Hipster style for girls: fashionable and hot-headed!

The website “ToKnow365.top” wants to acquaint readers with the very topical today style – hipster. However, the concept of “Dating” here very conditionally applicable – you probably often see dressed so girls or dress in this style myself!

So I advise you to read as well created hipster style for girls and how to compose an interesting image for yourself!

The concept of style for hipster girls

Hipsters – a youth movement that started after World war II.

Among American and European youth then began to form a kind of intellectual and creative Bohemians – people interested in contemporary art (and creating it), literature, music, photography… However, these guys was no stranger to crazy fun, travel, hitchhiking, parties and other attributes of a free young life!

Over the past decade, the hipster style has been enriched with many different external attributes, which are now used to compose in the creative mix.

It is believed that hipsters dress “anyhow”, but it is not so! The things they wear, sometimes they look “crazy”, but overall the images are based on the General principles of style.

The website “ToKnow365.top” tried to formulate these principles of style hipster for girls:

  • Convenience. All things are designed for an active lifestyle. Shoes polusportivny kind of flat shoes to walk a lot and travel, not hampering clothing type knit shirts and tops, spacious sweaters, shirts with “shoulder boyfriend”, etc.
  • The vintage elements. As such, style can not be called a complete copy of the fashion any of bygone decades, but borrowing individual things are very welcome! For example, denim shorts with high waist from the early 90’s, leggings from the 80s round sunglasses from the 70s, etc. it is Perfect if this is real, authentic, preserved from the time items! For dressed in the style of the hipster girl is encouraged even things with obvious signs of wear – scuffed leather jacket, a little faded plaid shirt…
  • Elements hand-made. Man-made things creative intellectuals hipsters will appreciate! It can be jewelry, some hand painted tank top or bag, etc.
  • The irony of the “jokes” funny sayings on shirts, prints funniest characters from old American cartoons and comics, in General, any elements that cause the viewer an understanding smile. But if humour – not clowning, namely subtle irony, is clear to his people — hipsters.
  • Mix cheap and expensive “mass consumption” and branded. Hipster style for girls allows you, for example, combine a sweater from a second-hand and brand “converse”. Hipsters, even though they pretend not chasing fashion and popular brands, is actually well versed in them, and are not shy to replenish the wardrobe standing very expensive designer things (for example, from Dsquared).
  • Unisex. Most of the things (t-shirts, shirts, sweaters) on the girls look as if from the man’s shoulder – the difference is often only in prints and colors. However… guys are hipsters too, sometimes not alien pink t-shirt with a print of Mickey mouse or Marilyn Monroe! But generally the style is in no way intended to emphasize the feminine shapes – there are many baggy things, and if they fly vintage cotton dress in flower, certainly with chunky boots or sneakers and with denim or leather jacket on the shoulders!
  • Narrow bottom wide top. Wide trousers, long and full skirts do not happen here. Most girls in the style of a hipster wearing skinny jeans or leggings and very short shorts, leaving exposed legs. But the top can be arbitrarily wide tops, Paita, sweaters, “razletayki”, and even with several layers.

But even if you break any of these rules, and will make its own way – for example, wearing a Jersey dress, a t-shirt with bright shoes with high chunky heels – you’re absolutely not going out of style! There’s always the excuse that hipsters people are free, creative, negating certain fashion, and they have a right to create your image as they see it at the moment, and that at the moment like!

What to wear?

There are things without which style hipster for girls impossible. What is it?

  • Semi-sports shoes. Often the converse shoes, sometimes ballet flats, in the cold season leather lace – up shoes. Although… in shocking images for parties you can meet and ogogo heel!
  • Jeans”second skin”. The tighter the better!
  • Leggings.
  • Denim shorts, typically ultra short.
  • Plaid shirt with “shoulder boyfriend”

  • Loose sweater, fine – if hand-knit, and if the deer generally die not stand ? !
  • Vest.
  • Tops, shirts and t-shirts with prints. Print can be a cartoon character, a postmodern masterpiece of graphic art, with a funny inscription or a philosophical sense – in General, preferably something intellectual-ironic. And of course, such things in the wardrobe should be more than a single copy!
  • Points. Different. Round with glass “may beetle” or “nerd glasses” with transparent glasses in a wide frame… Are what you are!
  • Hats. Again, very different, but as a rule, with small margins.
  • Scarves, shawls, bandanas…
  • Wrist watch.
  • Belt.

To complement the style of the hipster girl with some unusual accessory type bow tie, choker-collar bandanas on your wrist, handmade brooches, or anything else that will attract attention and become a focus. The final touch – a big leather bag or fabric eco-torbock print, and a backpack.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Hipster style for girls: fashionable and hot-headed!

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