Head massage for hair growth at home: how to do hands, salt, towel, oil + reviews

The main cause of intensive hair loss and slow hair growth is stagnation in the area of the scalp. Blood begins to slowly circulate through the vessels to roots almost do not enter the nutrients and oxygen, causing them to weaken. The best way to deal with the stagnant processes is massage. Have you noticed how it improves the mobility of joints after the massage, e.g. back or legs? About the same after the procedure and revive hair follicles. If you dream of a luxurious head of hair, take regular head massage for hair growth at home.

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  • 1 head Massage for hair growth: 7 rules
  • 2 Manual technique
    • 2.1 Basic techniques
    • 2.2 For a full recovery
  • 3 How to please hair: options of treatments
    • 3.1 a Towel
    • 3.2 Salt
    • 3.3 Comb
  • 4 support tools
    • 4.1 Activators of growth
    • 4.2 Vegetable oil
  • 5 Contraindications
  • 6 Reviews: “Slightly “pulling pigtails” very well”

In order that the hair was long, thick and shiny, it is not necessary to use expensive care or to go fashion salon. Enough to make regular massage of the scalp for hair growth. You just need this procedure if:

  • the hair may fall out;
  • slowed down the growth of tresses;
  • hair lost Shine and volume;
  • the scalp is dry and dandruff;
  • strands become brittle, and the ends began to split.

Head massage for hair growth: 7 rules

Massage is a science. To extract from the maximum benefit and not to cause hair damage, you need to keep a lot of subtleties. It is possible to allocate seven basic recommendations how to do head massage for hair growth.

  • For a couple of hours before washing. Acceleration of the blood during the massage, you, among other things, provoke the activity of the sebaceous glands. If you carry out the procedure on clean hair, they will quickly lose freshness.
  • Movement energetic, but not sharp. Massage the skin should be quite active, so the blood goes to the surface. Do not forget about accuracy, because there is always a risk of damage to the hair shaft and follicles.
  • These hand warmers. The touch of cool fingers to the skin provokes vasoconstriction. So before the procedure to hold hands in warm water, or intense rubbing them against each other.
  • Keep warm from the inside. A Cup of hot tea before the massage will speed up blood circulation. Well, if you add to the drink a little grated ginger or a pinch of cinnamon, which also have a warming effect.
  • Accustom the skin to massage gradually. The first couple of sessions should consist of only light strokes. With each subsequent procedure, increase the intensity and duration of exposure.
  • Do the procedure regularly. Head massage should be a healthy habit. It should be done three times a week.
  • Get a capillary massager. The people of the popular instrument called a “Murashka”. This is a metal massager, consisting of several flexible “legs”. It is worth noting that, in addition to beneficial effects on the hair, the device calms the nervous system and activates energy channels.
  • Relax after the massage. When complete, take a horizontal position and lie down for 30-40 minutes. Let the circulation return to normal, otherwise there is a risk to feel dizzy.
  • Before the procedure treat tresses spray or serum for easy combing. This is necessary in order to allow the hair to glide easily between the fingers, snarling and without breaking.Chiropractic technique

    Maximum benefits of scalp massage for hair growth cannot extract it due to the manual technique. Direct contact of the fingers with the scalp to determine the optimal push force and friction, and to evaluate the response of the epidermis to the effects.

    Basic techniques

    Hair loss it is important to take measures in time to prevent disaster. The table covers the basic techniques through which you can stop thinning and stimulate the growth of hair.

    Table – the Basic techniques of a head massage

    WelcomeHow to doTime, minutesThe result
    Stroking– Hands with slight pressure;
    – from forehead to nape;
    from the top of the head to the ears
    10– Heating of the skin at the beginning;
    soothe the tissues at the end
    Rubbing– With fingertips with palpable pressure;
    – in a circular motion or back and forth;
    – from the neck to the temples;
    – from the temples to the crown;
    from the top of his forehead
    10– Accelerate blood circulation;
    – activation of sebaceous glands
    Vibration– With fingertips, pressed against the skin;
    – oscillatory movements from the hairline to nape
    5– Accelerate blood circulation;
    – calm the nervous system
    PatThe tips of 4 fingers (except large);
    – across the square in a chaotic manner
    3Accelerate blood circulation
    Broaching– Submerge the hand in the hair;
    – to stretch curls between his fingers, lifting up;
    – across the square in a chaotic manner
    3Activation working bulbs

    Start the session with a neck massage. Within a quarter of an hour, knead the trapezius muscle and the rear surface of the neck. As a rule, in this region are observed congestion, which interfere with active blood flow to the scalp.For a full recovery

    Feature. If you notice that over a long period of time the hair is not gaining length and losing density, you need to pass special course of treatment. Diagram of a head massage for hair growth includes ten items for each of which it will take two or three minutes.

