Hair mask with Dimexidum and egg, mustard, vitamins: rules, results and reviews

Hair grows slowly, falls out, look dull and lifeless? Means it’s time to save them. Come to the aid of a homemade mask, the effect of which lasts longer than salon procedures. To restore the beauty of curls will help hair mask with Dimexidum. She will cope with the problem of hair loss will help to grow long hair. However, the tool is specific and inappropriate use can damage not only hair, but also lead to dermatological problems.

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Dimexide is a medical drug, but it is known to all who are interested in home cosmetology. Has a unique feature: the drug increases the penetrating action of other substances. Assessing this quality medicine, beauty began to add it in a beauty mixture for the face and hair. Dimexidum penetrate through the skin, “taking” a useful substances are mainly homemade beauty remedy. The hair roots are nourished on the important elements, which leads to their intense growth.

Reviews and results after regular use Dimexidum mix show: the hair grows every month up to 3 cm, gain density and become strong. However, we must carefully study the effect of the drug, the instructions and contraindications, so as not to hurt yourself.What effect to expect

Dimexide hair is a kind of conveyor of useful elements. Therefore, in many ways, the effect after the procedure depends on additional components of the mask. Paired with drug use ampoule vitamins, herbal and essential oils, aloe juice and lemon.

The use of Dimexide for hair is to provide follicles of important nutrients. What results to expect from the procedure? Dioxide mixture:

  • dried roots. This is true when excessive fat hairline;
  • to increase blood circulation. What stimulates the growth of hair;
  • have a strengthening effect. Preventing hair loss of hairs;
  • revitalizes strands. Take their “Goodies”.

Although the drug solves many problems of hair, often recommend the use of dimexide for growth (to speed up hair growth). It activates dormant follicles, strands begin to intensively odonates, become thicker, less broken. Cosmetic mixtures of the drug soften the hair, making them obedient and silky. After the procedure decreases the porosity of the hairs less noticeable split ends.

Mask with Dimexide for hair growth, is used as resuscitation facilities. It is recommended when intensive loss of hair, when the curls look relaxed. The mask will be the person to curls damaged by paint or chemicals. After restoring the hair it is recommended to go to the means with natural components.

When Dimexidum masks should be abandoned

Incorrect use of medicines can harm hair and even the whole body. Through the dermis the drug enters the bloodstream. Mask to add it can do not all. Contraindications are:

  • cardiovascular disease;
  • diseases of the eye;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • the kidneys or the liver.

To use such a mask not during pregnancy. The drug entering the blood, is able to pass through the placental barrier. He enters the body of the future baby, which is dangerous. Breastfeeding from Dimexidum masks should stop. Drug get into the milk and through the milk and in the body of the newborn.

Reviews of trichologists, in relation to the use of cosmetic mixtures with Dimexidum ambiguous. On the one hand, these masks are really surprising their effect: hair grows fast, look healthy, and stop falling out. But there is another side: women in the pursuit of beauty is often neglected contraindications, abused body procedures, disrupt instruction. In this case, the effect is the opposite.Hair mask with Dimexidum: proportion and 5 options

In the home of cosmetology, it is important to use Dimexide, the instruction mixes for hair with Dimexidum simple, but it should be carefully observed. Experiments in the preparation are not allowed. The only way to be able to sensational effect of rapid hair growth without any negative consequences. Naturally, you should choose only proven recipe. If the components of the means are in doubt, better to look for another version of the mask.

The drug should not be applied to skin undiluted. A hasty decision can cause burns. Usually, the masks suggest to keep the proportions 1:3. The number of medications taken three times more of other components. Dilute Dimexide more possible, less — is prohibited.

If the mask contains oil, you need to pay close attention to the mixing process. The drug is poorly soluble in oils. You need to make the consistency of the cosmetic mixture was a homogeneous, otherwise there is a high probability that the medicine gets on your skin in its pure form. This will cause a burn.

With oils

Effect. Stimulation of blood circulation. The hair begins to grow rapidly, get Shine, filled with health, no longer to break down. Especially effective in brittleness and porosity of the hair.


  • castor oil — one teaspoon;
  • the same sea buckthorn oil;
  • yolk;
  • teaspoon dissolved Dimexidum.

The nuances of preparation and use. A simple hair mask with “Dimexidum” and sea buckthorn oil require insulation: for these purposes it is possible to use polyethylene plus a towel. Keep the mixture for half an hour. Suitable for rinsing warm water in the end you need to wash your hair with shampoo.

If your hair is prone to quickly zhirnet, the recipe can be corrected. To the above ingredients add a teaspoon of cognac. Alcohol-containing beverage reduces the production of dermal fat, gives the hair extra Shine. If there is no alcohol, you can replace it with lemon juice (the number is the same).With nicotinic acid

Effect. Promotes intense growth of hair, strengthens. Makes elastic strands. Can be used as a preventive measure, reducing risks of excessive hair loss.


