Heaters-picture: pros, cons, features

Modern heaters are committed to aesthetic appearance. And the most interesting option is the picture that will heat the room through infrared radiation.

Gone are the days when heaters were definitely bulky, ugly and buzzing. Now homeowners can choose such interesting options as the picture, which will heat the room through infrared radiation. Will tell you about such a wall-mounted IR heaters.

Heater-the picture is a decorative panel that can be applied to any image. The heater is flat, the thickness is really in the same common leaf from 1 to a maximum of 8 mm, often about 3. Despite this small thickness, inside picture placed carbon fiber heating elements — carbon fiber filament.

The device is powered by electricity, after the start to emit infrared waves. If you did not know that infrared heaters do not warm the air and objects around you, including the wall. And even the heated objects give off heat in space.

The size of the paintings-heaters range from 90×60 to 200h60 inches. The most popular option — 120h60 inches.

From film infrared heaters-paintings there are a lot of advantages:

  • Look beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, unlike ordinary oil heaters or wall convectors.
  • Light weight up to 1 kilograms, it is very easy to hang on the wall and remove.
  • Stored in rolls, without occupying much space.
  • Do not dry the air.
  • Do not overheat, do not turn off from the network every time.
  • Is completely silent.
  • Durable, manufacturers promise a service life of 10 years.
  • Impossible to burn yourself on the surface of the painting.
  • Carbon much better conductor of electricity than the metal, so the IR pictures quickly begin to warm the room.
  • Efficiency reaches 90%.

Disadvantages of the paintings-the heaters are not much, but there is. For example, they act locally to heat the room a large area can not. In particular, one IR picture size 120h60 centimeters will be enough to warm up the insulated balcony, small balcony, small bathroom but not the living room.

The image, if it is applied using digital printing, you still get stripes because of the peculiarities of the technology. Drawing pictures on the surface of the silver particles significantly improves its quality, but significantly raises the cost of the product.

Using picture-heaters, it is very important to adhere to the following rules:

  • It is strictly forbidden to crush, to tear, to cut, to pierce the canvas.
  • Do not cover heater or any objects and to wrap it in anything.
  • You can’t put the IR picture on the floor, step on it, lie down or sit down. It is used only in vertical position.
  • Keep children away from the heater, it is easily damaged. Besides — it is an electrical device!
  • It is impossible that the included infrared heater other items! The distance to the wall, Cabinet, curtains, Wallpaper needs to be at least 10 centimeters!
  • You need to monitor the condition of the cable so it is not twisted and broken, the socket must be dry.
  • Stored carbon was warmed, turning into a roll with a diameter of 15 centimeters. The picture should be on the outside, and the heating elements inside. During storage it is impossible to pin down coiled into a roll the film! It is possible to damage the carbon filament.
  • Main technical characteristics of the paintings of heaters:

    • Capacity from 350 to 500 watts.
    • The maximum surface temperature of 60-75 °C.
    • Voltage — 220 V.
    • The average working life of 50-60 thousand hours.
    • The average time for heating to operating temperature is 1 minute.

    Suggest you to choose the heaters, pictures with thermostat so you can set your desired temperature level to avoid the risk of overheating. In addition, the thermostat will allow the device to disconnect in case of voltage drops and go to economy mode.

    Among the producers of the film infrared heaters most popular “TRIO,” “the Velvet season”, “Neirs”, “Heat of the Crimea”, “Good heat”. The price of one IR picture standard size — from 1000 rubles. But the image quality at such a budget cost will be low, and instead of a full-frame — two wooden planks at the top and bottom.

    If you have any questions on this topic, ask them to specialists and to readers of our project here.

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