Hair mask with salt – how to do and for what?

On the website “” today we will talk about this, at first glance, an unusual way to care for curls, as hair mask with salt. Unusual for us – a generation of consumers, “industrial” cosmetic products. In fact, salt for hair care was used by our mothers and even did the salt scrub to your children. From which their hair grew quickly and became strong. We have already talked about the benefits of salt for your hair. How to make a remedy for hair treatment of salt – the subject of this article.

Exfoliation and nourishment

For the scalp – and hence for the condition of the hair and their beauty are extremely important to proper purification, because there is also a large number of sebaceous glands, the pores of which have a tendency from time to time to get clogged. And if you take into account the amount of styling that many of us use every day, it becomes clear where the dandruff and other hair issues.

The role of soft and even nourishing scrub for the scalp could fulfill conventional rock salt.

Salt exfoliation is done by rubbing salt medium into the scalp before you wash your hair or after.

At the same time, in salt, especially sea, unprocessed and without additives contains a significant number of substances which may “be useful” and hair. To get from this substance the maximum benefit, you need to make a mask for hair with the addition of salt.

Salt plus dairy products

Effectively apply the hair mask from yogurt, whey, drinking yoghurt (without fruit additives), sour cream or sour milk with the addition of sodium chloride or sea salt. For convenience of applying the mask, and hence for greater effect, choose the product of average density, to make it convenient to apply.

Weak hair from such a mask must be kept on the hair for about half an hour, become more alive.

Bread and egg hair mask salt

To make this an effective means for strengthening the hair take a little bit of sea salt unscented, two egg yolks and a few slices of rye bread. Pour bread few tablespoons of boiling water and wait until the bread is softened. Then add a teaspoon of salt and the egg yolks. All components are thoroughly mixed to a homogeneous condition.

After applying need to keep the mask for at least one hour, then thoroughly rinse the hair using ordinary shampoo.

The salt mask with avocado

Mix a spoonful of sea salt with a spoon of lemon juice and add one well chopped avocado. Apply the mask under the cellophane and a towel for about 10-15 minutes.

Mask for hair with brandy and salt

This “alcoholic” mask enjoys a great popularity among those who seek to give their hair strength and healthy Shine. For cooking this means you will need honey, cognac and sea salt – 200 grams of each ingredient. All components mix to dissolve the salt, place in a glass bowl, cover with a tight lid and put in the fridge for two weeks. Keep tool under the cellophane should be about an hour, and then thoroughly rinse.

Instead of brandy you can use regular vodka or some “useful” alcoholate, for example, calendula.

Salt masks with essential oils from

If the hair with salt, add the right aromatic oil, the effect will be magnified significantly.

  • Sea salt and almond oil nourishes and moisturizes the hair, especially effective is the remedy for parched and split ends.
  • Burdock is well – known remedy to strengthen the hair. Add a teaspoon unprocessed salt, let it completely dissolve and follow with 15 minutes. Then thoroughly rinse the tresses with shampoo or conditioner.
  • The orange oil will return to hair the lost Shine.
  • Hair loss will stop essential oil of peppermint.
  • Eucalyptus will reduce the oiliness of the hair.
  • Mask for slow growing hair with the salt and the clove oil has potent antimicrobial action and contributes to a more active hair growth.
  • Essential oil of lemon removes dandruff well.
  • Can be used as one of the essential oils, and a “cocktail”, depending on the goals you want to achieve.

    Mask of salt and herbal concoctions

    Many herbs can improve the condition of hair if they are used with water as a rinse after washing hair. Of broth that suits your hair, you can make a mask for damaged hair from salt, if dissolved in a few tablespoons of salt product. Need good wet hair in the broth with sea salt, gently squeeze them and wrap with polyethylene.

    A decoction of calamus root strengthens hair roots, sage and oak bark prolong their purity, broth Tsvetkova chamomile gives the hair Shine and revitalizes them. To prevent hair loss, use a decoction of thyme, burdock or red pepper.

    Strengthen the hair decoction of nettle, mother and stepmother, or St. John’s wort.

    Like most cosmetic products, hair mask salt has its indications. It is ideal for oily hair, as still, dry hair. For dry and brittle hair it is better to choose another method of care.

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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