Herbs for hair growth, dandruff and hair loss

Hello, dear reader of “ToKnow365.top“! From today’s article you’ll know how useful they can be herbs for hair. Are you happy with the appearance of your head? Surely there is something that I want to change is to add luster, to force to grow faster, get rid of breakage… Today’s article is about how to improve the condition of hair using your home green pharmacy.

Herbs for hair

What is good herb? The fact that they are completely natural, unlike that in huge quantity for body care products for the hair.

Often herbs are even more effective, as they contain essential oils, vitamins, tannin and other useful components.

With the help of herbs it is possible to get rid of dandruff, to reduce hair loss, make them more strong, thick and beautiful.

In most cases, of herbs make infusions and decoctions rarely mask. It is important to remember that the infusion or decoction needed to cook in an enamel pot, and store in the refrigerator and not more than three days.

Herbs for hair loss

Many of my friends complain that “too often, hair falling out.” It is not surprising, given the blow-drying, styling and aggressive environment.

Alas, almost every woman is familiar with this. And if you add to all this the small quantity of vitamins, it becomes quite clear, as at least some of the hair stick. However, herbs can cause hair to fall out slower.

Burdock oil

Many people know that if you periodically RUB burdock oil into the scalp, overall hair condition will improve.

However, homemade burdock oil is much more effective!

To prepare it you need the roots of burdock – washed and chopped. After they need to pour the almond (olive) oil. The resulting mixture was infused for ten days, after which a quarter of an hour boiled in a water bath. The next step is to strain the infusion.

Oil ready to eat!

Lopuhovka rinsing

However, not only oil useful burdock. To stop the loss of hair after each washing they should be rinsed with a decoction of burdock. For the broth you can take the roots and the leaves and stem. Burdock is crushed, pour hot water in a ratio of 1:10 and boiled for a quarter of an hour. After the broth should infuse for at least a few hours.

A decoction of nettle

To prepare the broth, pour 100 grams of chopped fresh nettle leaves Cup of boiling water. Thereafter, the mixture was boiled on a low heat for about ten minutes. The next step is to cool down to 35 degrees and add the juice of half a lemon. Obtained it is rubbed into the scalp for one month.

Herbs for hair growth

On the website sympaty.net there was an article about how to grow hair. Today we will talk about how to use herbs for hair growth.


Aloe Vera, as you know, all the wonderful plant that helps. No wonder it is included in the list of beneficial herbs for hair.

To cook life-giving tincture for hair growth, you need to cut a few lower leaves of aloe and squeeze the juice from them. After you want to add to juice as much vodka (or alcohol). The resulting tincture is rubbed into the scalp three times a week. It should be kept in a cool dark place.

Birch leaves

Infusion of birch leaves effective and simple to prepare. To do this, pour two cups of boiling water 100 grams of birch leaves, wrap a towel and leave to infuse.

Two hours later the infusion is ready to use! They rinsed hair, rubbed into the scalp.

Herb struggling with dandruff

Next, about what should tell, because it’s about herbs for hair, able to get rid of dandruff.

Willow bark and burdock root

To obtain a decoction from dandruff, you should pour a small amount of water is equal to the proportion of willow bark and burdock root and boil a quarter of an hour. After insisting with this solution you can rinse your hair or RUB it into the scalp.

Onion mask

No less useful and effective is a mask of grated onion. It needs to be applied to the hair, wear a plastic cap and wrap head with a towel. Get ready for the smell of onion mask need to rinse after half an hour.

Nettle broth

Nettle is also included in the list of multi-functional and useful herbs for hair. To prepare an infusion against dandruff, you need to pour a liter of boiling water a handful of nettle leaves, cover the mixture with a lid and wait for half an hour, then strain. This decoction should rinse the hair after shampooing.

Herbs against breakage

It is awful when the hair is weak, brittle and split ends. However, herbs for hair can easily fix it!

Infusion of dandelion

The infusion is very simple: two tablespoons of fresh dandelion leaves are crushed and poured a Cup of boiling water. All this infused a quarter of an hour and filtered. Infusion rinse hair after washing. Repeat the procedure is recommended twice a week.

Chamomile tea

For this infusion you will need to pour a glass of boiling water one tablespoon of chamomile flowers (dried) and infuse for half an hour. After the infusion is filtered and dissolved in a liter of water. This solution used as a rinse after washing hair.

Using this recipe, you need to remember that chamomile has lightening effect. Of course, blonde from brunette, you are unlikely to be, but a little to brighten it can.

In conclusion, the article about the miracle herb for hair want to share another recipe.

This infusion is designed for strengthening and General improvement of the hair. You’ll need a blend of herbs – nettle leaf, chamomile flowers, fireweed, horsetail, thyme, lime blossom (a tablespoon). The mixture is poured into two liters of boiling water, boiled for 10 minutes in a water bath, then insist 40 minutes. After straining the infusion to be used as a mouthwash.

Herbs for hair growth – proven tool for health and beautiful appearance. Most importantly, remember: regularity – the key to a good result.

Do not be lazy and be beautiful!

The author – Vasilisa Pestova, site ToKnow365.top

Herbs for hair growth, dandruff and hair loss

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