    The procedure of

  • Fingers knead eyebrows. Proceed carefully not to stretch the fabric.
  • From the eyebrows towards the hairline then gently caress the skin with fingertips.
  • Starting from the temple, circular movements RUB the hairline, leaving behind her ears.
  • Perform circular rubbing along the hairline along the forehead.
  • With your fingertips lightly RUB the hairy area of the head, moving from forehead to crown and back.
  • Follow the same technique, but with greater intensity.
  • Chaotically gently knead with your fingers the occipital region.
  • In a circular motion, directed clockwise, RUB the back of his head.
  • Light vibrating movements of the fingers, treat the entire surface of the head. Move from the forehead to the nape of the neck.
  • Finish the massage, gently stroking his head with his hands. The movement should start from the hairline and end at the shoulders.
  • Massage is recommended for hair restoration after chemotherapy. After three weeks since the last session resumes the process of growth. Stimulation of blood circulation will cause the hair follicles to work more actively.How to please hair: options of treatments

    To save the hair, not necessarily to go to beauty salon. It is quite possible to do yourself. Enough to learn simple but effective massage techniques with materials at hand.


    Feature. Towel massage combines two advantages. First, it eliminates direct contact of the fingers with the scalp, which makes the procedure safer for the hair. Secondly, the towel warms the head, which further stimulates blood flow. The procedure is performed in four stages.

    The procedure of

  • Heat the towel. In a large pot boil water, cover the container with a lid and put a towel. In the heating season it is enough to hold the battery for about ten minutes.
  • Lean over the bath and safesite hair down. Throw on your head in a warm towel and RUB the skin through the fabric for five minutes. We must act vigorously, but carefully.
  • Wrap head with this towel and leave for half an hour.
  • Wash your head with shampoo. It is better to use sulfate-free funds.
  • If hair loss is caused by the natural completion of the life cycle of bulbs, the massage will not stop this process. But regular treatments will make new hair grow faster.


    Feature. One of the common causes of hair loss and slow hair growth – the clogged pores of the scalp. To the hair follicles cease to receive oxygen, causing them to weaken. This leads to a whole range of reasons. This and dead skin particles of skin, fat and dust, and the remnants of cosmetics. Given that the shampoo is unable to cope with such pollution, it is necessary one-two times a month to carry out a scalp massage with salt for hair growth. The procedure is performed in four stages.

    The procedure of

  • Two or three tablespoons of salt pour into a small dish. You can use ordinary table, sea, or iodized salt.
  • Lean over the bath and a well-wet hair.
  • Wet your hands and dip your fingers in a bowl of salt. Neat and lather, massage. So you need to treat the whole surface of the head.
  • Massage the skin for about five minutes and rinse with clean water.
  • Comb

    Feature. Massage the scalp with a comb for hair growth is the best option for those who never have enough time for myself. Just have to spend daily more time. Ten minutes would be sufficient. Also get a comb made of wood (better if it is a juniper). This material does not injure the hair and prevents electrification. The massage is performed in four stages.

    The procedure of

  • The first thing unravel and comb hair well.
  • Starting from the back, gradually move to the top of my head, gently but surely pressing comb on the skin. Don’t press too hard, so as not to injure the epidermis and hair follicles.
  • Continue brushing toward your forehead. When you get to the hairline, move on to the temporal area.
  • A signal that you’re doing it right, will be the feeling of warmth under the skin. When will the feeling of “chills”, slowly decrease the intensity of the movements, to gradually complete the procedure.
  • It is important to give the body the correct position during brushing. According to Bragg, you need to be, spread her legs wide apart and slightly bent knees. Tilt the case so that the head drops below the heart. During the procedure, you need deep and measured breathing.

    Auxiliary means

    Both women and men concerned with hair loss, forcing them to go for experiments. If massage will seem insufficiently effective, engage in the procedure some auxiliary means which will additionally stimulate hair growth.

    Activators of growth

    Popular cosmetic there are many recipes means which include heating components that stimulate blood circulation. You can also use them during the massage. We are talking about these products:

    • Mustard. Spread a spoonful of the powder with water to the state of sour cream. Add the egg yolk and a tablespoon of olive oil. Apply warmed skin after a massage, insulate your head and leave on for 15-30 minutes.
    • Onions. Squeeze out vegetable juice and dilute it with two rules of the water. Spread over the entire scalp or only over areas where there is the greatest hair loss. To get rid of peculiar smell, twice wash the tresses with shampoo and rinse with water, acidified with vinegar.
    • “Dimexidum”. One standard means of dilute five rules of water. Dip your fingers in the liquid before you begin to massage.
    • Nicotinic acid. The contents of one or two vials “of nicotine” spread in the middle. Gentle circular movements massage the remedy into the skin.

