Hairstyles on September 1: how beautiful is to braid your daughter?

Soon mothers of the Schoolgirls is an important day because the first of September every girl wants to be the most beautiful and elegant among classmates!

But if a school uniform or “black bottom white tops” and usually buy the Shoe in advance, the problem of hairstyles on September 1 need to decide quickly in the morning to make Breakfast, dress up and not be late to the celebration!

Our website ready to help and suggest ideas simple and glamorous hairstyles for girls!

What hairstyle on September 1 to do with long hair?

Long hair girls – so lots of different hairstyles!

For example, braids are one or two, the regular and the French, five strand, fishtail…. But with braids one problem – no skill to build an intricate weave dooolgo, and it is not suitable for morning first of September!

Offer fast in weaving and unusual hair – braids crosswise.

First divide the hair parted down the middle and separate the top from each side of the parting the part of the hair from which the trail braids. The lower part can collect two tail, not to interfere. And of the tops spin on the usual spit – such length that the braid reached the base opposite to the tail (i.e. the left tail – right tail, and Vice versa).

When braid is finished, secure it and the tail with an elastic together. Do the same with the other braid and ponytail, braid only will be held on top of the first, crosswise.

Hairstyle is ready! Alternatively, you can braid then in General, braid hair from the ponytail and braids, get the hair with the two braids.

Still very good in quality hairstyles on the 1st of September various bundles. This is strictly for school and very cute on a little girl’s head!

To simplify the task, get special rubber-roller for the creation of three-dimensional beam – the hair go through the “cushion” and then the strands wrap around him, so that all could be seen.

Simply and quickly, especially if the hair is not very thick!

Beautiful hairstyles on September 1 of the short hair

Schoolgirls shoulder-length hair? Then this is the occasion to please the young fashionista “grown-up” styling!

You can curl curls Curling, having curls right, or Vice versa – even hair irons.

And then decorate the hair with accessories – it can be a thin headband with a bow or white artificial flower, Greek headband (“” has already talked about the hairstyles with this accessory – can draw additional ideas?), hair clips-alligator clips or Bobby pins with small bright flowers – the range is very large!


Hairstyles girls on 1 September with bow

Big white bow – a traditional accessory for the first day of school. Such bows are usually on the scrunchie, and most obvious, the hair – tail or two-tail (with two bows). But before that, of course, all mothers thought so, and we will try to offer more innovative options:

  • French braid diagonally, fixed bow at the ear. Weaving must begin from the temple and finishing just below the opposite ear.
  • Six (or more if you have time and skill) French braids converging to the top, fasten a bow, the tips form the tail.
  • The curls on one side, side parting, bow (white or September festive mood had embraced artificial flower) on the hairpin is mounted in the region of the ear above the curls. This hairstyle is better to fix the varnish.

And very cute and stylish the solution is to replace the usual bow small bow-tie.

The bow tie can be placed under the high beam, bind them with braid or ponytail, and yet it is perfect for creating hairstyles “Princess” — from the cleaved top strand of free hair at the nape.

In General, I think you already know what hairstyle on September 1, you’ll do the schoolgirl?

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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