Hairstyle and makeup for blonde hair how to look spectacular?

It was once thought that brown hair is boring, and beauty for women were ready to change their natural color to the most unimaginable shades. Now the trend is different: all natural in high esteem, including hair color.

Today on the website “” we’ll talk about how to reveal the natural beauty of blonde hair.

Problems blonde hair

Hairstyles and styling on brown hair look most effectively when the locks are well maintained, bright and brilliant.

Of course, this applies to any hair color but blonde require a bit more attention. It fair-haired beauties can face these kind of problems:

  • The lighter the hair, so they are more sensitive to adverse environmental conditions.
  • If the hair is weakened, they lose their Shine, look dull and boring.
  • The sun is particularly ruthlessly to the light hair, and as a result, hair becomes brittle and dry.
  • Blonde hair more than dark, exposed section.

But all of these “shortcomings” can be overcome if to take care of hair properly and also to choose the right hairstyle and haircut for blonde hair.

Caring for brown hair

  • On Sunny days, try to protect hair from ultraviolet radiation. If you are a lover of hats in the summer, use special hair care products with UV filters.
  • Usually blonde hair is rarely greasy, so try to wash your hair not more often 2 – 3 times a week.
  • Choose hairstyles for blonde hair, where damage to their structure is reduced to a minimum: avoid Stripping, tight beams, etc. Try to rarely use a Hairdryer.
  • Don’t forget to apply hair conditioner, preferably from the same series as shampoo. Apply it at least 5 minutes in freshly washed and slightly towel-dried hair. If your are a light brown color is the result of a clarification, in addition to the normal conditioning you’ll need a tool for restoring hair.
  • At high levels of copper in tap water have light blonde hair can cause unpleasant greenish tint (especially, if the hair was bleached). To help solve the problem of rinsing with acidified water.
  • If you want to get rid of the yellowish tint, use special shampoos which include Magenta. As a rule, these tools are designed for gray hair.

And to care for brown hair “” recommends to use folk remedies.

Traditional recipes for brown hair

  • Daisy. On the effects of chamomile is known to many: it makes hair stronger and gives them a unique Shine and hairstyles on brown hair look gorgeous. For its preparation take 2 tablespoons of dried chamomile flowers to 1 liter of water, boil for 5 minutes, strain and used as a natural conditioner, which is not necessary to rinse.
  • Rhubarb. This plant can be used for those whose brown hair have a cool ashy shade. Half a litre of water take 2 shoots and 1 Cup of crushed rhizome of rhubarb and cook until then, until half the liquid has boiled off, then cooled, filtered and applied to clean hair for 30 minutes. Then washed the head of an ordinary cool water.
  • Lemon. Lemon juice will not only give blonde hair Shine, but also help to make them a little lighter. To do this, regularly rinse the hair with lemon juice diluted with water at a ratio of 1 to 3. If you do not use the dryer to make packing for brown hair, and dry them in the sun, the lightening effect will be more noticeable. In addition, hair thanks to the lemon juice will acquire an amazing Shine. But using a lemon, do not forget to take care of extra moisture to the hair – lemon has a drying effect.
  • Med. Honey mask strengthens, nourishes and also slightly brightens blond hair. Really tight for a long time – 5 hours. Apply honey on clean hair, then you need to wrap your head in a warm towel. After this procedure, your brown hair will become radiant and will gain an unprecedented softness.
  • Kefir. Apply to hair and wait for yogurt, heat wrapped, for 8 hours. This will help to restore the weakened hair strands, stimulate hair follicles and to lighten fair hair.

Haircut on brown hair: the features

The beauty of your hair will accentuate the well-chosen hairstyle. As a rule, brown hair do not differ significantly in thickness, and sometimes I want to add them some volume. This can be done by using shearing type of cascade, graduated Bob or haircut type “Bob”, who also graduated.

Haircuts and hairstyles for medium blonde hair looks generally better than short haircut style “pixie” for sparse light hair are not suitable.

Look great with straight long brown hair, of course, if they are sufficiently thick. But if you want to revive their natural color and add volume to the long hair, try highlights. There is no need to streak the entire thickness of hair, it is sufficient to add a few lighter strands near the face or to revive a little hair from about mid-length, osvetli them a tone or two.

Now fashion natural color transitions. Bleached strands should look like they’re a little burned in the sun, and was not painted specially.

Advantageous to look trendy now hairstyles for long brown hair using different kind of weaves, plaits and bunches. They do not have to be difficult, and some carelessness for added romance.

Makeup for blonde hair

It is impossible to give General recommendations for makeup for all fair-haired beauties. Features make-up will depend on the shade of blonde hair, and eye color, and skin tone.

But a few General recommendations to be given.

Special attention should be paid to eye makeup: for brown hair tend to give the face a soft, “smoky” beauty and the purpose of cosmetics is to help correct accents. This black color mascara and eyeliner with very light hair will look pretty rough, so in most cases it is better to refuse.

  • If the color of the hair and skin very light and the color of eyes gray or blue, blue and gray tones in makeup will be very helpful. For an evening out, you can use mascara and eyeliner in dark blue.
  • Under makeup brown hair, in a tone which contain honey or reddish tones, done in brown and sandy tones, especially if the skin has a warm tone, and the eyes are brown or green.
  • If blonde your hair color is pretty dark and you possible to call a redhead than a blonde, the skin has a cool tone, and his eyes grey or blue, use dark blue eyeliner and cool tones in makeup. If you do evening makeup for blonde hair a dark shade, the eyeliner and mascara in black.

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