Banana-milk– Whole egg (beat);
    – 1 banana (blend);
    – 50 ml of cow milk fat 6%
    Brandy-vitamin– 1 yolk;
    – 20 ml of oil (any vegetable);
    – 10 g of honey;
    5 ml brandy;
    3 drops of vitamin E
    Exotic– Whole egg (beat);
    – 1 medium size banana;
    – 1 avocado;
    – 10 ml olive oil

    Please note: kefir can wash the pigment, so the ladies with dark-colored tresses this dairy recipe is not suitable.

    For oily hair

    Egg recipes of masks for oily hair often include lemon juice. And this is logical, because citrus is able to eliminate excessive greasiness, refreshing and toning the skin. Applied to the scalp can be attributed to another plus of lemon decreases the amount of dandruff. Possible options of cosmetic mixtures for the hair described in the following table.

    Table — Options for egg masks for oily hair

    MaskIngredientsThe exposure time (in minutes)The frequency (times per week)
    Oatmeal– 1 yolk;
    – 10 drops of lemon juice;
    – 15 g of Hercules (maximum grind);
    – 10 ml of oil of burdock;
    – 10 drops of alcohol tincture of calendula
    Clay– 1 protein (whip);
    – 2 teaspoons of cosmetic clay (black)
    Soda protein– 1 protein (whip);
    – pinch of baking soda
    to dry1-2
    Onion– 1 yolk;
    – 1 teaspoon of onion juice;
    – 10 g of honey
    Castor oil– 2 egg yolks;
    – 7-10 drops of castor oil;
    – 5 ml lemon juice
    Alcohol– 1 yolk;
    10 ml of vodka

    If the compositions with alcohol-containing ingredients you have itching — avoid the use of such funds. Better apply the recipe with lemon and oil — this mask is not exactly dry skin but rather nourish it with nutrients, and eliminate the gloss, and peeling.


    Mask with egg can help those who suffer from dandruff. With this aim in composition is recommended to include oils, dairy products and citrus juice.

    Table — Options for egg masks for dandruff

    MaskIngredientsThe exposure time (in minutes)The frequency (times per week)
    With tea tree oil– 2 egg yolks;
    – 10 drops of castor oil;
    – 4 drops of tea tree oil
    With burdock and castor oil– 1 yolk;
    5 ml of burdock oil;
    – 7 ml of castor oil;
    – 10 ml lemon juice
    With yogurt– 1 whole egg (beat);
    – 100 g yogurt

    Another simple method: whip separately the components of eggs. Apply first protein. Give it to dry. Then smear the yolk. Film towel. Stand for half an hour and wash off with cool water. According to reviews, this recipe is able to get rid of dandruff caused by scalp irritation.For growth

    Egg mask for hair growth need, except eggs, may contain components that enhance the circulation. Then the hair follicles get significantly more nutrients and therefore the hair is stronger and grow faster. The possible combinations are presented in the table.

    Table — Options for egg masks that enhance growth

    MaskIngredientsThe exposure time (in minutes)The frequency (times per week)
    Mustard– 1 yolk;
    10 g of the dry mustard;
    10 ml of burdock oil;
    – water (if needed)
    To burning1
    Gelatin– 1 whole egg;
    – 15 g gelatin (diluted)
    Smetana– 1 yolk;
    – 100 g of sour cream;
    – 5-7 g cocoa powder (without additives)
    With lavender oil– 2 egg yolks;
    10 ml of castor oil;
    4 drops of lavender oil
    Beer– 1 yolk;
    – 10 g of honey (natural);
    – 1 banana (ripe);
    – 120-150 ml of beer

    The composition containing the mustard, you need to wash off as soon as you feel scalp is baking. That is, keep the mixture until the heat begins to grow into a burning sensation. It is better to use spread the mask on for 15 minutes anywhere on the skin and observe whether there is an allergic reaction.From falling out

    The composition of egg masks for hair loss is often included cocoa powder. Such a component provides a rush of blood to the follicle, thereby improving nutrition and strengthening the follicle. How to combine components described in the following table.

