Hair removal: history and modernity

The standards of female beauty in different countries at different times were significantly different. Somewhere now worship rising from 180 and narrow hips, and I used to prefer women in the body. The days are coming, and ideals of beauty change. The same applies to hair on the body: in the history there were periods when the vegetation was in Vogue, for example, Queen Victoria by a special decree forbade any kind of hair removal. But for the most part, smooth skin was considered the standard of beauty in Ancient Rome and in Greece and in the East, and Russia. How our predecessors struggled with unwanted vegetation on the body?

The first ways of dealing with hair

Initially for hair removal was just something to scrape the skin – a stone with a sharp edge, two folds of shells, nails. The procedure was extremely painful, unhygienic and traumatic. The purpose of this execution was often to prepare the body for rituals, and I’ve been involved mostly men.

Female waxing as the procedure of the mass, appeared in Mesopotamia. The beauty here required enormous sacrifices, because the resident used the stones, scrapers, ie any possible means. However, it is in Mesopotamia began experiments to develop depilatory creams made from a donkey’s fat, resin and herbal supplements.

Beauties Of Ancient Egypt

To the rank of a compulsory procedure of hair removal was built Nefertiti. Being the wife of a powerful Pharaoh, she couldn’t afford to not look perfect. It is believed that she became the first woman to experience the charm of a shugaring – sugar depilation. In the mixture, which was used by Nefertiti, consisted of honey. The procedure quickly became popular, largely thanks to the Pharaoh, who demanded flawless smooth skin and his concubines.

Cleopatra also gave her appearance a lot of attention, but unlike its predecessor the hair and she used hot mixtures based on wax or resin.

The experience of the Greeks and Romans

The Greeks, for whom a beautiful body was the cult, also could not avoid the topic of depilation party. Just look at the statues made in that period, no extra body hair and it is with careful consideration of each element of the sculpture. Young women mostly used the tweezers for hair removal, but did not hesitate, and other available materials at hand. Someone even went to extreme measures and singed hair. Popularity also enjoyed setting bryony.

Later, Roman women, invented a new method of hair removal – thread. The procedure was carried out in the baths, when the skin was sufficiently steamed. One or more hairs wrapped thick thread and withdrawn. Basically, this procedure was entrusted to the slaves – “Kosmeta”.

Middle East: history and modernity

In the baths a hair removal procedure conducted in the middle East. And this is done not only for aesthetic reasons but also for hygienic beliefs. Special rooms for depilation exist in the hammams (Turkish baths) to this day.

Fashion Of The Middle Ages

In the middle Ages hair has lost its popularity, as well, and many of the concepts about beauty and hygiene. The only area with which the beauties of that time tried to remove the hair was the forehead. The higher and wider he was exposed, the more noble and smart was considered a woman. With the face removed, even the eyebrows, and then the skin is intensely bleached with solutions of lime-based or with the addition of white lead.

The twentieth century: a step forward

Of course, the greatest success hair made up in XX-XXI centuries, when the first safety razor, and then homemade pizza. Brothers Vest made a good deal, developing a fixture in which the blade is clamped in a special frame and threatened cuts at any careless movement.

In 60-e years, hair removal has acquired the character of mass: in the salons that offer waxing, it was not besieged by clients who wanted to have smooth skin. In the USSR at that time preferred to do the shaving machine tool.

The epilator can be considered a legacy of the ancient Greeks, because its principle is similar to the procedure of epilation threads – a thread is captured and escapes from the root. Use them at home has become especially popular in 90-ies.

Radical methods of hair removal

In the modern world with its pace of life women have no time for hours of plucking the hairs with tweezers. Yes, fortunately, this is not necessary. Modern cosmetology offers radical ways of dealing with unwanted vegetation: photoepilation, laser hair removal and electrolysis.

The effectiveness of these technologies is based on the destruction of the hair follicle where the hair shaft grows through exposure to light, laser or electric current.

The pros and cons of different types of hair removal

Of all the currently existing methods of hair removal laser hair removal is perhaps the most gentle, effective and safe procedure. But each method has its pros and cons.

The laser affects a narrow beam of light to the hair shaft, heats it, and eventually destroys along with a follicle , from which hair grows. The only drawback of this procedure is the complexity of its implementation on very light or gray hair, because they contain a small amount of the pigment melanin, which absorbs heat from the laser.

IPL is similar to laser hair removal the principle of action, but the flash lamp generates different wavelengths that is absorbed by other skin structures. It may cause burns. For the radical removal of undesirable vegetation will need more treatments than laser hair removal.

Electrolysis is now not popular, because the procedure is rather unpleasant and long lasting: a special needle is necessary to bring each thread to work on the follicle with a pulse of electric current. After this procedure, you can stay and scars.

Hair removal, i.e. the removal of the visible part of hair, wax, cream, razor is always a temporary measure, while sometimes painful, and often causes mechanical damage to the skin.

The benchmark for safe and effective hair removal

Gold standard laser hair removal the alexandrite laser is considered, the advantages of which in power and hence the speed of the procedure. It is also equipped with a skin cooling system, which helps to avoid painful sensations.

It is this kind of lasers used in the centers of the “Laser Doctor”, where they are top-notch professionals. Clinics network (5 in Saint-Petersburg and 1 in Moscow) laser hair removal can be done at very affordable prices , for example, in the area of “armpit” from 700 rubles. In this way, customers do not save on your comfort or safety, because all procedures are conducted by licensed medical experts in the field of laser therapy.

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