Hair mask of mustard, accelerating the growth: reviews and recipes

Who among us does not dream of long shiny hair like the models from the advertisements of shampoos? But often even the most thorough care of your hair does not give this effect: curls regularly exposed to hair dryers, hot irons, coloring or sunlight, look very unattractive. And that means it’s time to resort to natural “resuscitation”. Hair mask with mustard — we have lost strength to the strands. This tool activates the growth of hair and makes it voluminous.

Mustard seeds, rich in proteins, zinc, vitamins b, E, And long occupied a niche in traditional and folk medicine. A few good words about the mustard powder I can say and Amateur homemade cosmetics: most popularity this natural remedy in the fight for the beauty of hair.

Pungent seasoning and particularly its cosmetic applications

The most popular recipe mustard hair mask is simple as ABC. Composed of only two components: mustard powder and some warm water. This mixture is also called natural shampoo. It turns out “cheap and cheerful”. Just do not overdo ingredients: for cleansing will be enough 5-15 minutes.

Another popular method of caring for hair with burning spices is a therapy multicomponent masks based on mustard. Adding powder of different ingredients, you can get rid of hair fall, grow long braid or “slow down” the intensive work of the sebaceous glands.

Mustard mask fit girls with any type of hair. Can be treated with mustard and colored strands. However, in this case it is necessary to consider that the color may change slightly — especially at the roots. In addition, the tool stimulates the growth of hair, so the touch up may be required a little earlier than usual.What effect is worth the wait

Judging by the reviews on the beauty forms, women who have tried the effect of mustard masks, celebrate the many advantages of this natural remedies before beauty “brothers”. What is the impact of mustard?

  • Purity. One of the most well-known properties of ground mustard — the ability to dissolve fats. This effect provides the means of allyl oil included spices. The hair is cleaned as in the root zone and across the length. In the end, the strands, they seemed not as fast as before.
  • Density. The composition of mustard seeds is “hot” component, capsaicin, which provides greater blood flow to the hair follicles, thereby stimulating growth of the strands.
  • Strengthening. Mustard has a warming effect, increasing blood flow, with which the bulbs come faster nutrients that strengthen hair roots. That is why home hair mask with mustard effective against hair loss.

When mustard powerless

On an average day a person should fall to 100 hairs is a normal process of the natural cycle. If you think that the hairbrush and in the bathroom is far more, try a simple test. Look carefully at the fallen hair. If at its base there is a dark “capsule” (the root), then everything is fine.

If hair fell out by the roots, continue testing. Three days do not wash your hair and don’t use any styling products. Then pull strands at the temples or on the crown. If your arms have more than five hairs, is the alarm. And it is unlikely this will only home remedies, you must consult a doctor.

Contraindications to the use of mustard mask for hair are Allergy, pregnancy and lactation, diseases of the scalp (e.g., psoriasis), as well as wounds, scratches, and large pockets of inflammation on the head.Hair mask with mustard: 9 rules of safe procedures

Curls the average girl grow in a month by one centimeter. However, for many the figure is much lower because of the daily exposure that is exposed to hair. Mask for hair growth mustard at home can be a real godsend for those who wants to release the scythe.

But before you run to the pharmacy for mustard powder, become familiar with the use of this tool. There are nine. Ignorance of these subtleties can nullify your efforts and can even lead to negative consequences.

