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The website “” is not just considered different methods of hair removal. Undoubtedly, this question worries a lot of women. But not every nice simple tools (e.g., shaving). Sophisticated and costly methods (IPL, laser hair removal) not everyone can afford. Not if you hair removal folk remedies? Let’s discuss a few ways, and you will answer yourself to this question.

Simple remedies for hair removal

The following funds are available, inexpensive and is in almost every medicine Cabinet. Still need to stock up on patience, time and positive attitude.

Ammonia and castor oil

To prepare the effective tools you need to mix:

  • ammonia — 5 grams (1 teaspoon);
  • castor oil — 5 grams (just over a teaspoon);
  • a solution of iodine, 4-6 drops;
  • vodka or alcohol 1 tbsp.

Mix thoroughly all the ingredients. It is desirable to use a glass dish. Then quickly apply the product to the place from which you want to remove hair. After 6-8 hours, repeat the procedure. Usually 3-4 days to themselves hair fell out.

If you want, you can prepare as much funds as necessary for the final result. But in this case, be sure to keep a glass container in the fridge under cover. Otherwise, a folk remedy for hair removal will disappear.

What do they say about this simple tool women?

  • More surprised than trust. I agree, the tool is prepared simply and quickly. Be sure to try on the hand. At first glance the tool seems effective and not very dangerous, because the components are familiar and proven. Galya

Tar and nuts

Hair removal folk remedies are very popular walnut. And used only the core but also the shell.

To prepare you need:

  • young nuts — 1 Cup;
  • birch tar — 1 tablespoon.

The preparation is very simple. You need to pound the nuts and mix with the tar. During the next 3 weeks is a folk remedy for hair removal must be infused in a dark place.

The finished mixture should be rubbed into the right place. After a few days your hair will “tell” you “Adios!”.

  • I had heard about the effectiveness of the shell and decided to try it. Why not? Funds are available and not dangerous. Made tincture. However after 3 weeks I forgot about her readiness. Have used in a month. It works!!! Svetlana.

Potassium permanganate

Potassium permanganate is one of the most popular and cheap means for hair removal. And you can use it in different ways- as you prefer and like.

Method 1

Make a solution of potassium permanganate medium-saturated colors and RUB into the skin. Procedure should be done every day for as long as all the hair will not fall out.

This way you can give a few recommendations:

  • thoroughly mix the potassium permanganate crystals;
  • you do the procedure in the evening 1-2 hours before bedtime;
  • need hair removal in the cold season, because the skin can be painted.

Method 2

In a glass of hot water dissolve potassium permanganate (on the tip of a knife). Stir and pour into prepared warm bath.

Key recommendations:

  • put on a shower cap (or risk being without hair on the head);
  • do not bathe more than 20 minutes;
  • add potassium permanganate every time I take a bath (usually 25-30 procedures sufficient for complete hair removal).

Refer to the reviews:

  • Very tired to shave, because stubble just a day. Decided in the autumn to try to add in a bath of potassium permanganate. Took a bath every other day. Approximately 10 days later the part of the hair falls out. Recommend! Only, girls, be careful with the concentration of potassium permanganate. Chemical burn — a bad thing. Dana.
  • I hesitated at first. Still hard to believe that there is a way to remove the hair forever. But still decided to risk it. The only thing I wanted is to remove all hair in the bikini area. Became a brush to RUB potassium permanganate only in those places where the hair is prevented. Happy now. Hair as much as you want.))) Xue.

Hair removal folk remedies — seeds

Stinging nettle — the same plant that can rid you of unwanted hair. Forever!

Remedy nettle

Often this tool is called “nettle oil“. For its preparation you need seeds of nettle (40 grams), pour refined sunflower oil (100 ml). Then a folk remedy for hair removal is supposed to stand for 8-10 weeks in a dark place. For hair removal you need to treat problem areas to achieve results.

Nettle seeds can be bought in the pharmacy or, if possible, to collect yourself. They are fully ripen in late autumn.

If you’re in Turkey!

Another effective means to slow the growth of hair is ant oil. Moreover, since ancient times, using it not only women but also men.

Where is the Turkey? — you will ask. Yes, despite the fact that it is the birthplace of many tools for slowing the hair growth on the basis of the ant oil. And it is in this country we encourage you to find and purchase this unique genuine oil. Undoubtedly, you will be satisfied.

As you can see, to make the skin smooth and attractive, it is not necessary to resort to painful procedures and spending a lot of money. Hair removal folk remedies available in every beautiful and successful woman.

Smooth you skin!

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