Hair removal bikini area reviews, efficiency, different methods

Hair removal bikini area reviews, which you will find in the article on the website ““, refers to procedures which require special focus. In this intimate area has many nerve endings and very sensitive skin, hence the soreness and irritation. There are several different ways to remove hair in such a tender place. They all have both positive and negative sides. About which methods are most popular and how you can deal with irritation, which often occurs after you have posted the bikini wax — reviews and advice of those who have tried, will help answer these questions.

Epilator for bikini area

To remove the hair at home with the help of this method, as hair removal bikini area reviews, which you’ll find below are multiple ways.

The most popular of them, if you believe the reviews, considered the epilator, wax (wax strips), sugar hair removal, sugaring.

Note that we’re talking about hair removal, when hair removed by the roots, unlike waxing, when cut only visible part.

Hair removal bikini area epilator – reviews say that using machines to make the area smooth for almost a month, but it will be very painful.

  • “To reduce pain that occurs during the hair removal epilator, I well steam out the skin, lead epilator against the hair growth, before it skin soap and gently pull. My BRAUN SILK EPIL epilator works in water. It is also a significant plus when epilating the bikini area. If there are hairs, I pluck them with tweezers. Lara”


The bikini wax the waxing reviews also testify to the popularity of using wax to remove unwanted vegetation – available at home and in the salon. For hands and feet suitable warm wax for underarms and bikini – hot.

The Brazilian bikini wax (reviews say so) will be successful, if you have an arm on you. Improper waxing bruises and wounds.

Please note that the procedure should be performed only on dry skin, when the hair grows 1 cm (ideally 7 mm).

If the skin is wet, you can sprinkle talcum powder or a powder.

The wax is heated to a certain temperature (you can test by dropping on the back of the hand). It needs to flow and not burn the skin, but you should feel.

  • Using a spatula, apply on the bikini area wax for hair growth. The layer should be thin.
  • Top to make, more stick, a fabric strip, smoothing it with one sharp movement, little pressing into the skin.
  • Wait about a minute and abruptly tear the strip against the hair growth, pulling the skin.
  • Treat all of desired areas to be effective.
  • Wax residue rinse with warm water.
  • The bikini wax at home reviews has both positive and negative.

    • “Before the bikini area I did from the master. Then I decided to try it myself. Like and did like it but the hair after my home experiments began to grow, and they became even more. Natasha”.
    • “Buy a good wax in a jar Natural Depilflax – it is suitable for sensitive skin. After the procedure, apply a vitamin a oil. Result: no irritation bikini area smooth for up to 5 weeks. Mara”.
    • “I don’t have to help melting wax faster, so my technique of heating the wax of choice for those looking at home to prepare the wax, make for such a procedure, as hair removal bikini reviews say that many are looking for the answer to this question. I do so: in a pan pour a little water, the disk of wax is placed in a metal lid with sides, and put to warm in the minimum temperature. Only it melted, immediately put it on the bikini area. This is just normal temperature. Doing this with a spatula, the wax hardens quickly, for 10 – 15 seconds, and I abruptly pull away the shoulder, together with the solidified strip. Believe me, with the blade cool. I had to pull out literally 2 – 3 mm, and processed the entire area of the area of the blade. Svetlana”.

    Wax strips for bikini area

    Significantly speed up and simplify the process of epilation is possible by the use of wax strips. Unlike waxing that strips are ready to use and do not use a fabric to remove the wax.

    There is a special small strips for those who decided to get rid of hair using this method as hair removal deep bikini, reviews say that you can buy the regular (they are cheaper) and cut them into smaller pieces.

    • “The best method of hair removal bikini area reviews and my personal experience have convinced me this is the use of waxing strips. The first few times I was doing hair removal in the clinic. Then, when I realized all the technology, began to make himself at home. Believe me, nothing complicated! I like the wax strips Oriflame. Xenia”
    • “The area of deep bikini I make my own at home in front of the mirror with wax strips Delia. Do not glue the entire strip, and cut into pieces 2 cm wide. Angle, when the tear strip should be 45 degrees. You need to do dramatically. The pain used, the result is perfect! For bikini area – method is great! Krista”

    Hair removal sugaring

    One of the most reliable and experienced women and time-tested method of hair removal is considered a sugar bikini wax, you can meet different name – sugaring. This method is more popular in comparison with waxing, because it is more accessible for those who have hypersensitive skin, causes less irritation.