    Table — Options for egg masks that prevent hair loss

    MaskIngredientsThe frequency (times per week)The exposure time (in minutes)
    Kefir– 1 whole egg;
    – 10 g cocoa;
    – 100 ml of yogurt
    With almond oil– 1 yolk;
    – 20 g cocoa;
    – 10 ml of almond oil;
    – 100 ml of kefir or smetana
    Vodka and yeast– 1 yolk;
    – 10 g of honey;
    – 10 ml olive oil;
    10 ml of cognac or vodka;
    – 5 g of yeast
    With cabbage juice and cognac– 1 yolk;
    – 10 ml brandy;
    10 ml of cabbage juice;
    – 10 g of honey
    Chocolate and honey– 2 egg yolks;
    – a strip of black chocolate;
    – 0.5 Cup of natural yogurt;
    – 10 g of honey
    Henna and olive oil– 1 yolk;
    – 10 g of honey;
    – 10 ml olive oil;
    – 5 g of henna powder (colorless);
    – 10 ml brandy

    Olive oil combined with cocoa is a popular mixture hair. Oliva enriches strands, giving them strength and firmness, the cocoa powder improves the nutrition of the follicles, making it more resistant to external factors.

    For damaged strands

    For owners of brittle and split hair are useful compositions with olive, castor oils, decoctions of herbs, aloe juice. Such additives give the hair softness, Shine, prevents damage to the ends and protect against aggressive impacts.

    Table — Options for egg masks for weak strands and damaged ends

    MaskIngredientsThe exposure time (in minutes)The frequency (times per week)
    With a decoction of chamomile– 1 protein;
    – 10 grams of chamomile (boil in half Cup of boiling water, drain the broth);
    With green tea2 whole eggs;
    – 20 g of dry green tea (maximum grind)
    With oils and mayonnaise– 1 yolk;
    – 10 ml olive oil;
    – 10ml Arnica oil;
    – 15 g of mayonnaise;
    – 10 g of liquid honey
    Cognac-olive– 1 whole egg;
    – 10 ml olive oil;
    – 10 ml brandy
    Dairy– 1 yolk;
    20 g of yogurt;
    – 20 g sour cream

    Another way

    With all the variety of choices, hair mask with egg and honey is the most easy to prepare and versatile for the purpose. It influences all types of hair, nourishes and protects curls. While using egg shampoo, you will notice, how your hair curls will be elastic and shiny, you will see the volume and lightness, the scalp will calm down the hair decrease.

    Universal egg-honey mixture

  • To less dripping hair, beat the yolk before adding the honey.
  • Mix one egg yolk and 10 g of liquid honey.
  • Apply to dry hair.
  • Gently spread the mixture on the strands.
  • Wrap with cellophane and warm.
  • To wait half an hour and wash off with plain water. Rinse with acidified water.
  • Honey is a strong allergen. Don’t forget to test the composition before use. If after 15 minutes the skin is red, itching — will have to abandon the use of honey and to find another recipe that does not cause allergies.

    Egg shampoo

  • Need to get the egg out of the fridge to warm.
  • To separate the yolk and add to it 10 ml of water.
  • Beat with a mixer.
  • To apply, slowly massaging the skin. This should leave at least three minutes.
  • Then remains to distribute to ends.
  • Stand for another five minutes, and rinse without shampoo.
  • Rinse with acidified water.
  • Of course, egg hair mask is not a panacea. She will not be able to solve the problems of baldness or get rid of the fungus in the scalp. There will only trichologist. However, the systematic application of egg white masks significantly changes the state of the hair in a better way: they look healthy, thick and shiny. Is not the kind of hair every woman dreams of?

    Reviews: “the Effect is almost immediate”

    Recipes masks really good, I tried many of them and had noticeable improvement. But since there is no particular time, we decided to use an egg as shampoo. The result is not worse)


    I love the egg mask!!! I started to make them when the hair ends at the age of 14 become brittle. My mom told me to make nourishing masks. So egg white mask had an effect almost instantly!


    I have irritated scalp, even to the hairdresser occasionally embarrassing. Began to periodically make a hair mask with egg recipe… from brandy and eggs, the result was very pleasantly surprised, the skin healed and the hair is now soft and manageable


    In order for the hair to have a pleasant smell and did not smell of egg, I do so : when separated the white from the yolk , take the yolks and separates from the films in which it is located (this film and gives a strong smell) Rosbaltu water and add 3-5 drops of lavender essential oil or orange (something like that) Hair smells good!


    Egg hair mask is the best home remedy to strengthen hair, they can also be used when hair loss. I like to mix the egg yolks with the honey, brandy and onion juice. Apply this mask need not less than one hour on dry hair.


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