Hairstyles for corporate: surprise colleagues!

A corporate party, a joint celebration of different dates, together with colleagues is an inevitable part of life for most working people. At corporate want, on the one hand, out of the usual strict way, and with another – not be the reason for the puzzled looks…

What hairstyle for a corporate event will be “the topic”? Knows ““!

Hairstyles for corporate from long or medium hair

Long hair is so beautiful! But when you need to figure out how to build something…

Okay, you’ll know what to do with long hair!

It was a combination of clothes and hairstyles. For a corporate party you probably want to wear a dressy (perhaps a cocktail) dress or a nice blouse with a skirt – either way, something elegant and feminine.

What hairstyle is good for this dress? The answer is a bunch!

Under the beam is not only “Dulko” worn by your least favourite school teacher in her pre-retirement age!
A great accessory that allows you to build a stylish bunch quickly – a special roller. Hair is collected in a high ponytail. Then on top of the headband is worn round the roller, and the tail wraps around him to cover evenly, getting neat big bunch. The hair ends are hidden inside, under the cushion. This hairstyle is especially effective with bangs.

You can add to the beam with the platen interesting bar wrap his pigtail (need to weave in and out of the hair of the tail before wearing the cushion and made a bundle).

Very simple in application bundle from the harness.

Is formed the low ponytail is split into two strands. Each strand is twisted with the fingers, and then the strands twisted together. Turns out the harness. From the harness at the back going to the beam (this harness is wrapped several times around the base) and stabs hairpins and invisible.

It is also important not to forget about styling the front part of the hair with a beam. The front strands curl a curl or a slight wave, sometimes leave a section of your hair free flowing. A bundles of good when the hair is not pulled natugo, and going to the back of the head soft, almost covering the ears.

Loose hair at the office party: is it permissible?

But sometimes it happens that you absolutely don’t want anything to weave or to stab, and I want to spit and go with flowing hair. Does this dress code?

In General, no strict rules, which hairstyles for a corporate event valid, so you sure you don’t violate.

But there are just loose hair, but there are styling! Even a good well-groomed hair in rare cases, presentable look “just so” in combination with a chic dress (and especially if there is some dissatisfaction with the natural look of the hair). Without styling products or hair dryer may look good, is that short hair (and that if it is successful, is you and itself keeps the intended shape).

Long and medium length hair needs styling. Versatile styling for a corporate event is not that difficult. You can always try these options:

  • Hair in short blades curled in large soft curlers, the ends inside. When removing the curlers the hair slightly sbrazhivaetsya varnish to form kept. Curls or curls does not work, but the hair will be bigger, more elaborate (as they are lifted from the roots), mowing will take the form. If you have bangs, it is also powering the inside (on curlers or a round brush).
  • Any length hair is possible to align the pad. However, it looks really impressive on fairly thick hair.
  • You can do curls with Curling iron or with curlers-tubes. It is not necessary to curl the strands from the roots – let macosaca part is smooth and curls start at approximately shoulder length or below (depending on hair length).
  • Soft wave is obtained by braiding wet long hair in a braid, and then undo the fix and a little varnish.

A few more ideas hairstyles for corporate

What to invent, if classic styling is sick and likely to appear on most of the heads of the female part of your workforce?
Try something unusual as hairstyles on the corporate!

  • The beam-bow. It is very simple. Hair is collected in a high ponytail, and then folded again under the gum – it turns out the loop of hair. On the loop should take about 15 cm lengths of hair – a remnant let a tail peeking from under the gum. Then “loop” is divided in half – this is the future halves of the bow. The rest of the hair, wrap the bow in the middle (across) as many times as far as the length of the hair, tuck the ends under the rubber band.
  • High ponytail with an oblique parting. This spectacular hairstyle or thick hair, or hairpiece tone-on-tone with your own hair. The hair is divided into parted (perhaps “oblique”). On the one hand (if the parted side with a “broad”) let loose a few strands of the front part of the hairstyle. The rest of the goddamn smooth hair into a high ponytail, to which you can add artificial hair or hairpiece. The remaining front strand Curling into frizzy hair is fixed with varnish. This is a very interesting solution – you can surprise your colleagues with a sudden change in the length and thickness of your curls!

What hairstyles to do at the party?

There are several hairstyles that not something that would be strictly prohibited at corporate events, but just inappropriate, untimely.
For example, in a day (especially, evening) do not make a regular ponytail. Surely this is one of your everyday hairstyles and beautiful dress and ornaments daily tail clearly does not fit.

The second is not the most spectacular hairstyle – “ballet” tight beam with slicked-down hair. Too modest, not very fashionable…

And still do at corporate without hairstyles with elements of deliberate negligence, of freedom – “Neoplatonic” and “disheveled” KOs, “shaggy” hairstyles, hastily concocted beams (even if it is very cute with jeans and a shirt of the man she loved in the day), etc.

These hairstyles have the right to exist, but not at a corporate event!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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