High cholesterol – what to do with nutrition and lifestyle

We have been told on the website “ToKnow365.top” about high cholesterol levels in the blood. But the theme of this during the holidays with their abundant food becomes the cutting. Sausage, grilled meats, salads with mayonnaise – mandatory holiday feast in many families. Therefore, for the prevention today, let’s talk about what to do if you have high cholesterol, and how to minimize the effects of holiday overeating.

High cholesterol: what to do with food?

If you’re concerned about your own high cholesterol, what to do in the first place?

With many products that are “ticking time bombs”will have to say goodbye. This sad list: fatty meats, sausages and smoked meats, organic coffee (especially with cream), dairy products high fat and cheeses, pastries, all fried in oil, mayonnaise, butter.

Urge you to refuse food excesses (after all, the Christmas feast is behind us ? ) and in the new year to start good food habits:

  • To increase the presence in the diet of foods rich in fiber. This cereals, whole-wheat bread, almost all fruits and vegetables, legumes.
  • Reduce intake of animal fats (see list above). If there is no strength to give up something unuseful, to begin with at least, reduce the frequency of consumption and the amount eaten.
  • Replace the mayonnaise for olive oil and in General to use more actively the last oleic acid it contains, lowers cholesterol.
  • Periodically (courses) to drink bran – they not only clean the intestines but also lower high cholesterol. What to do with bran and how to properly take a read here on the website “ToKnow365.top“.
  • Often replace black tea and coffee the green efficiency of green tea polyphenols in the fight against the plaques on the walls of blood vessels proven.

High cholesterol: what to do with habits?

That you can start to do high cholesterol, without waiting for medical appointments? Reconsider your habits. Perhaps that is a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise, Smoking, constant stress and extra weight created a problem called “high cholesterol”.

What if it’s really all about you?

Lead a more active lifestyle

Simply put, it is necessary for expenditure of excess cholesterol. We do not encourage you to immediately start running in the mornings (we moderation loads!), but you need to walk more, take a walk, to do all possible exercises.

To start losing weight

In the case of existing excess weight to do it, even if you generally care what size clothes you wear or what amount you have a waist.

Again – without fanaticism and cast in extremes. Just discard all the junk food in favor of healthy and start to move more.

You will be surprised out of nowhere who undertook the vigor and activity (it is an added bonus!).

Quit Smoking

No comment. If you still haven’t made it – make sure in the coming year.

A few words about self-control

Generally, if you belong to a risk group (i.e. smoke, have considerable weight, diagnosed cardiovascular disease, adverse heredity on cholesterol), controlling your cholesterol, you should steadily and regularly. I do not want to escalate, but heart attack and stroke — is too serious a threat to human health, to treat their prevention lightly.

Women after the age of 40 years should also be attentive to their health and do everything to prevent high cholesterol. If before their vessels defended the female sex hormones, the menopause, this protection is eroding.

The website sympaty.net recalls: if the background diet and of these adjustments, lifestyle re-analyses (3-6 months) still show high cholesterol, what to do with this – decided only by your doctor. Be sure to contact him for advice and follow any recommendations for medication.

Stay healthy and active!

The author – Mama Puma, site ToKnow365.top

High cholesterol – what to do with nutrition and lifestyle

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