Harm dishes: plastic melamine metal

Now such a variety of dishes, from the cheapest to the most expensive, Willy-nilly, think about it, and what is the difference? Of course, not only in price. Cheap kitchenware underground origin still extremely harmful for health.

But, buying the more high-quality dishes reputable manufacturers, we also are not insured from the harm caused by it.

So what is the harm brings the dishes? And whether it’s safe? About it women’s website Sympaty.net.

Harm the utensils made of plastic

Plastic kitchenware is very convenient, and in addition cheap. However, we all know that the plastic utensils included various organic compounds. Therefore, all plastic ware is divided into several types:

  • not for food;
  • disposable;
  • for cold food;
  • hot foods;
  • for use in the microwave.

Thus, if the plastic ware to use not for the designated purpose, for example, in containers not intended for food purposes, to store food, or putting hot food in the bowl, designed for cold food, the plastic begins to actively secrete toxic substances, which, of course, affects human health.

Also, you cannot use an expired plastic utensils, if you specify its expiry date, as well as cracked dishes, because the food will go harmful chemicals.

Harmful dishes made of melamine

A separate line is possible to highlight the dangers of cookware made of melamine, which is available in almost every home. Tableware made of melamine is banned for sale in Europe, as recognized as low quality and harmful for health.

This cookware is similar in appearance to porcelain, but plastic. Part of tableware made of melamine include formaldehyde, which is a mutagenic poison and causes severe allergies. The use of such utensils can lead to diseases of the upper respiratory tract, liver, stomach and irritation of the eyes and skin.

But utensils made of melamine are harmful not only emission, but also lead, manganese and cadmium. The dangers of detergent increases several times at the appearance of scratches and cracks.

Therefore, when you buy plastic dinnerware, ask the quality certificate and the hygienic conclusion of sanitary inspection.

Harm metal utensils

Metal cookware also is not absolutely safe. When cooking food in it occurs the selection of ions of Nickel and chromium, which are toxic.

Therefore, in order to avoid the enrichment of food these harmful substances, it is recommended to not store in a metal container sour foods, such as soup or pickle. And of course, it is necessary to protect the dishes from scratches and other damage.

The following are characteristics of several types of metal utensils.

Stainless steel cookware

Utensils made of stainless steel, very comfortable and beautiful. But, as we have seen, contains Nickel, which is a strong allergen. Moreover, in addition to Nickel, during cooking, food is also copper and chromium, making it often acquires a “metal” taste.

It is desirable to cook in the utensils made of stainless steel and spicy vegetable dishes. By the way, in some countries stainless steel cookware release marked “nikel free”, i.e. without Nickel. Well, the most harmless metal kitchenware is made of stainless steel steamer.

Cookware with non-stick coating

Among the variety of dishes there is also a stainless steel cookware with non-stick coating. It can be made from steel or aluminum, and is in great demand because it allows you to cook without using fat.

However, this cookware is fit only for cooking, but not for storage. Also not recommended to cook in a pan with non-stick coating sour dishes.

The fact that the Teflon coating included perfluorooctanoate acid which is a carcinogenic and mutagenic substance. Even the company “DuPont”, which is the inventor and major manufacturer of Teflon, confirmed the damage the non-stick coating with a strong glow of dishes. However, the destruction of the Teflon coating and the release of harmful substances starts at temperatures above 350 degrees, and the average temperature cooking usual about 200 degrees.

In no case can not use the cookware if the non-stick layer is damaged or scratched! From this dish you need to get rid of, and instead buy a new one.


This is probably the most secure kind of cookware, and that until that moment, until the damaged enamel layer.

Harmless is the enamel of the following colors: cream, white, gray-blue, black and blue. All of the other enamel color especially bright, contain a chemical compound of manganese, cadmium and other metals in large quantity. Therefore, choosing enamelware, pay attention to the color of the enamel, and even better, look for the labeling GOST.

The enamel coating in the bowl protects the food from the penetration of harmful ions of the metals, besides, the smooth surface of the enamel is not able to breed bacteria. Therefore, this type of cookware is the most harmless, in an enamel pot you can cook and store food.

However, once appear, damage the enamel layer, scratched, or chipped, enamelware begins to harm the health, since particles of enamel are eaten.

Aluminum cookware

The most harmful to health is considered the aluminum cookware, because when heated it begins to emit ions of metals. Under the influence of some acids , the aluminum breaks down and goes into the food, so this dish is not to cook sour soup, stew or to roast vegetables, cook jelly, soup or to boil the milk.

It is advised not to be stored in aluminum cookware cooked food and keep the water out. For everyday use aluminum cookware maybe even food poisoning!

Harmful if porcelain, ceramic and other utensils?

Porcelain, ceramic, clay and cast iron cookware are relatively safe, though not always comfortable. Porcelain and ceramic dishes cannot be prepared on the stove, and cast iron – very heavy.

Again, the surface of the dishes must be holistic, so as the damage to food are starting to get heavy metal salts.

In addition, ceramics are often decorated with lacquers and enamels. If the pattern is applied inside the pot, it is used in food purposes such dishes can not be, because in paint lead is added.

What’s cooking?

If by the end of reading the article you started to panic, don’t worry. From the entire list of harmful dishes, you can choose one in which cooking food will be the most safe for health. So what to cook?

  • In a metal container made of stainless steel. Not the sharp, sour and vegetable dishes. After cooking food, put into an enamel bowl.
  • In a pan with non-stick coating, except in her food storage.
  • In the enameled ware – how to store and prepare.
  • The aluminum pan is to cook as little as possible, and even better, to get rid of it. In any case, food cooked in aluminum cookware does not store!
  • In cast iron cookware
  • If possible, in a clay pot.

Personally, I already got rid of aluminum and enameled pots chipped in. And what will you do?

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Harm dishes: plastic melamine metal

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