  • one ampoule of nicotinic acid;
  • two tablespoons of any oil of your choosing;
  • a teaspoon of Dimexidum.

The nuances of preparation and use. The mixture of “acid oil” is heated to a few, after adding the drug. Treatment-and-prophylactic cosmetic formula has to be applied only on freshly washed strands. Time to 30 minutes. After you can’t use shampoo with sulfates.

Lamination with gelatin

Effect. Spit began to grow rapidly, the hairs cease to break. Hair look well-groomed. This hair mask with Dimexidum in the home allows you to get the effect of a laminated hair: hair becomes smooth, get a mirror Shine, no longer shining.


  • two tablespoons of gelatin;
  • a solution of Dimexide — teaspoon;
  • any herbal decoction, half a Cup;
  • egg;
  • oil solutions of vitamin A, E (a tablespoon of each).

The nuances of preparation and use. First you need to pour the gelatin herbal decoction, leave to swell (it will take about an hour). Swollen gelatin is added last, first mix the other components. The weight should be applied to clean hair, preferably wet. To improve the efficiency of the composition is applied on top of the polyethylene. You can keep hour.

With mustard and panthenol

Effect. This mask Dimexidum from hair loss and intense growth of hair. Reduces the oiliness of the hair, strengthens curls.


  • mustard powder (two tablespoons);
  • tablespoon of panthenol;
  • the same Dimexidum.

The nuances of preparation and use. Wrap the head with polyethylene and towel, wait about half an hour. For washing use baby shampoo.

Mustard powder can cause irritation, and in tandem with a potent drug to cause burns. During the procedure, it is important to focus on their own experience: if there is a strong burning sensation, an urgent need to wash away the composition. “Mustard” is not an option in excessive dryness of the skin of the head.With onion juice

Effect. Stops hair loss, stimulates the follicle, making the growth of hair becomes intense.


  • a teaspoon of Dimexidum;
  • tablespoon of onion juice;
  • the same amount of burdock oil.

The nuances of preparation and use. The mixture is kept for half an hour. To enhance the effect, cover with a towel.

Dioxide-onion mixture leaving specific fragrant trail. To after the procedure, the odor didn’t follow you, add five drops of essential oil of your choice.

How not to harm: 6 tips

Dimexide is a potent drug, so homemade recipes with its use can be called radical method. But why not do it for the sake of beauty… the Drug is really able to provide the effect of hair much longer, look shiny and healthy after only a month of use masks Dimexidum.

Impressed with the ability to quickly grow a braid and want to try the tool? Remember that the drug just as easily harm as help. Stick to the six tips and the procedure will be associated only with beautiful hair, and not with the side effects.

  • Correctly work with Dimexidum. It is used only by divorced. While the drug is in pure form, for manipulation, use gloves. Ignoring this rule is the path to the burn.
  • Always follow the proportions. The amount of the drug may not exceed one third of the whole mixture. Making a home remedy for the first time, you can even reduce the amount. Never add Dimexidum more than indicated in the recipe: can damage the skin, do a “disservice” to the hair.
  • Apply at once. Cosmetic compound with the drug should be applied immediately after preparation. If allowed to stand for one minute, the homogeneity of the components will be broken: separated, Dimexide can cause irritation. Of course, the mixture must be thoroughly mixed.
  • Focus on your own feelings. Mask it stings a little, but the tingling should be barely noticeable. If you experience any discomfort you should immediately wash off the mixture to give it a try. Own health is much more important than the length of the streamer.
  • Test drug. Endurance test in done: should be applied diluted in a base oil of the drug on the elbow.
  • Thoroughly rinse the mask. Ignoring this rule leads to the thinning of tresses.
  • If the mask for hair growth with Dimexidum used to prevent problems with the hair, and is seen as a way to quickly grow hair, then it should be done once every seven days. When the hair falls out, require treatment, the number of procedures doubled. Dioxide the mixture using a course, after a month of applications make a break not less than 30 days.

    Reviews: “Hair really grow faster, but…”

    I do this mask: 2 ml of Dimexidum, 10 ml of decoction of burdock root and nettle leaves, a teaspoon of burdock oil, castor, wheat germ, sweet almond. A few drops of lavender and patchouli. Leave for an hour. Hair stopped falling out after the first time. Twice a day massage the head with a wooden hairbrush.


    I tried dimexide for hair, you can add a little bit of any mask I made masks with Dimexidum and olive oil, the hair really grow faster! But not for children, pregnant and lactating.


    And I here such masochku with Dimexidum did: 1/4 Cup yogurt, 1 egg, yeast (as to density as mayonnaise turned out), solution staminol A and e, 1 teaspoon, and demixed 1 tbsp. Kept an hour and a half, the hair is soft and shiny steel, made by 2 times per week during the month. Industry for two and a half cm, usually one per month grow, or even less. I’m happy, it’s faint, but after wash, it goes away.


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