Hair staticky: why and how to fix the problem

Sometimes static electricity plays a cruel joke with us, rasposa hair, not sparing even the most beautiful and well-groomed hair, turning it into a kind of a dandelion, ready to scatter in the wind. And charm sticking out in all directions the hair is not added. With static electricity, walking in the hair, of course, faced by every woman. What to do if your hair is staticky, tells women’s website ““.

Why staticky hair

The reason is quite simple, it lies in the physical properties of the hair and apply the force of friction.

Hair possess very good electrical conductivity, it should be known to all from school lessons of physics.

For static electricity you need to exert the friction force, several dissimilar substances should come in contact with each other. The more friction, therefore more of static electricity formed.

The circumstances contributing to the electrification of hair

In addition to the main causes of the hair of static electricity are vital factors that enhance the accumulation of electric charge.

Conditionally they can be divided into two groups: factors that reduce the likelihood of mutual neutralization of discharges, and the factors that increase friction.

  • Dry air
  • Frequent use of Hairdryers, Curling irons, flat irons
  • Perming and hair coloring
  • An improperly chosen shampoo
  • Thin hair
  • Improper comb
  • Long hair
  • Wearing hats in the cold season

Why is very strongly electrified hair is in dry areas?

The static electricity is able to reciprocally neutralized in the interaction with moist air because of its some electrical conductivity. Dry air does not discharge on “log out” for this reason, static electricity starts to build up.

We have already mentioned that the force of static electricity depends on the exposure of the hair by friction force.

In fact, the aggravating factors are not so little, and forget about them is not necessary. If they are present in the complex, then the result is a strongly electrified hair.

The problem is

Well, the laws of physics, of course, can not be canceled, and hope that you now will do something, and the hair will never be neelektrizuyuscheysya, it would be pointless. But to do something you still can and should.

In your power to minimize aggravating factors.

We’ll talk more about that on the website

  • As we have seen, the hair is staticky in dry areas, so the air is definitely need to moisturize. The higher the humidity, the less likely the hair will get electrified. exactly. You can buy in the store a humidifier or simply place an open container (pot, jar, jug) filled with water, next to the Central heating. But if you dry hair, read here on how to care for them.
  • A Hairdryer and other hair drying appliances, it is necessary to use as seldom as possible. Or perhaps their use in mild conditions, i.e. at low temperatures impact.
  • Perming and frequent hair coloring also leads to dryness and thinning. It is better to abandon such effect at all or doing these procedures less frequently.
  • If your hair is normal to wash with shampoo for oily hair, your hair will be strongly electrified. It is always necessary to choose a shampoo according to hair type.
  • Thin and weak hair needs to be strengthened. Can be used, for example, hair masks.
  • Do not use plastic or metal comb – hair electrified stronger. Better to give preference to wooden comb.
  • Long flowing hair electrified by friction with the clothes. In this case, the hair can clean your hair, gather in a bun or braid braids, but it is not necessary to do very elaborate hairstyles.
  • From hats in the cold season should not give up. But you need to remember that hair is staticky from the products of acetate, wool and blended yarns. And products made of camel wool, virtually no static. If we talk about fabrics, then here the best option is fabric with antistatic thread.

In addition to these simple rules struggle with the electrification of hair to cope with this problem, various antistatic sprays for the hair. Some of them can make your hair greasy if you spray them directly onto the hair, spray on a comb and her to distribute antistatic hair.

It can also be effective hair styling tools.

Hair staticky? Now you know how to handle it!

Author Elvira Agacheva, site

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