    Vegetable oil

    To facilitate the procedure, as well as additional Wellness and nutrition, it is recommended to massage with herbal oils. The table contains the best tools appropriate for the different types of hair.

    Table – Vegetable oil for scalp massage

    Hair typeToolFeature
    FatGrape seed oil– Accelerates the growth;
    – reduces greasiness;
    – treats inflammation and irritation;
    – prevents cross-section;
    – adds Shine
    Avocado oil– Treats dandruff;
    – normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands;
    – protects from ultraviolet radiation
    DryMacadamia oil– Prevents breakage;
    – adds Shine;
    – strengthens the roots;
    – restores strands;
    – accelerates growth
    Jojoba oil– Protects from external negative factors;
    – nourishes the roots;
    – adds Shine
    Coconut oil– Adds Shine;
    – creates volume;
    – protects from external negative factors
    Burdock oilEliminates dryness and itching;
    – restores hair;
    – strengthens the roots;
    – stimulates growth
    NormalThe wheat germ oil– Nourishes the scalp;
    – heals irritation;
    – fights dandruff;
    – adds Shine;
    – prevents cross-section;
    – facilitates combing
    Olive oil– Moisturizes the skin;
    – prevents breakage;
    – gives elasticity
    DamagedAlmond oil– Prevents breakage;
    – nourishes the roots;
    – prevents the appearance of gray hair
    Cocoa butter– Smoothes the scales;
    – gives the hair elasticity;
    – prevents the evaporation of moisture from the hair
    Castor oil– Stimulates the production of keratin;
    – smoothes strands;
    – it prevents dandruff;
    – creates volume;
    – protects from external negative factors

    For active hair growth is not only important intensive blood flow, but also the presence of the “building material”. It is therefore important to fully eat. In spring and autumn guzzle a course of vitamins.


    Before you do the head massage for hair growth, make sure that you have no contraindications to this procedure. There are six main reasons why you have to deny yourself this pleasure.

  • The increased body temperature. The increased blood flow leads to increased heat.
  • VSD and migraines. Massage can cause dizziness and pain. Do not resort to such procedures without prior consultation with your doctor.
  • The presence of wounds and inflammation on the skin. Friction will only exacerbate the problem. Massage is valid only after full recovery of the integrity of the epidermis.
  • Hypertension. Increased blood flow can cause a spike in blood pressure.
  • Fungal diseases. Massage will lead to the expansion of the area of skin lesions with fungus and exacerbate the problem.
  • Increased oiliness of the hair. Increased blood flow inevitably leads to the activation of sebaceous glands.
  • To understand the importance of scalp massage, imagine that the skin is the soil from which lush vegetation grows hair. If not watered and not fertilized flower, it will wither and die. When the bloodstream slows down, the hair follicles cease to receive nutrients, and with curls the same thing happens. If you want to keep hair healthy and beautiful, don’t be lazy and spend time on your tresses. Examine reviews about head massage for hair growth, you will understand that people who regularly indulge themselves in such procedure, much less face the problem of hair loss.

    Reviews: “Slightly “pulling pigtails” very well”

    I do head massage at home. I made myself a mix; coconut oil with added essential oil of sage, it promotes growth, Shine, prevents hair loss and all that + neroli, to set the mood, but other than that it is the structure of the hair improves. Chose coconut oil because I love it, it is possible to choose sesame, for example. Put a little on your hair and comb wooden comb with teeth (not brush). With fingertips, massaging the entire scalp. My hair long, grow very fast, almost do not fall out. Themselves or massage so effective, can’t say. Do 1-2 times a week. I like this procedure, I would have done it just for fun, if there was no effect. My husband also loves her. But he do less often: I’m busy, he… the First time is better done at the salon, remember and then you can repeat at home on your own.

    IrinaVPRu, http://make-ups.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3100

    I always do a head massage, but without the salt and other means. Make a circular motion with your fingers and pull a little hair, so they grow better. However, it should be done carefully, so as not to injure the bulbs. As evidence of this effect: hair extensions! Procedure harmful, but hair grows with freakish speed, as capsules hair pulling natural hair down, resulting in growth increases. Hair extensions should not, of course, but to massage and gently “pulling on pigtails” is not even bad

    Lana Simbaeva, http://www.egoforum.ru/threads/massazh-golovy-dlja-rosta-volos.1300/

    Head massage for hair growth at home: how to do hands, salt, towel, oil + reviews

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