Home schooling or school: what to choose?

Today women’s site “ToKnow365.top” offers its readers to discuss the question of what is best for child development: home study or school.

The problem of the choice of the child’s education is very relevant today for many parents because the homeschooling in our country became possible not long ago. Those who choose this form of development your child are pioneers, facing many difficulties.

However, such a feat of modern moms and dads pushing some pretty compelling reasons:

  • The first and most important reason why parents do not want to send your child to school is the inability of modern secondary schools to give pupils a good preparation for entrance to University. Despite the huge number of reforms, modern school every year is getting worse and worse performs its main task – to provide the students with solid knowledge and skills these knowledge to use. Parents, and often teachers themselves perceive the school as a storage locker in which to put the baby before him, no one else to look after. It is the dissatisfaction with the existing system of secondary education in our country and gave rise to the desire of the most progressive parents to get their children school with home schooling.
  • Many modern mothers are well educated. They are quite able themselves to teach their children most subjects.
  • Often, in order for the child to be able to learn at the same pace as the rest of the class, many parents additionally do it themselves or hire a tutor for him. All it takes the child a lot of time, forces and health. Therefore, before family there is a dilemma: or school, or home schooling. Cases when the decision is made in favor of the latter option, with every year increase.
  • Today’s children do not differ good health, the process of adaptation to school among them, accompanied by frequent diseases caused by nervous stress. All this can not affect their learning. Therefore, elementary school, home schooling which can carry almost any mother having any education, today the most active moves in the form of external studies.

The website sympaty.net considers also important the fact that learning in the family is the most ancient and most natural form of education. It has a number of advantages in front of the school.

Home schooling: the main advantages

Home schooling law in our country, was allowed in 1992. After the first externship, it became clear that this form of education gives a higher quality of education than school. It turned out that the external students are being prepared in many ways superior to their peers, otkazyvaya daily for six or seven hours at their desks in the classroom. Have enviable results of home schooling is quite simple explanations.

  • The main advantage of home schooling before the school can be called the motivation. If students often simply serve the time, without having the pace of the class or just not finding anything interesting in the lesson, the external students are being prepared without a moment’s waste. They learn with a desire to see a particular goal. In addition, the school home schooling is the rule: work hard, play hard. The child understands that quality performance of all tasks guarantees him more free time, therefore, applies to this effort.
  • Students of the school of home study can pay more attention to the subjects in which are experiencing difficulties, due to which these difficulties are successfully overcome.
  • When teaching a child feels the support of loving and respecting his parents. He does not panic, if can not immediately understand some formula or can not cope with the task, so don’t spend unnecessary energy on emotions. In addition, to do at home at any convenient time. Thanks to this training in the family training offer maximum productivity.
  • In school with home schooling your child is completely protected from negative influence of environment. This point is particularly important for vulnerable and sensitive children, and also for students with some physical disabilities.
  • When training the child in the family eliminates the possibility of the birth of the child an aversion to learning because of a conflict with the teacher. Unfortunately, in our country, still there are teachers who are students biased.
  • Training session at home has no such limitations as a school lesson. Thanks to this, the child can learn the proposed topics are more widely beyond the program adapted to the student of average ability.
  • The school of home study the main emphasis is on the individual child’s work, making it more firmly assimilate the material covered.
  • Traditional school teaches children to think of a template, to be like all. It contributes little to the formation of a creative personality.

That is home teaching at the time gave an opportunity to reveal the inventive talent of Thomas Edison, which the teacher felt completely incapable student. Outside of school she studied musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and the writer Agatha Christie, and American President Woodrow Wilson.

All these facts prove once again the high efficiency of home schooling. However, to completely ignore the school is also impossible. Such a system exists already more than one Millennium, therefore, has some advantages.

School: the advantages of regular class-lesson system

If to speak about the school with the home schooling, be sure to emphasize that her child is deprived of many pleasures, which are at ordinary school.

  • Students in the class together to not only learn the curriculum. They communicate with the same interests, play, share different emotions. It is therefore sociable, active children go to school with pleasure.
  • School friendship is a value that cannot be found in the school of home study. Classmates and friends may in the future become the child’s great support in life.
  • Strangely enough, but our schools still meet the real teachers who love their subject and their students. Such a teacher will be able not only to teach children but also become a real role model.
  • High marks, praise the teacher, winning the school competition – all these little victories help the child to feel that he can do many things, stimulate his desire to develop.

In addition, school attendance for any child is socialization, preparation for adult life, which he will have to face sooner or later. Disciplinary school, teaches a child to organize your day. Therefore, parents who prefer public school make a significant contribution to the independence of their child.

Choice, school, or home schooling, is dependent on many factors. More often more due to coincidence than desire of parents.

For example, the school with the home schooling often have to choose families that are constantly moving or are rarely home because of business trips. This training option is most suitable for gifted children who are engaged in sports or music schools.

In turn to afford to educate their children in the family can’t parents who work every day on a specific strict schedule, as well as those moms and dads who do not have a sufficient level of education.

The website sympaty.net draws the attention of the parent that the child who is in school at any time can be transferred to external.

Therefore those families who have not yet decided on the choice of forms of education of children, can act according to circumstances. Healthy, active toddler may well be sent to a children’s team under the guidance of a competent teacher. For painful, shy and introverted child, if possible, better choose a school from home schooling, in which he will suffer all the basics of the major Sciences under the guidance of the mother, and later, if you want, go to a regular school.

Author – Pelageja, site ToKnow365.top

Home schooling or school: what to choose?

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