  • Carry out the test. Check your body’s response to contact with mustard seeds is similar to a standard test that girls performed before dyeing hair store paints. You need to test prepared on the basis of the mustard mixture on the skin of the wrist. Hold the composition in this area for 20-25 minutes. In the absence of changes on the skin, feel free to apply on hair.
  • Select powder. Based homemade masks taken from just mustard powder, and in any case not mustard sauce, because it contains a lot of chemical additives.
  • Do not use shampoo. Before applying the mask head wash is not necessary, because the seasoning itself is an effective cleanser. Before the procedure it is better to simply moisten the hair with water.
  • Adjust the water temperature. The base powder is diluted with warm water only, because exposure to high temperatures can release dangerous fumes.
  • Don’t overdo it. Time exposure mask observe strictly according to instructions, otherwise you can “burn” the scalp, instead of gorgeous curls to dandruff and flaking. And even during the mustard procedures follow their feelings. If you feel any burning or tingling sensation — immediately stop the session.
  • Put on the roots. In order to avoid drying out the mustard mask for hair growth is applied only to the root zone of the hair. By the way, if you simultaneously cover the hair oil (burdock, coconut, flax), that is 100% will protect hair from the drying effects of mustard.
  • Create a greenhouse effect. The mask will work better and faster, if after applying to cover the hair with plastic and on top to insulate your head with a towel.
  • Rinse correctly. The water should be neither cold nor hot — after the procedure the skin may negatively react to extreme temperatures.
  • Do not use a Hairdryer. After the mask wash your hair with shampoo, apply the balm to protect the “troubled” procedure strands. After the mask is better not to do a blow-dryer to avoid overdrying.
  • For oily hair it is recommended to apply a pungent spice times in five days. If your hair is medium oil, carry out the procedure once a week. Well, the owners of dry hair is enough to repeat the treatment every ten days. For all three types of the rate of improvement is no more than a month. Then rest for six months and can be repeated.Prescription table

    There are many recipes of masks with mustard for hair growth and strengthening, moisturizing, restorative. But General recommendations for improvement of the mustard strands following:

    • from lubricity will relieve the burning mixture of spices with the sugar;
    • baldness will help mustard with aloe;
    • to enhance curls works tandem mustard and yeast;
    • for dry curls suitable hair mask with mustard and burdock.

    The table below describes the most popular prescription combination on the basis of this spice that is effective for one problem or another with my hair.

    Table — Recipes mustard masks depending on the condition of the hair

    The problemThe number of ground mustardOther componentsTime
    Oily hairTwo tablespoons— Linen, peach or coconut oil — two tablespoons;
    — mayonnaise, — tbsp;
    — sugar — two tablespoons;
    — warm water — two tablespoons
    30 minutes
    Hair fallTablespoon— The yolk of the egg two;
    — aloe Vera juice — tablespoon;
    — brandy — two tablespoons;
    — 15% sour cream — teaspoon
    15 minutes
    The damaged hair dyeing/
    Teaspoon— Dry yeast — tablespoon;
    — slightly warmed milk — three tablespoons (yeast soaked in milk for half an hour);
    — sugar — tablespoon;
    — honey — tablespoon
    60 minutes
    Dry hairTwo tablespoons— Burdock oil — teaspoon;
    — vitamin a — teaspoon;
    — the yolk of the egg one
    60 minutes
    The hair is thin, broken, split, badly hold the formTeaspoon— Warm water — three tablespoons;
    — egg yolk — one;
    — gelatin — teaspoon (gelatin should be soaked in water for 30 minutes, and then heat)
    30 minutes

    Mask with mustard for hair growth — means “work” and simple. But dreaming of luxurious curls, it is not necessary to rely only on him. To put in order hair, you need to eat right, avoid cigarettes. And also less use a Hairdryer and do not abuse the experiments of transformation from brunette to blonde. Also, do not neglect headwear: kerchief or hat will protect strands from the summer sun, a hat will protect hair from frost and wind.

    Reviews: “There the volume, and the hair was a little lighter”

    This weekend I did the mask with mustard powder for the first time. About the feelings I want to say that lovers to lighten hair you have to experience or slightly less flour))) because the hair is not dyed, there was a mad Shine mask and styling irons! I just love it! but in General I advise to care of my hair complex: the mask of mustard, once a month to trim his hair hot scissors, the ends of the oil to lubricate… that these simple secrets breathed life into my hair!)))


    Girl tried the mask for the first time of course nothing will happen, but I have the roots of the head is very thick, and after the mask and an and the hair is just lighter than steel))) I really liked it, I will try again))) the mask of hell, but was bearable, kept 30 minutes for the first time think it’s enough!! What will happen, take a look and I will unsubscribe)))


    Course mustard masks is 4 months after the first month the result will be! Make a mask with mustard for 3 months, 1 time a week, my hair no one will know!!! Mask with mustard is just super: no minus, some pluses of using!!!


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