    • · “For a long time I did a bikini wax. Most recently, my master has suggested a similar method – the bikini wax is sugaring, reviews her clients have noted fewer side effects – including no ingrown hairs, as when wax hair removal bikini area reviews, which are full of words about the side effects. Pain much less from sugar waxing, no ingrown hairs, and it is much less expensive. I am now a fan shugaring. Mary.”

    Prepare sugaring at home using such ingredients as water with lemon juice and sugar.

    Mix a Cup of sugar with 1 – 2 tbsp water and lemon juice. Heat on low heat and allow the mass to boil. Temperature, which is preparing sugarin, should always be the same. The mixture will first turn white, then a caramel color. Cook for about 10 minutes. Then it should remove from heat, allow to cool to a temperature when you can hold it in my hand. Then roll the mixture out of the ball. If the mass sticks – cool stronger if hard – add a little water and again melt.

    You can then proceed to hair removal bikini area reviews, which you will find in this article.

  • Conveniently located to keep you well seen treated area.
  • Separate from the mass a small piece shugaring. Mash it well and when the ball will be good to soften and roll out, put on a bikini, smearing the ground.
  • After all hardens (a few seconds), tear off a hand or roll the ball against the hair growth.
  • Red dots, which can appear in place of removing particularly coarse hair, will be gone in a few hours.
    • “I was terrified to do sugaring in the area of extra-bikini, while on the legs this method is practiced for a long time, and bikini area were treated in this way. Before going to sea finally decided on a deep bikini. I admit, it was terribly painful, there were red dots on labia, but the result was very good. So it is better to be patient and be sure that “there” you all OK! Eugene”

    Hair removal bikini area reviews, how to remove irritation

    To relieve irritation after hair removal in several ways.

    Let’s learn about the most popular and effective of the reviews that were left on various forms of normal users.

    • “You can use a moisturizing cream or gel (lotion) after shaving. Saying good saves from calendula ointment. I personally after hair removal in the area of deep bikini treat all places with alcohol. This helps prevent infection and relieves irritation. Bake tolerant just answer. Natalie”
    • “I am satisfied with ordinary baby powder. Alla”.
    • “I do so: cut a leaf of aloe, cut it and smear all the places for the night. No spots and redness. Eugene”
    • “I wipe down a strong chamomile tea. Rather do packs. Brewed, dip gauze and apply on the bikini area. Angel”
    • “When I removed the hair by using a method such as hair removal bikini area reviews, started looking at how to get rid of the irritation. Not finding anything worthwhile, I got toREM for the face with aloe and put it on the bikini area. The irritation disappeared very quickly. Now I only do so. Helen”
    • “So good baby cream Johnson baby or Desitin relieves all the redness and even better tool, one that kids from irritation the diapers bought. No points! About the alcohol I will say this, if you were doing the bikini area depth, to wipe there can only be diluted. Otherwise the burn will get. This is the advice of my beautician. Irina”
    • “After I promocja itself, getting rid of hair using such a barbaric method as the Brazilian bikini wax reviews somehow convinced me that this is exactly what will do me, I got the terrible condition of the skin: wounds, abscesses and redness. Irritation was terrible. What I just did! Creams, compresses, gloves, iodine… and then stumbled upon this way of salvation – blue clay. Got her cream until thick, struck everything in the bikini area 20 minutes and then washed off. In the morning I noticed that the skin shrinks and the wound began to disappear. Repeated again. After 3 days from all effects of the trace left. Phew! Now, no wax waxing – this time. Only razor – two, with blue clay. Nadya”

    Modern methods

    Such a procedure, as hair removal bikini reviews say that removing the hair in this region is very important, you can trust the professionals in salons. Besides the fact that they professionally carry out a bikini wax, will make the sugaring, you can offer a more radical modern methods of hair removal in the intimate area – with the help of the laser, the flash of the discharge current and ELOS hair removal.

    Details on how is ELOS hair removal, reviews about her and about other methods of getting rid of the hair forever in the bikini area, including the deep, you can learn from a series of articles on our website.

    Next, we briefly describe what different methods and will introduce you to what the reviews say about hair removal bikini area with the help of latest technology.

    Types of modern hair removal bikini area

    According to the method of impact on the hair follicle distinguish between these types of hair removal:

    • epilation on the hair follicle are a bright light flash, which is then converted into heat energy.
    • laser hair removal – in the area of hair growth the laser beam operates, which reacts to the pigment contained in the hair, and along the rod, the laser reaches the follicle, destroys it.
    • electrolysis is a follicle to kill the impulse, the spark destroys the follicle.
    • ELOS hair removal – combines all the advantages of previous technologies and removes hair by acting on the bulb on three sides: a laser, a flash and electric shock.

    About positive and negative aspects of each method, you can read articles, which describes each of the methods.

    Overall, it can be noted in all technologies is quite modern methods of hair removal, therefore, about what might be the consequences for health, yet is not known.

    In addition, to remove hair such methods, you will need quite a long time – it is not about days and months, and years.

    This is because hair follicles are destroyed only on a certain phase of their development – active stage. Such body hair from 30 to 70%. With each new session you will have to remove some of the hair.

    Which way is best?

    Determine what the modern method is suitable for such procedures as hair removal bikini area reviews will confirm this – the unequivocal answer is possible. Will help you to choose what is right for you, consult a specialist at a good salon.

    It is better to apply in one where the practice of all the removal methods and can advise you and choose something that will be beneficial for you.

    The choice should take into account the answers to the following questions:

  • There are no contraindications for epilating bikini area: reviews say that modern institutions provide to fill out a questionnaire, are asked to bring health card or a medical specialist.
  • What you have a skin phototype? So, laser hair removal (LE) only suitable for light skin and dark hair, and the brighter contrast (light skin, black hair), the better it will be. But the ELOS hair removal suitable for all skin types, even for tanned.
  • What is your color, type and structure of hair? For example, for light hair laser hair removal deep bikini, reviews say, will be ineffective. But photoepilation (by the way, the most painless of them all, but judging by the reviews, not very effective) suitable for almost all hair.
  • All types of modern hair removal are performed on programmable equipment, after making the required settings the camera chooses the appropriate program. Important, can say, a crucial role is also played by the experience of the specialist so once again advises to choose not salon, but it is the master.

    • “Laser hair removal bikini area reviews, friend inspired me to remove the hair this way is very painful. I wanted to say about LE deep bikini area: the labia, the perineum and around the anus. Laser specialist puts a little power, otherwise the Red Square in Moscow saw. Oh, and the price! 1 session – 350 UAH. (about 40 dollars), and they need at least 5 – 6. Shine”
    • “Electrolysis bikini area reviews, which I read, I liked the most. I’m sure the current, direct penetration of a needle under the skin, you can permanently get rid of hair in such an intimate place. If there are no contraindications, why not to choose this method? Lidocaine anaesthetises everything is fine, I only hear the discharge and tolerant. Payment by the minute – we have in the cabin is 20 rubles. Katya”
    • “Photoepilation bikini zone reviews, where I hear different, I did not, but a friend very happy. My hair is generally not lost, and she’s already after 3 sessions they are almost gone. So — to each his own. Alinushka”
    • “The most expensive and the most effective is ELOS hair removal bikini area, the feedback I heard, once again confirm this. It’s not as painful as in Elektro. She was bor more effective than laser, though, because suitable for all skin types and hair. I was already 4 sessions in a year. Make deep bikini. It is the most effective method. Karinka”.

    Hair removal bikini area reviews, which you found in the article, can successfully be performed at home and in salons. Choose what is right for you, and you will have smooth skin even in the most secret places.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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